What will the EPL fixture list look like at Xmas and how should you bet?

Date published: Friday 28th October 2016 7:17

Premier League: Who will take Leicester's crown?

The Premier League season is entering an interesting stage and now is perhaps the best time to bet which team will be on top of the table at Christmas.

This English Premier League season has entered its second quarter and everything indicates that it is going to be a remarkably interesting year. Last season we witnessed something that could’ve been described as a miracle. Namely, Leicester won the title despite the fact that the odds for that to happen prior to the beginning of the season were 5,000/1, the club remained stable at the top of the table throughout most of the season.

This season things seem to be different and there are a lot of club fighting for the top four positions. It will definitely be a tight season and it’s hard to predict who will be on top at Christmas, let alone win the title.

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However, it isn’t all too unpredictable. Most pundits were predicting that Manchester City, under the guidance of Pep Guardiola  is the club that has the best chances of winning the title this year. It seems that he might do so and beat his arch-rival Jose Mourinho. City being on top of the table throughout most of the first quarter of the season isn’t surprising.

But there are few things that turned out to be quite surprising this year.

  • Arsenal’s form – Most of their victories were just by one goal difference, but victories nevertheless. Many suggested that Arsenal couldn’t cope with City, United, Liverpool and even Tottenham and Leicester, but it turns out that they can.
  • Liverpool’s clinical attack – The Merseyside Red are just deadly in attack this year. They create a lot of chances and they score a lot of goals. Moreover, they have so many great players, practically everyone who’s on the pitch can score.
  • Jose Mourinho and United – Everybody expected more from Mourinho, not just United fans. So far, he hasn’t been able to deliver. Even though the club’s position on the table isn’t that bad, the team’s performances, or at least a great deal of them, have been quite poor. Paul Pogba definitely doesn’t play like he is the most expensive player in the world.
  • West Ham – After last year’s great season, everybody expected the Hammers to at least be in the top half of the table. Instead, they are struggling. Some argue that they players are unadjusted to the new stadium and while that could be one of the reasons, the club’s fans are certainly disappointed.
  • Stoke City FC – Another disappointment. Stoke managed to finish in the top half for three seasons in a row. However, this year they are currently in the relegation zone. Definitely not what the fans expected, but there’s still enough time to turn things round.

Teams on top at Xmas win the league almost always

Even though we are at an early stage of the season, bookies offer betting on which team will be at the top of the table at Christmas. Statistics show that, at least in the past several years, the teams that were on top of the table at Christmas managed to win the title in most cases.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, our prediction is that there won’t be any significant changes in the top of the table. West Ham and Stoke will probably manage to go few spots up, Everton and Southampton will be struggling to remain in the top 8, whereas United will keep on struggling and won’t be able to get in the top 4.

This is who is going to be on top

Kelechi Iheanacho: Striker celebrates equaliser

The odds for City to be on top at Christmas are only 4/7, which means that with a £25 bet you will earn less than £15 and frankly, that’s not a risk worth taking. Especially since City were totally outperformed by rivalling Tottenham. Also, we should not forget that the club also competes in the Champions League, and there’s pressure on Guardiola to perform well in the competition as well.

Therefore, the 7/5 odds for Liverpool to be on top of the table at Christmas look a lot better. The team’s cohesion is improved with each game and they create a lot of chances in every match. Furthermore, their defence is getting better. On top of that, Liverpool have a fairly easy schedule until Christmas and they are not competing in Europe. We think that Liverpool are most likely to be on top.

Arsenal will most likely remain in the top 4, but they won’t have the necessary strength to push hard enough to secure the first place at Christmas. They too play in the Champions League. The 23/10 odds on Arsenal might look appealing, considering that the club is currently tied with City and ahead of Liverpool, but they won’t be top at Christmas.

Tottenham might stand a better chance than their North London rivals, even though the odds on them are somewhat higher at 14/5. If you are a fan of the Spurs or simply think they are the best team this year, then you might consider betting a small amount of money on them being top at Christmas.

And if you’re willing to take a long shot, then consider betting on Chelsea at odds 18/1. It’s a long shot, but it is a risk worth taking, considering the reward. After all, you would win £180 with a £10 bet. Let us remind you that Chelsea too aren’t in Europe and they’ll be able to focus on the Premier League. They are only 3 points behind right now, so who is to say that they can’t be on top.

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