Your Says of the Day: ‘Absolute monster Zlatan the perfect signing’

Date published: Friday 1st July 2016 12:35

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Confirmed his move to United on social media.

Our readers discuss Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s move to Manchester United, whether next season will Arsene Wenger’s last and Manchester City’s new signings.

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Manchester United don’t announce Zlatan…Zlatan announces Manchester United

How enthusiastic do you want me to be about a 34-year-old striker coming on a free for one year solely because we offer a massive paycheck?

Yes he may do a job and may be a convenient stopgap but get real, he’s hardly going to be an important piece in the jigsaw is he.

I’d rather put our faith in the youngsters and rely on Martial on Rashford instead of making them play second fiddle.

@theMartialArt – I am not belittling the move. I have said it makes sense given budget limitations and the need to strengthen other areas. All I am saying (for the umpteenth time) is that I am not exuberant like the rest of you. Perhaps its because I tend to look long term not short term. I’m always looking to see a great team taking shape that will be together for 5 year or more.

@Stuntman_Mattt – Yep, I never warmed to Larsson or Blanc or Schweinsteiger for that matter. The players I like are ones who I can consider “ours”. That means players who became (or are becoming) great at our club.

Your point about “pushing the team forward” is debateable. For me a man to push the team forward must be one of the core players, the backbone, And that means is part of future plans.

btw – Those suggesting money was not a factor in his move should get real.



Nobody.. surely.. can dis this signing? People like you will say oh he is 34 but he will never lose his technique. His ability. And that is enough. He is difficult to get the ball off and he will bring others into play with his flair and his strength. Great with his feet and head and can turn half chances into goals. A special player. It will make it possible for Rashford to continue developing without too much responsibilities on his still very young shoulders. If he is wise, he will learn a lot.

theMartial Art


Great signing. I’m sure Martial and Rashford will improve working day in, day out with him. As for squad numbers, I can’t see Januzaj keeping the no. 11. I’m sure Martial wouldn’t mind swapping 9 for 11.
@hatters, I cannot imagine Mourinho will drop Rooney. I’d much prefer lose one of the 4 players you mentioned to the bench in order NOT to have Rooney playing central midfield. For me (similar to what jm said), I’d have Zlatan upfront, Martial left wing, Mkhitaryan right wing with Rashford first in line to take one of those 3 places in the team. No. 10 Rooney with Mata backup (or Herrera/Mkhitaryan if Mata is sold)



I don’t think there could be a more perfect signing for us at the moment than Zlatan. He’s an absolute monster who can play up top alone, guarantees 20 goals a season, isn’t going to be with us for more than a couple seasons to hinder Rashford or Martial’s chances up top, can actually score from a dead ball, and also is a huge personality to really draw most of the attention from rival teams. I’m ecstatic for this signing all around, he ticks all the boxes.



Is it last chance saloon for Arsene Wenger?

Arsene Wenger dejected

I can see it being the least season for Arsene, will he continue to persist with the tight spending policy and rely on the current players or that he will take a chance on ending it with more than 1 quality signing? My patience towards Giroud has run out, not sure whether we can bring in a marquee signing, a proper goalscorer that is. Moreover, we also need to sign a left back and a centre back as well. I don’t know what will Arsene choose to do, or whether we have enough funds available for more transfer signings but I’d really like to see him taking a risk and spend big this time.

Such a shame really, last season was the best chance we got for the past decade or so. Now we see the big teams going on a spending spree, latest to be confirmed, Ibrahimovic has signed for Manchester United on a free! Discouraging for us to learn that we may miss out on Mikhtaryan and Aubameyang as well, without enough reinforcements, we’re back to finishing fourth again.



I know its for the most part open season on Giroud for Arsenal supporters saying he is not the man to lead us and with another striker we would be winning countless more games yadda yadda yadda…but lets be honest here…Giroud offers us plenty throughout the season…he scores goals he gives us a target…he frightens defenders unless its through balls and he in general links up play well…I for one think that while he may not be in the top bracket of forwards he is certainly not as bad as the majority of Arsenal posters on teamtalk would seem to think…

I break it down again the same as Ozil…what do we have around him…For all I have supported Wenger in the past the one thing I would have to say is that to often from the outside it looks like he has been trying to play a certain way without actually having the players to play that way…

I agree this should be his last year and also your assessment re requirement for cb and lb (despite Monreals’ performances last season again this comes down to balance of the team with the addition of Xhaka)…

If we do not find a clinical finishing marquee signing and it depends as to whom that signing is again as to what our pattern of play will be…If we do not get that striker in then we in my opinion need to look at a wider player with pace that can finish and not be one dimensional ala Walcott…we also need to consider our approach play and at times be more direct to Giroud and get attacking players around him to get the benefits from him…too many times when the ball is hit long to him he wins the initial header and there is nobody around him to benefit…That comes down to tactical training and I know what the majority on here think about Wenger and that issue.



Two new Man City signings – Nolito and…. Mooy??


What do people make of Nolito? Personally I never really followed him however I was not at all impressed by him at Euro 2016. Add to the fact that he’s 29 then it doesn’t seem like the most inspiring of signings. On the other hand however he has only cost 13.8million, he had a good season last year and nabbed 12 goals and 7 assist for Celta Vigo and seems to be coming in as a back up for the wingers. I can see him doing a good job as a back up to the first team and think that 13.8million for a full Spanish international is always going to be a bargain.

Mooy on the other hand I cannot understand at all – as complexing as when we signed Bebe. I read somewhere that both Man City and Melbourne City (Mooy’s former club) form part of a group called the City Football Group (CFG) and that they instigated this transfer, though why I am not that sure.

Sympathy for the Devils

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