Your Says of the Day: Alonso to Liverpool on a free?

Date published: Sunday 15th November 2015 2:28

Xabi Alonso: Enjoys Oktoberfest with his wife Nagore Aramburo

Also, Lingard’s England call-up is ridiculous, Fabregas’ Chelsea career could be coming to an end and was Sterling played out of position?

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Lingard call-up is ridiculous

Just seen Lingard get a call up to the England squad. I think Hodgson should have picked Berahino. I know he’s gone off the boil a bit but he needs some confidence and some motivation. No doubt when he goes to Spurs he’ll be getting called up. I like Hodgson but to pick Lingard after one good game over Berahino who had a great season last season and has won us games this year is ridiculous.



Fabregas’ time at Chelsea coming to an end

In my honest opinion I think Cesc’s prospects at the club will soon come to grief if he doesn’t get with the program, he’ll suffer the same fate that befell Mata. Jose has been instrumental winning 3 EPL titles at Chelsea and imo all those successes can be attributed to us being a tight defensive unit that didn’t concede or give away much.

The fact that Jose likes to build teams from the back where he insists all personnel in the team will contribute to the defensive aspects of play, players of a more creative bent are not spared this responsibility.

No idea what formation Spain employed y’day but Cesc playing well in an advanced role without having to worry about defensive duties…I really can’t see Jose affording Cesc that privilige tbh,you know how Jose is a stickler for detail…it’s his way or no way but the highway,just can’t see Jose altering the formation to accommodate Cesc or to a lesser extent Hazard.

These pair of players enjoyed a fair amount of success with us last year,what has changed this year?,we just can’t get them going which is perhaps why we’re struggling!.



Sterling played out of position ‘once in a blue moon’

First of all, unless I’m corrected, I can’t at all recall Sterling ever playing right-back.

And even so, that has to have been a ‘once in a blue moon’.

The fact of the matter in which unfortunately fell on his shoulders due to the heights of 2013/14 was the pressure as an offset striker after losing Suarez in the Summer of 14, and Sturridge being out.

Steven Gerrard wasn’t starting as many games, Phillipe Coutinho was a little out of sorts and Martin Skrtel was occuppied in his own matters at the heart of the a new defence.

Sterling felt tired, disjointed, and not quite the same as the previous season so he wanted out.

We can get that and have accepted and moved on. His agent is talking nonsense and these feeble excuses are just unnecessary.



Xabi Alonso to Liverpool on a free

I think that would be mouthwatering. Can & Hendo could learn a lot from playing alongside him & if Pirlo can play on to such a high level despite his age Xabi can do the same with his passing game. A bit like Molby & Barnes in his later years. They didn’t need to run too much. YNWA



One or two up front v Man City?

Do we go with both Sturridge and Benteke up front against Man City if Studge is fit to start, or do we go with just one? The rumour is, Sturridge may be back (although we have heard that before, haven’t we?) I think Klopp will go with just the one up front, and the extra body in midfield, especially if Aguero and Silva come back. Still gutted about Sakho personally. Hopefully Lovren steps up and starts performing. We’re going to need the whole back 4 in top form on Saturday night



Ronaldo will get 20 in his slump

I kind of agree with Gary Neville, but then again we are talking about Ronaldo, he’s not a player over the hill and even if he is, he’ll probably get you 20 goals a season in his “slump”.



Zidane in love with Hazard

How many times will i repeat this phrase, “stop misleading us” players sometimes quote in the heat or joy of the moment.

If as you claim Hazard said this is his best season, then he meant since he joined Chelsea because he was voted the PFA and FRPA in one season plus he has won the PL which many players like to do. But that was more to do with team effort than personal triumph. There was no player who could challenge him and no team bothered to challenge us.

Under Carlo Ancelotti we have won the league and set a new goal scoring record by scoring 103 goals, yet the following season he was dismissed by finishing second in the table and challenging the league all the way until 3 games left, plus reaching champions league quarters, yet Mourinho won the league and here he is 12 games blaming Hazard ( the PFA player of the year) Matic and Fabregas.

I’m sure if Hazard was working on a system where he is freed from tracking back, he could have done more damage to the opposition. Do you remember F. Lampard’s best individual triumph at Chelsea? And which manager he has played under? And which season it was? May be if Hazard got such managers who concentrate on improving his attacking capability than his defensive game, he would have been top 5 players in the world by now. But for now he is under pressure to improve his defensive game before his attacking game? Its weird isn’t it?



England ratings a joke

These ratings are a joke. Bertrand scored hire than any Spanish player, Spain dominated the game and won 2-0 but that isn’t shown in the ratings from both sides at all. Secondly carsick isn’t appreciated in England, I don’t know why he just doesn’t retire. He’s a possession player so he’s going to struggle in a side that can’t get the ball off Spain, he’s not a tough tackling all action type like Delph, who’s a far inferior player, but that’s what we like in Britiish isles. You just have to look at the amount of stick ozil has got since he’s moved to England, he’s assist stats have been great since he got here, when you look at him play he’s always making space, he’s movement is fantastic, but if you’re not scoring goals or putting in the tackles you’re not really recognised. It’s only this season cause the amount of assists he’s has been ridiculous that’s he’s getting credit. Technical players just aren’t appreciated in England like they are on the continent. Hence the English team is muck and won’t be winning a trophy for the foreseeable.

Denis Irwin

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