Your Says of the Day: Early Anfield exits ’embarrassing’

Date published: Monday 9th November 2015 12:38

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Backing for Klopp’s view on early darters, Moyes being found out and a lack passion at Arsenal are all up for discussion.

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Embarrassing early exits

As a season ticket holder in the Lower Centenary, I just want to register my disgust at the thousands of fans who as soon as the second goal went in yesterday, they got up to leave. Including injury time, there were still 12 minutes left.

Our seats are at the end of a row, so you really notice when people are leaving. Even Klopp noticed and commented on it yesterday, and I think it just shows us in a really bad light, especially compared to the stadium at Dortmund. These people leaving early aren’t tourists, they are season ticket holders – do they not support their team?

Frankly it’s pathetic and embarrassing. I’ve only left early in one match and that was a match at Luton in the late 80’s when we were 3-0 down with 15 minutes to go. I was embarrassed with myself, and have never done it again.

Reminds me of the Sunderland fan last season when they were 4-0 down at half time last season, and as loads of fans were walking out, one turned to a radio presenter and said ‘I’m going to stay to the end and miss the traffic’!

Hightown hope


Carrick key for United

Another start for Carrick and another win for Utd.

Up to 82% win percentage when he plays now. 2.5 points per game.



Encouraged despite Palace defeat

Palace had days to prepare, we didn’t. Pardew was preparing an ambush. It worked out for him. The midweek European commitment is hard in terms of travelling where we beat a side that has not been beaten at home in Europe for three years. As I understand it a draw today would have seen Jurgen pushing Sir Bob on a best start to a Liverpool Manager’s career. It’s better to lose playing well, than not playing well. We got back into it & were then sucker-punched. A little perspective. We are a work in progress & not the same old Liverpool. We will learn & we will bounce back stronger. This is all part of the learning curve for the team under Jurgen (I hope) YNWA & Come on the Redmen.



Move over, Manuel

Tbh I’m a little bit taken aback by Pellegrini’s post match interview saying we didn’t have a striker available. What on earth has Iheanacho done wrong? Poor formation and substitutions and a lack of motivation again? It’s simply unforgivable. He seems to be learning game to game. One game we are naively too open in midfield against top opposition like Barca, then we are too defensive against a really poor attacking team like Villa. I really hope we have a top class manager lined up next summer. Pep or Simeone would do for me.

Mancity Jim


Player power

”Liverpool are painfully average and Jurgen Klopp is no miracle worker” and ”Mourinho safe for now but it won’t be long ” are two titles that convey and answer the topic’s title. Is the manager the be it it all or the players have more then a say as the bottom line of what happens or who controls a football game ? My personal view is that the players rule the roost no matter how good a manager can be with tactics,philosophies,etc,etc,etc,,and he can always get undone with a million and one player’s personal whims.There are always exceptions to the rule like Sir Alex but he was truly the exception although he also got undone on isolated instances.



No Arsenal passion

Coming back with a better second half performance dosen’t hide the fact that we needed to win today.This is the second season in a row that we have drawn to Spurs at home.I can forgive bad performances and dropped points but only if we play the game with passion.But it’s the same old story always. Apart form the two to three players (Giroud,Coquelin) the rest of the team really shows they don’t care. And only start performing when we are trailing. When are we ever going to get over this mentality? I’m not going to lie, Wenger’s substitution of bringing Gibbs did make a difference, but it could’ve been a lot different had we signed outfield playeres good enough to bring on instead of Flamini and Arteta. Like always, I feel somewhere we’ll always be short to win the league under Wenger even though he’s a brilliant manager but has lost his passion as well.

the specialone


Moyes found out

So, David Moyes is going to be sacked again. Why does that not surprise me? What do club chairmen see in this fella, seriously? He won one trophy at Preston, spent ’11 successful years at Everton’ (despite winning nothing, how does that work exactly?), got the United job because he’s mates with Ferguson, bombed there, couldn’t even qualify for the Europa League (Even Rodgers managed that at Liverpool), and now, he’s going to be sacked again. I can’t work out the attraction of him to club chairmen, honestly. How does he keep getting linked with different clubs?



Travel sickness

It’s no coincidence that Utd, who played their midweek game and this weekends game both at home, are the only team to take 3 points this weekend of the teams involved in European competition. We had to travel thousands of miles with more than half the team starting both games. The fact we are missing Ings, Sturridge, Henderson and have little to no cover at fullback is really hindering us.


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