Your Says of The Day: Arsenal 1-0 November; City over the moon

Date published: Wednesday 2nd November 2016 11:02

Arsenal: Start November with win

Manchester City fans celebrate a historic night at the Etihad, while Arsenal feel relief after a tough night in Sofia, and is the Champions League now a borefest?

Arsenal conquer first November hurdle

First hurdle made, and we did make it a far larger hurdle than we should have.

That said, in previous going 2-0 down early would have seen us lose this, then the North London Derby next would have gone bad. Now it’s all about Sunday; a win there and that’s a big big hurdle dealt with. Likely to be a draw, but we do need to win games like these (and more belief we can should be winning these games).



We added a few unnecessary inches to that hurdle but, thanks in no small part to Oz, we cleared it and can now go into Sunday’s game in a much better frame of mind.

Shifters, funny thing is that, as hard as we made it for ourselves initially, the fact we did come back from 2-0 down might actually have been better for us than a comfortable win.

Al the gooner


City lauded

Ilkay Gundogan: On target twice for Manchester City

That’s a real watershed moment for the team – no more doubting we can do it against the big boys or inferiority complex – with the right tactics and application we can mix it with the best now! That second half is the best I’ve seen from us.



Well done City, what a second half performance, quite blew me away. Hopefully can keep this up for the remainder of the season. Even Caballero played well. The midfield and strikers were 10/10. Such a fluid unit. City have found a real gem in Gundogan.



I’ve made it a rule for a while now not to visit other team’s pages (especially hate that ‘I come in peace’ line that many spout only to then have a sly dig). However, I had to come here after last night to register my admiration to those who will appreciate it most.

Man City played very well last night. It was a joy to behold seeing them nick in front of Barca passes, launch devastating counters and generally outplay Barca second half.

I’ve seen my own team beat Barca on a few occasions, but with a more attritional strategy based upon the perspective that we can’t beat Barca at their own game. City and Pep did exactly that last night. It was a breakthrough performance.

Enjoy the high chaps.



Champions League a ‘borefest’?

Champions League

I think the only reason people say that the old European Cup was harder to win was quite simply it was a hell of a lot harder to qualify for it. Don’t forget, unless you won your league, you weren’t in it, however good you were. Imagine only Leicester being in the competition this year! Arsenal’s ‘great’ record of always been in the competition would have ground to a halt many years ago. Liverpool would not have won it 2005 etc etc etc

Once in the competition, it is much harder now, I have no argument about that…more games and far more top sides. Mind you, you did forget the mighty FC Zurich in our semi-final in 1977!

hightown hope


It was easier to win back in the old days but harder to qualify, now it’s easier to qualify than it is to win it. As stated above, when the metal meets the meat, it’s the same dozen of so teams. The money clubs have spoken and this is how they want it and it’s only going to get worse with this new “historic” factor counting in a season or two.



Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern will win year after year with the odd blip in between as another money club flukes a win. I can’t see an Ajax or a Porto winning it again. It’s turned into a giant money making borefest.

Johnny Utah


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