Your Says of the Day: Arsenal thwarted by ‘mental fragility’

Date published: Thursday 4th February 2016 12:41

Mathieu Flamini: Midfielder part of Arsenal struggles

Also, Chelsea continue to stagnate under Guus Hiddink, Alex Teixeira is not worth the asking price, and Delle Alli can be the next Frank Lampard.

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Arsenal lack winners

Morning fellas. I was having a very similar chat after the game in midweek and the consensus seemed to be that there is very much a mental fragility to our club. On paper we look to have enough to win this league and people (fans of other teams) are constantly telling me we have the best squad in the league. I would argue against that perhaps on the basis that we can’t keep it fit! Its all well and good when you have the likes of Welbeck, Wilshere, The Ox, Rosicky etc, providing squad depth. However, its not good when they are rarely fit. We do have quality throughout the squad but what we lack is winners and people with that resilient attitude that we had years ago. Looking at our current set up I would say we have maybe a couple of natural leaders and winners with the right attitude but who deliver on a consistent basis. I think Koscielny is a winner. He has a great attitude and one who tries to lead by example rather than being a vocal presence. Coquelin is another great presence on the field. Loud and not afraid to boss his senior players about. However he also brings a performance level to match. I think Alexis also falls into this category. Works harder than anyone and always looks to makes things happen. 2 of these have missed a good few games through injury and in that time, no one stepped up to do a job. We have a squad rammed full of technical ability but so lacking in other areas. Totally agree with your point about physicality as well Steve. Who in our team is physically imposing to play against? The invincibles were a team of giants to match their ability.


Chelsea stagnating under Hiddink

Whats the point of having an experienced manager when he (Hiddink) has limited success everywhere his gone, drawing especially against so many low profile clubs is not good enough and nothing to brag about, wins are needed against all out of the top 4 regulars and also at least a draw against the top 4, draws dont do anything cause its one miserable point and only helps to keep the club in the same position which at the moment is unacceptable. The quicker they bring in a younger and more adventurous manager the better for all at the club. Hiddinks selections and tactics are the same as Mourinhos and its getting the club nowhere.


Teixeira not worth the price

If Teixeira wants to go to China, then he is welcome, after all look at all the big players who are now going there for the money e.g. Jackson Martinez, Ramires. The sums are mind boggling, like Asamoh Gyan who is on almost £250k per week, only bettered by the likes of Ronaldo and Messi.

I am a businessman and while you always pay more for a good deal, there is a price that is not worth paying, so Liverpool definitely made the right decision not to pay 53m for Teixeira.

And another thing, if Teixeira is so good, being the top scorer in Ukraine, how come he has no international caps at the age of 26???

Even all our Brazilian players, despite what you think of them, have been capped as follows – Lucas (24), Coutinho (12) and Firmino (11)


Alli the next Lampard

He seems to be under the radar to some extent for a teenage English player doing so incredibly well in the EPL. He has scored 7 and assisted 4 goals in 22 appearances this season.

At his age he will definitely improve. The last great goalscoring midfielder in this league was Lampard. I am convinced Alli is the next one. I can also see one huge transfer within the league when his agent gets his teeth stuck in.

Why did we hear all that noise about Wilshere again??


Man City worried about Foxes threat

Massive game this weekend, I said before the away fixture that you probably couldnt design a team to better exploit our weaknesses than Leicester and this will probably be even more the case in the home match if we have 60%+ possession, please no Demichelis or offside trap!!


Tottenham loving title talk

Good times aren’t they Wilts? Regardless of how things work out, it’s been a hell of a good season eh? You know I’d almost forgotten what it was like to actually look forward to every upcoming fixture, without trepidation, regardless of the opposition. Really important to enjoy the ride…wherever it takes us. Can we do it? Who knows? Certainly not me, but boy oh boy it’s fun trying.
Incidentally, one of the great drawbacks of life in Espana is the lack of decent ale available. Just listening to you eulogising about Waddy’s 6X has got me salivating! My own favourite is Old Speckled Hen, but only a couple occasionally…Lightweight I’m afraid…


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