Your Says of the Day: Aubameyang not the answer for Arsenal

Date published: Friday 8th January 2016 12:33

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Linked with Man City.

Also, why Emre Can should be given the Liverpool captaincy, Janujaz’s return to Old Trafford is good for Manchester United and are midfielder enforcers a dying breed?

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Is Aubameyang the answer for Arsenal?

Is he really? Because I don’t seem to think we should be spending so much money on him. I’m not going to debate whether he’s a good striker or not,of course he is. But what really is the difference between walcott and him? The only thing I can think of is that his heading ability is a bit better. We need someone who can get in the faces of defenders and physically match them, and also make runs behind defenders and score,a hybrid of Giroud and Walcott. If you gave me a budget and gave me the option of either Aubamayeng or Hummels for the long term, I’d go for the latter. However, I don’t know what wenger’s doing for the short term.Why isn’t el nenny signed yet? If anything we need to sign midfielders asap.

the specialone

Glad to see Janujaz back at Old Trafford

One of the few things that David Moyes did right, in fact probably the only thing, was putting Januzaj on the pitch and letting him do whatever he wanted. He showed promise in the free role, taking men on and hitting shots on goal. Since then, he’s played in rigid, disciplined systems, where nobody has any more or less freedom than anyone else. Tricky wingers and fluid attacking players have the same job as everyone else under LvG. Move the ball and play the simple option first. He looked a quarter of the player he did in 13/14. Then he was sent on loan to a team who probably have better attacking options than we do, to get game time. How was that going to happen? Allegedly it was his choice and LvG told him to stay in the PL. I’m not sure why he was allowed to make that choice, but it’s held him back a further few months.

Glad he’s back because we are short on wingers and attacking players. There’s a lot of talent to work with there, but he needs guiding. He needs to be allowed to lose the ball and make mistakes. He’s not going to improve by playing short passes. His game is making things happen himself. Hopefully LvG has learned from the Martial situation. Look what he;s doing, running at defenders and causing havoc. Januzaj should be given the same freedom on the other side. Hopefully he can live up to the expectation he laid out for himself 2 years ago.

What a waste of 4 months for him.


Midfield enforcers a dying breed

Midfield enforcers have slowly being dying within the game a fair few years now and the one’s that are good now are no where near as good as Viera/Keane/Ince/Batty were. The game and individual centre midfielders are more tactical today where they have to cover a territory of a pitch, rather than be given the freedom.


Gerrard can still do a job for Liverpool

We have a heavy injury crisis & a midfielder training with us who can still do a job as a midfielder, striker, defender & in the dressing room. He is ready to play. We should tempt LA Galaxy with a nominal bid. We can’t buy his experience in this window & the team selection today will tell anyone that he is needed at the club right now to the end of the season. Come on Jurgen YNWA

Sanj 1

Emre Can for Liverpool captaincy

One of the problems that I feel Brendan left us with was making Henderson captain. I love Henderson don’t get me wrong but not sure he is our long term answer to captain. Watching Emre however is different and last few games he has shown Gerrard like qualities in his dynamism and drive and passion. He is very vocal you see him screaming at other players organising and leading by example, and is one of the few players to have come through the last few weeks without too much of a stain to his reputation.

Im also worried that by Henderson being made captain that it will guarantee him a position every game. I feel Henderson and Can should compete for one position and we should buy another dynamic midfielder to partner Can. Henderson has great workrate and decent passing but that is it! Id much prefer to see a more dynamic midfielder next to Emre Can like Leicester’s N’Golo Kante.

If Brendan wasn’t sure about captaincy he could/should have given it to one of the older players like skrtel or lucas as a temporary measure. I feel Henderson was made captain almost by default because we really didn’t have any other exciting alternatives. But if Can can continue to progress I see no reason why Klopp shouldn’t do to Henderson what oullier did do Hyypia and remove the captaincy for the good of the team!

It would take guts to remove henderson from Captain but this is one of the many real and serious issues he has to contemplate over the summer if he wants to take LFC to the next level.

PS – The way we are amassing injuries at the moment we might have to try and bring back Stevie G for a couple of months lol!


Guardiola is an innovator

You know what I always fail to understand, the fact that people don’t rate Pep. I can see from people’s point of view – the argument being that he’s always had great teams in Barca and Bayern.

However, I’m going to break it down just how much of an impact he had at Barcelona. And, on top of that, if it were all about buying the best players, then surely Real Madrid or Man Citeh should have more recent titles, surely not?

At Barcelona, Pep revolutionised them. Yes, great players but there was no such thing as a Xavi & Iniesta partnership until he came along. He was the first person to give Busquets a chance and now look, he’s the best DM in the world by a comfortable mile.

He implemented something that is known as the ‘five second rule’ meaning if the ball is not won back in the first five seconds, players form walls, barriers if you like preventing the opposition penetrating between the lines and getting to their goalkeeper’s box. I remember Ferguson said in 2009 in the CL final this was Guardiola’s invention and innovation and that he didn’t know how to deal with it. You can imagine that for a manager like Fergie to say that who also used to mastermind us nearly all the time, is a massive, massive compliment.

I’m saying that Pep’s vision and way of playing the game, he’s someone that doesn’t go out their and let the players ‘express’ themselves. He has a clear game plan and a good understanding of tactics. He’s a great modern day manager.

To simply say that ‘my nan could manage Bayern and Barcelona’ is downright disrespectful and totally clueless.

the bsm walk

The return of the Drog?

Last night Drogs himself tweeted that the rumours of him leaving Montreal were premature – but he did not rule them out. Today much of the press have picked up on this and are assuming that he is headed back to Chelsea when negotiations are completed.

My understanding was that he will work with Hiddink and that Hiddink felt that Drogs would again become the glue to rebuild and maintain the spirit of the dressing room (and I am assuming to be done with the assistance of JT).

Hopefully his affinity for the Club will rub off on a few of the newer, or more disgruntled, players we currently have and of course his presence would be beneficial in terms of coaching/helping any of the strikers we have on our books (and could it add extra leverage if we ever considered going back for Lukaku).


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