Your Says of the Day: Awesome Atleti; Liverpool feeling pressure

Date published: Thursday 28th April 2016 1:08

All the way for Atleti?

Football fans across the globe are stunned by another Diego Simeone masterclass, while the Liverpool fans are nervous about their upcoming Europa League clash with Villarreal.

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Fans in awe of Atleti display

Enjoyed the game. Nice neat disciplined performance from Atletico. With some silky skills on show.
Nice to see Torres back with a bit of grit about his play. Overall the Atletico defence were top drawer.

What? Atletico Juve Leicester? Is this the end of tippy tappy? You can only hope. Cut to grey haired Frenchman crying into his carafe of red at a London watering hole. There there professor, there’s always America, they’ll love that sh**e, ha ha ha!



Pep definitely will be tested, that’s for sure. Take nothing away from Atletico though. They are by far the best defensive, counter attacking team in Europe. Or maybe it’s Leicester?

In any case, Pep better figure out how to overcome this type of tactic because it is rife in the EPL. People like to say he has chosen the easy way by going to City but he actually has a massive task ahead of him in a league that waits for no-one.

The EPL will probably be one of the most exciting ever next season with Spurs, Leicester, Arsenal, City, Chelsea, and Manchester United all expecting to challenge for the title.



Just goes to show though with recent results for Real Madrid, Barca and now Bayern, these teams – quite rightly the best of the best – CAN be beaten.

Sometimes its not pretty but it can be done, just not by English opponents, is this more a mental deficiency in our game when we play these teams?

Brilliant performance by Atletico, and a cracking goal by Niguez. Torres should have buried that chancefor 2-0.
Amazing defence at Atletico, hope Chelsea don’t go in with a bid for Felipe Luis – what a defender!

Redmen look ahead to Madrigal clash

Well, plus-points to take for this: Good in form Danny Sturridge and contribution in goals from the midfield.

The draw-backs:

No Sakho and defence will need to be paid attention too. This I believe is winnable if we put out the right ‘chess pieces’ and do the job.

Can’t let this one slip through our fingers.



Lucas looked ring rusty as you might expect for someone who has been out. I wouldn’t put him at CB.

Surprised he didn’t play Martin S to see how he played but based on that you probably would think it would be Toure (thou he could be looking at it a different way and ‘resting’ him for that game).

On the balance of his lack of games (MS) I would be tempted to start Toure.


Not sure how we go about this. We are missing 4 1st team regulars. Sturbridge gets injured and we are f***ed. Who plays beside Lovren? Mignolet in goal!

They are very difficult to score against.The Sahko saga now comes at a really bad time. There always seems to be something with us.

For me firmino should be dropped. He’s been shocking in the last few games. Constantly giving the ball away. The problem is we don’t have much choice

Sean the sailor

I can see this going badly wrong unless we get a Klopp tactical masterclass. Villareal are one of the best teams in La Liga and we will be hamstrung without Can Sahko and Origi.

A draw would be awesome but I’ll be happy if we are still in the tie for the second leg. Using my head I think our Europa adventure could be over come Thursday night.


Sakho causing a headache

Of course it’s not performance enhancing. When I take paracetamol for a headache at work my performance isn’t enhanced I can just work with out a bloody headache!

But the best way to end this, cortosone is a medical treatment ALLOWED by the rules that ALL can use ANY time they wish, fat burning pills that also enhance endurance are NOT allowed.



If I have a headache at work a paracetamol would definitely improve my performance because I have to think, and look at a computer screen all day, so my head is important to my work. If a player has a problem where he cannot run without an injection, does that injection not improve his performance?

Yes they are ALLOWED but what we are discussing is whether they SHOULD be ALLOWED.



There is a list of banned drugs that the players, the clubs and the clubs medical staff are all informed of and the drug that Sakho took is on that list and he has admitted to taking it everything else is just smoke and mirrors!

It was pretty desperate to raise Messi who from the age of 10 was suffering from a growth hormone deficiency which is a recognised medical condition that required growth hormone treatment in his childhood.

nine nine nine



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