Your Says of the Day: ‘Belgium team are Golden Generation’

Date published: Monday 27th June 2016 12:36

Our readers discuss Lionel Messi’s decision to quit international football, Eden Hazard’s performance for Belgium and Manchester United’s transfer activity.

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Messi quits international Football

lionel messi retires

Can’t believe no one seems to be talking about this.

To be honest,you do feel for him.Four finals and not a single trophy on an international level.But you have to think it’s a mental decision for the best player in the world to give up at the age of 29.He has at least two more major tournaments on an international level in him.

It’s a rushed decision.IMO, He will come back out of retirement and win them the World cup or at least the Copa America. All written in the script.

the specialone

Messi’s international failure really confirms that even a great player, his influence don’t come close to that of Diego Maradona.
Messi’s Argentina is a very good team; they have top players from top clubs like Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid and PSG. Apart from a few defenders, all of their squad play at European top clubs. Messi’s supporting cast includes superstar players like Auguero, Mascherano, Di Maria and Higuain.
Yet these guys have lost 2 finals to Chile.

I had almost forgotten who played with Maradona in Mexico in ’86. I can remember Passarella (Fiorentina), Burruchaga (Nantes) and Valdano (Real Madrid). Pasculli (Lecce) and Trobbiani (Elche) are the remaining players who plied their trade in Europe. These weren’t world class players. Passarella and Valdano were in the twilight of their careers but the brilliance of Maradona somehow spurned them on to win the world cup. He did what Ronaldo has failed to do with a squad of similar quality in Portugal and Messi has failed to do with a top quality squad in Argentina; to win a major trophy.

Messi and Ronaldo are 2 of the best players of all time. But they just don’t come close to Maradona.


I was rooting for Chile because of Sanchez, but sad to see one of the all time greats retire.

Hopefully, it’s just disappointment in the aftermath and by the time the World Cup comes around, he will have changed his mind.


Do you Man Utd even need Draxler?

Julian Draxler, Wolfsburg

I don’t think we need Draxler if we get Mkhitaryan. Eric Bailly, Zlatan, Mkhitaryan & hopefully Pogba. With these four players added to the squad, we are well equipped for assault on 2016/17 Premier League title.

Jose should focus on getting Pogba and sell some players like Shweini, Mata, Janujaz, and hopefully Fellaini & Rojo.

the MartialArt

Hazard rejuvinated?

How that performance by Hazard last night, some pundits are saying it was the greatest ever seen at a Euros


Hazards performance was really something special last night, that is the reason we need to hold onto players like Hazard, can turn a match on their own and a joy to watch. I understand the whole Belgium team are a golden generation but the rest are not in his class with only De Bruyne coming close.


Stoke and Berahino

Whilst I sure we’re all resigned to losing Berahino and it may be for the best it frustrates and angers me to the core that STOKE could possibly be his next destination.
Berahino is a product of our academy who joined when he was 10 years old and who we have invested time and effort to turn him into an excellent striker. He could be moving on to stoke. What has our club come to that stoke can buy our best player and goalscorer! the notion of this to me is totally unforgivable. It is one mans fault and one man only! Tony Pulis. would our best striker and hottest prospect of left Albion for stoke when Pulis was their manager! No. Would stoke of been able to attract Berahino, Bojan, Shaqiri etc al whilst Pulis was in charge. No! Stoke were able to move forward after sacking Pulis! Whilst this man is in charge of our club we will have no footballers just limited work horses! The fact that stoke have overtaken us so much really really is as bad as it gets for me. We shouldn’t worry though because we’re signing Vasquez for 18 million.. a player Milan and spurs want. Well this is nonsense as well! we all know we will end up with John Walters!


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