Your Says of the Day: Benteke can be Liverpool success

Date published: Monday 7th March 2016 1:32

Christian Benteke: Told his time at Liverpool is up

Also, thoughts on some of the weekend’s refereeing controversies, plus why Tottenham can win the Premier League title.

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Benteke can be Liverpool success

I think Benteke is well pi**ed off right now, he’s got a point to prove and it would not surprise me to see him going on a goal scoring spree. I’m 100% sure that he will top my expectations of 10 goals this season, I think he might get about 15 goals and I would say that that would be a decent effort this season. Something to build on.

I don’t want him gone like so many others, but I’m not going to expect him to be scoring over 20 goals every season. He is a very useful target man, that needs to be managed in the right way. Every season he has ever played in the Premier League he has managed to go on a goal scoring spree, he has gotten over 10 goals in 10 games on occasions.


Benteke – dive or not?

Would be annoyed if that was given against us. I hate using the phrase ‘he was entitled to go down’ because he was clipped – but I like to see players stay on their feet.

Delaney was stupid though, and gave the ref the decision to make.

That said, Palace were fortunate with many other decisions and overall deserved to lose – so it’s not without some sense of justice that I have no sympathy for Palace – plus I think Pardew is a sh*thead!


A soft penalty for sure, but there have been plenty worse dives where there has been no contact what so ever. All teams in the top flight have players that dive and to claim it is the worst dive ever is very OTT. Would Rooney or Young go down under a similar challenge? For sure and you are delusional if you believe the contrary.

Until refs reward honest play then I don’t see it changing. As a defender if you slide in, don’t get the ball and make contact (even if minimal) then you run the risk of giving away a pen.


Arsenal have had ‘no luck’ with referees

Referees like this absolutely so p**s me off.

In such an important game, he sends Coquelin off with a second yellow, yet a few yards away he dosen’t give Dier a second yellow for a blatant pull back. Spurs’ second goal was offside as well.

I’m not going to defend Arsenal’s title challenge, simple truth is we have a poor mentality and don’t deserve to win it.

But as far as refereeing decisions go, I really can’t remember the last time we had any luck on our side. Definitely not this season. Referees are just inviting for the players to put pressure on them during decisions with their inconsistent decisions. As simple as that.

the specialone

Chelsea need 10 new players

After Saturdays game – it was after all at home against Stoke, a team we normally always beat – I am now quite sure that contrary to the general perception that we only need a couple of players to add to what is already a great team we actually need quite a lot more.

This is also taking into account most of the season, I would say only and also only when on form Hazard, Fabregas, William and Costa are the only world-class players we have to compete at the very top level. Terry I am not counting as he is past it and also the youngsters I am not counting either as they need more games to prove their ability. But as Guardiola was reported to have mentioned Chelsea need 10 new players to regularly feature at a very top level. The core of the team are simply your average journeymen.


Tottenham will win the title

Surprisingly, my disappointment at Saturday’s draw has morphed into true belief that we will go on and win the title. I think the key to that rests in Kane’s goal. After eight games without scoring from open play , and his hapless efforts in the last two, Saturday’s explosive genius leaves me to conclude..he is back and his scoring will fire us to the title!. Fear not , people..the title is already ours!

AKA The Riddler

Leicester due some bad luck

Every season has its costly OMG moment: Lasagne-gate, beachball, slippy Gerrard…. Leicester rode their luck in the last couple of weeks, and they had a fantastic last seven days with other results. Surely they must be due a bit a bad luck!


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