Your Says of the Day: United’s RB target; Liverpool trophy debate

Date published: Wednesday 12th October 2016 1:10

Rick Karsdorp: A possible United target?

Manchester United fans contemplate a new right-back, Liverpool fans take a trip down memory lane, while Gareth Southgate’s England side are lambasted after a poor showing in Slovenia.


United’s right-back replacement

I see that United are being linked with Coleman of Everton. A better right-back is Rick Karsdorp of Feyenoord and Holland.
I’ve just watched the Holland v France game and he was excellent, both defensively and going forward. He’s a big strong lad and at 21 the right age.



If we had to go for a right-back I’d prefer we went for Carvajal or Danilo from Real Madrid; they’ve got a fierce competition in that position and, if the right offer came in, we may be able to get one of them off them. My preference would be Carvajal however it would most likely be Danilo if either had to leave.

Aurier and Bellerin are two other options however I can’t see their respective clubs letting them go. Fabinho is also another good option and has been linked with us strongly recently.

Darmian of course can still do a job however he needs to seriously step up when given the chance.



Without wanting to be pedantic, Coleman isn’t English so the ‘best’ of English talent label doesn’t apply in his case. There were rumours last year of both PSG and Bayern being interested but I don’t know how true they were. Nevertheless he’s a great player, fast, strong, disciplined in attack and defence and, as I said, a leader which we are woefully short of at the moment.

Look at all the great teams in any sport, at any time, and the common denominator is an abundance of leaders in the squad. Players with the skill set and desire but also the drive to push and pull their team along. We could do with a player like Coleman at the moment.



‘Southgate a disgrace’

Probably been done to death already on here but I couldn’t resist having my two pennies worth. I’ve become desensitised to international football in recent years but the appointment (temporarily or not) of Gareth Southgate, a celebrated loser, is a step too far even for the long running comedy show that is the English FA. Just seeing his face on TV makes my blood boil.

I will never forgive him for the Pizza Hut adverts. Players miss penalties, teams lose tournaments, fans are let down. But we all dust ourselves down and move on, preparing for the next inevitable disappointment (bitter ain’t I!).

However, to profit from your own incompetence and the misery of a nation is a low down, despicable move. To wh**e yourself as the embodiment of failure for a few gold coins is embarrassing and shameful. How he has the balls to be associated with English football after that I’ll never know. I hope the press absolutely ruin him whilst he is in charge. He will deserve everything he gets.

Tim Vick


I’m sure he will do an OK job but with the standard of players he has to choose from I’m expecting him to come crashing down. I mean who actually could sort out English football when they do not have one ‘World Class’ player to pick.



The way I see it, England lack a more older figurehead on the pitch to guide the younger players and just have that physical presence and somebody supportive, active and vocal.

There’s a side to Henderson that otherwise appears slightly naive and lacking of confidence – it’s as if he needs an arm around him.

On Sturridge, he is inspired when he has a telepathic co-striker and/or somebody who’s going to deliver him service (Sadio Mane has already shown signs).

I don’t see a team of players right now as far as England go, I just see a team of individuals.



If the “team” are playing as atomised individuals then the buck stops with the manager. Southgate would be very good as a Blue Peter presenter or manager at a local library but he lacks the charisma and nous to succeed on an international stage, just look at his pathetic achievements in the EPL.

It’s more of the same, a younger version of Hodgson or a poor man’s Hoddle. Am sure the FA could break the habit of a life-time and try something different. Someone who has actually won a trophy might be a start?



What is it about playing for England, Walker, Dier, Henderson, Ali, Sturridge, and Rose all play for Spurs and Liverpool, the two teams that most are saying have played the best football this season. High tempo and high pressing, but they don’t seem to be able to put in the same displays in an England shirt.



Liverpool fans feeling nostalgic

Liverpool 2005

I was watching a programme on Sky about Carragher yesterday, and he made this claim on it. His reasoning was that any one team can win the Champions League in any one season, but it’s not often that a team wins a treble. I understand what he’s saying, but I disagree that the treble was a more impressive achievement, for the following reasons:

1) By 2001, Houllier had had a few seasons to build his squad. With the exception of Garcia and Alonso, Benitez won the CL largely with Houllier’s players

2) The way we won it. Milan were the best team in Europe, phenomenal team, 3-0 up, and we did it. People will be talking about that game in 100 years.

3) We struggled to get out of the group in 2005, and had to come back from the dead against Olympiakos, shake off the problem of conceding an away goal at Juventus, keeping probably the best Chelsea team I’ve ever seen out for 180 minutes, coming back from 3-0 down in the final…the whole run was just fairytale. We constantly had to deal with setbacks along the way.

4) We had a better squad in 2001. Let’s be honest, we had a lot of dross in the 2005 squad. The likes of Traore, Biscan,Mellor, Le Tallec, Smicer and Pongolle all played their part though, and helped us in the run to the final.

Is Carragher right, or is Istanbul the greater achievement?


There are two primary competitions every year, the rest are all secondary competitions in my opinion. To win the league or CL is enormous. You win a competition that the best team around all try their best to win.

That’s not the case for the domestic cups and the Europa. Clubs play weakened teams as they want to focus on the main events.

As you say, the manner in which it was done was incredible i.e. with such a poor squad by European standards and the fashion within which the final was won was unforgettable.



They were both amazing achievements really. I think I’m on the side of most here in agreeing 2005 was just epic. But 2001 also had some journeys to speak of and the cup finals were also quite desperate – going to penalties vs. Birmingham, Owens two late goals vs Arsenal, and THAT 5-4 win over Alaves. I think these deserve at least a mention…


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