Your Says of the Day: Chelsea and Man Utd manager thoughts

Date published: Wednesday 23rd December 2015 12:37

Antonio Conte: Will leave job with Italy after Euro 2016

Also, why Arsenal are in the Premier League title race for the long haul, plus what Manchester City and Tottenham need in January.

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Next Chelsea manager requirements

To me the next manager must have a successful record as a manager at high level, speak English, play decent football and have shown he can bring youngsters through. Not easy to find the right man and indeed if Hiddick does well and wants to stay he qualifies. Carlo qualifies but is off to Bayern, Pep qualifies but is going to City I think and would not want to work with our squad.

I don’t know if Conte speaks English, but I have a feeling he could do well. I don’t feel I know enough about the likely candidates to have a strong preference, but I don’t really fancy Mancini – we need a light touch at the moment.

Bringing Drogba back would be a good move, I think he would have sorted the problems out by knocking a few heads together; the dressing room needs his influence as a coach.


Giggs must not be considered for Man Utd job

Ryan Giggs, for years he was idolised, talked about for being the model pro, an icon of how to conduct yourself on and off the field. I myself was fooled, he was just good at hiding his vile actions from everyone.

Now he wants to manage United, I for one won’t buy into the schemer. Before when Moyes was on his way down he played up to the cameras to show he was no part of it, once again he has shown his face again with the touch-line actions. As the saying goes, once a snake always a snake. It will no doubt carry on again with the class of 92 airing their views trying to slide their buddy into the hot seat. Without doubt they will no sooner jump back into the dugout as coaches. By the way, how’s the great analyst Gary Neville doing at Valencia?


No reason why Arsenal can’t last pace in title race

What’s so special about a Premier League title challenge? Sanchez has played for Barcelona and won the Copa America. Ozil has played for Real Madrid and won the World Cup. Mertesacker has played over 100 times for Germany, Cazorla 70 times for Spain. Most of the current Arsenal team has played in two consecutive FA Cup finals go with their other exploits for country and former clubs.

I know people are entitled to their opinion, but their opinions derive from the fact Arsenal faltered in 2008 and 2011, whilst in 2016 Arsenal have a completely different set of players, who are more experienced in age and experience compared to the 2008 and 2011 teams.

If you’re going to say Arsenal will falter, then say why, say why you think experienced and hardened players who have won World Cups and played in El Clasicos will just capitulate.

But if you think Arsenal will falter because it happened in 2008 and 2011, then please, just stop there.


A Manchester City wishlist for January

Okay fantasy (no or little chance in January) and realistic (realms of possibility)

CB: Stones / Shawcross (both add to our home grown quota)

CF: Suarez / Vardy (prefer not to offload bony as we have seen not having 4 strikers is hurting)… Don’t care what Leicester say Vardy and Mahrez both will be heavily enquired about in Jan. If any ‘big’ clubs come knocking their heads are bound to get turned.

Attacking Midfield (although I think we are well blessed here): Sanchez or Hazard / Eriksen (Spurs need the money to fund the stadium and Levy would sell for the right price)

Holding Midfield: Pogba (although he’s all-rounder) / NDJ (NDJ from 2012 is exactly what we need – defend first, no glory passes and most of all an organiser)

I would also start the look out for a replacement for Willy, he fills me with zero confidence – realistically we aren’t going to get a top-drawer replacement (ala Butland, Hennessey), however, I’d take a long look at someone like Speroni (Palace) or Vorm (reserve at Spurs) or Fraser Forster or Scott Carsson (if we looked for English).


Spurs need strike cover – but won’t get it

I’d take a seasoned pro slightly past their sell-by date on loan for the rest of the season. The squad with all its faults has got up to fourth. Chelsea and Man Urd are helping in a big way of course, but fourth is fourth. That being the case, just a little something to invigorate the squad, add some goals and take the pressure of Harry Kane might just do it. But hey, we’ve been on the brink before. As much as I hated his second-hand-car-dealer persona, you’d think Harry Redknapp would have a couple of options lined up, even if Levy objected and/or didn’t act on it.

I think the conversation, if it even took place, with Pinocchio went something like this:
Levy: Oi Poch the sheep. Will you be needing any reinforcements this January and I’m expecting the answer to be no.
PtS: Errrrrr (mumble, mumble, mumble) errrrrr…
Levy: Good man. Now run along. Oh and it’s milk with two sugars. Thanks.

I don’t know if anyone else caught this, but a few months ago Steve Parish was on talkSPORT for a lengthy interview with Andy Goldstein (I think). It was brilliant. He talked about how he runs the club (Crystal Palace of course), how transfers happen, how he deals with agents, etc. (yes, the John Bostock thing came up). It was really interesting and Parish came across as extremely personable, friendly and intelligent. A thought occurred to me at the time, could I imagine Daniel Levy doing something similar? Answers on a postcard to ‘When Hell Freezes Over Competition’, Minnesota, USA.

Liverpool fans not optimistic

So we play the league leaders this weekend having picked up one lucky point from our last three league matches.

Skrtel is defo out and Lovren could very well be too leaving Kolo to step in. We are struggling to score while letting in too many goals.

I don’t predict a positive result, I’ll go for a score draw.


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