Your Says of the Day: Chelsea ‘on the brink of extinction’

Date published: Thursday 21st January 2016 1:05

John Terry: Captain last of Chelsea stalwarts

Plus, Benteke is better value than Sturridge, Lingard is not good enough for Manchester United, and Arsenal are becoming mentally tougher. 

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Chelsea future looks bleak

This is what happens when you dont plan for the future and go for the short term success, its okay to gloat about last season but look where we are now, on the brink of extinction thanks to the fans who wanted mourinho back


Benteke taking blame for Sturridge issues

Benteke seems to be taking a pounding for not scoring yesterday, but it’s fair to say he did give a captains performance & assist in making space though. He is a target man striker so we would expect double figures from him in a season which he is on target to deliver, not 20+ goals something a mobile striker like Sturridge, Torres, Suarez, Owen, Fowler would be expected to get. In my opinion Benteke is taking the flack for being the only available striker who wants to play every game. I’m grateful that we have him & he doesn’t hide. The comparison with Peter Crouch is a fair one 134 appearances 42 goals so Crouch slightly ahead on ratio to Benteke’s 25 appearances 7 goals. Daniel Sturridge has an amazing ratio of 72 appearances 44 goals which would probably make him the greatest striker we’ve ever had. This goes to show stats do not tell the whole story as this is over 4 seasons. If you could only buy Sturridge or Benteke who would you buy? If we are talking whole packages Benteke earns his wages YNWA


Lingard not good enough

I don’t like berating United players (unless they show a lack of respect to the club), and especially young players who have come through the youth system, however I really cannot see how Lingard get’s a game for us, even in the squads current state. The guy can’t dribble, can’t cross and isn’t that fast – the 3 main requisites for a winger. He is very weak on the ball and get’s easily brushed off, his positional sense isn’t that good and he seems like a foul waiting to happen when defending. I’ll give it to him that he has notched up with a few goals and assists however I think that if he was playing in the Championship, not a single Premier League team would put up the cash to sign him. Personally I think Periera is a far superior player to him and deserves another shot in the first team.

sympathy for the devils

Jekyll and Hyde Arsenal

I’d agree we are mentally fragile over the long term but i think winning the FA CUP form 2-0 shows we have improved and were it counts, CL after poor results and pressure on.

Double edged sword really, we put MOST of the pressure on OURSELVES with some real strange and very poor results/displays then show great mental toughness to deal with that pressure.

What we need is to show this more consistently and stop adding to the pressure our selves


Premier League riches wasted on Pulis

With the money we get next year – if we stay up – JP SHOULD have far too much to keep the purse strings tight. The trouble is if we signed Lionel Messi, he would be wasted in our set up. We have the most conservative and neanderthal coach in the league who refuses to use his full squad even thought all the players are much of a muchness and steadfastly refuses to give any of our academy youngsters a chance. There is very little chance of us ever being more than a bottom eight club under him and hopefully JP will use some of the money next season to splash out on a top-class coach. I yearn for Albion to be watchable and popular again.

sarky parky

Villa can’t afford to sell players yet

agree we should keep Sinclair and Gabby.. I still think Gabby can bring a great deal to the team.. like Sherwood said Saturday he has contributed to this teams survival for many years..

My bets are we are going to be very active on the last day of the transfer window.. its a shame because we needed players on Jan 1st not Jan 31st, but thats the way it is and players are keeping their options open.. at the moment we are the least attractive premier league club they can join, which is a sad state of affairs.. Apparently Debuechy must stay at Arsenal until the end of the month as wengers wants him.. so I think that deal will happen providing arsenal don’t get a number of injuries at right back..
I think Garde knows what he is doing and if players are leaving then I trust he has options.. else why on earth let players go, particularly as 2 centre halves have already left, Baker is on loan and Lescott is being touted to LA


Shots fired

I’ve just finished watching the Premier league highlights from 2005 till 2015
Arsenal fans.Don’t bother buying it.Thats all I’ll say.


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