Your Says of the Day: Per concerns; LVG pay-off a ‘good idea’

Date published: Tuesday 23rd February 2016 12:01

Per Mertesacker: Happy at Arsenal

Also, why Antonio Conte is ‘perfect’ for Chelsea, the debate around Juan Mata’s free-kick and who the Premier League’s all-time top five midfielders are.

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£10m to pay off Van Gaal? Do it now….

I never know why the media and others make such a big deal about managers needing to be paid off to leave. Regardless of the fact that they’ve ultimately failed or are at least perceived to have failed, whatever way their contracts are written dictates that they paid out all or most of the remaining value of their wages.
In this case, Van Gaal is reportedly going to make £10million. It’s hardly that big a deal in today’s terms when you consider the number of players he’s bought and other clubs have bought that instantly been devalued by just being rubbish..
He has spent £250 million on players. You then have to ask the question, what are those players worth collectively or individually and then consider that the £10 million to get rid of him is a drop in the ocean.


‘Worried sick’ at thought of Mertesacker vs MSN

Just read Gabriel is out of the game on Tuesday night- and I’m feeling a bit uneasy if Per plays. I get that he isn’t exposed anywhere near enough as he should be for someone that slow (thank heavens)! However, he’s yet to faced a trio as potent as Messi, Suarez and Neymar. They’re above everything else absolutely ruthless and if anyone will get a bollocking off them it’s Mertesacker. I’d rather play Chambers at centre back or even move Monreal to left centre-back and Gibbs at left back than see Per lining up against them.

the bsm walk


‘Calm and relaxed’ Conte is perfect for Chelsea

Not only will I be surprised but I will also be disappointed if Chelsea DON’T appoint one of either Antonio Conte or Diego Simone. They remain the best two available to us.

Now Conte is a very calm and relaxed character who will bring much needed calm approach to our dressing room similar to Hiddink that solves the PR question. But the question is can he meet the other standards that this wonderful club demands? One could be certain, he may win trophies as he is a winner or atleast left the stage with a winning mentality. Developing youth? Not sure about that, because in his time at Juventus he has only Pogba to show for, and even Pogba wasn’t from the Juventus academy. Other he signed were players closer to ther 30s something that our club isn’t too keen. I will be happier if he could Turn Loftus-Cheek to the next Pogba.

Simone on the other hand is a bit aggresive when it comes to dealing with the officals. While i would prefer not to see that, i can’t fault his passion for his team. He is known for his love for youth development, something that will have many of us over the moon including Roman. In his time at Athletico he has had players being promoted in to the first team. He is also one who has an eye for young talent, players he has signed for Athletico are mostly under 25 with J. Martinez and M. Manzudic being exception. His signings tend to hit the ground running quickly. On economic front he signs players on bargain.

Now which manager is the right man for the Chelsea job? My heart tells me Simone, but my feelings say never dismiss Conte.



The Prem’s best-ever top five centre midfielders

Top 5 Central midfielders (PL all-time) for me are:


I could have maybe put in Xabi Alonso but don’t think he was here long enough to be included, and Cesc Fabregas can’t be considered yet for the same reason, also his form at the end of last season and up till Christmas this season was atrocious, playing in a game against City’s kids should have been a breeze for him, so I would not get to carried away about one performance.



Memphis proving himself a waste of space

It was easy to see why Manchester United are not encouraged to shoot on sight. Memphis, who came with a reputation as a hotshot was once more a disgrace in my opinion. To be fair he had some good touches tonight but he is a lazy player, can’t tackle, doesn’t like getting hit by the ball or being tackled hard. In other words, a poser. Perhaps his Rolls Royce is another indication. In the end it was a professional performance against an average side but not very entertaining.

Big K


Liverpool’s next three games: All or nothing

Liverpool’s season could basically end after the next 3 games.

Augsburg in the Europa, City in the League Cup final and City again in the league. If we’re beaten in all 3 then it’s lights out, last one out lock the door for the season.

Obviously the priority is the next 2, we need to really step up over the next 10 days.


Mata’s free-kick: Within the laws or morally wrong?

The commentators on BT Sport all agreed that Juan Mata’s goal should have been disallowed due to offside. Their argument was that the three United players obscured the keepers view.
It’s not up to debate that they were in offside position, but the rules say that if a player influences play from offside position, the referee must give a freekick.
The fact is however, that the players that obscured the keepers view were in fact the Shrewsbury players in the wall!
Had the ball been played over the United players towards goal then offside, yes. But Mata fired the freekick over the wall and never in line with those offside players. Brilliant stuff!



I think this comes under the bending the rules to breaking point and certainly not within the “spirit” of the game. Haven’t seen it live, I must admit, but it certainly looks like the players were in an offside position when the ball was kicked, and if you ignore the Shrewsbury wall, then the players would have been pretty much between the goalie and the ball. Should have been off-side but YooUtd escaped on a technicality.

My question to this if the YooUtd weren’t affecting play/ball/goalie/whatever, then why did they do it?


(Editor’s note: see the free-kick for yourself here)


Villa directors need to look in the mirror

This has got to be some kind of wind up! The directors and chairman of the club want to know what’s gone wrong at VP this year so have launched a ‘full scale investigation’ to find out what’s happened. Where do I send the giant mirror to?

I wouldn’t pay this lot in smarties! Complete morons!


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