Your Says of the Day: Costa the PL’s best, Walcott revival

Date published: Monday 17th October 2016 12:43

Diego Costa: Head swayed by China?

The Premier League’s finest striker is debated by TEAMtalk readers, while Arsenal fans consider whether they wrote off Theo Walcott too soon…

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United’s wasted money

I found the TT article about the wage difference between United and Liverpool very interesting. It highlights many of our problems in recent years. We have spent fortunes on transfer fees and wages but have had almost nothing to show from it. And the high wages makes it all the more difficult to move players on.

We have six players on +200k. Pogba 275k Rooney 260k Ibrahimovic 250k DDG 200k Mkhitaryan 200k Schweinsteiger 200k AND three players on +100kin Mata 140k Young 110k and Schneiderlin 100k.

Those nine players should be the spine of our team. Fans talk of how you can’t have a team of galacticos and the role the good-not-great players play. That’s true but depends on the bland being in the same pot as the tasty. Compare the top nine wage earners today with those in 1999 or 2008.

Our problem is not the presence of sows ears it’s the absence of fine silk.


Matteo Darmian Morgan Schneiderlin Manchester United

Costa the Premier League’s best

Aguero, Kane, Zlatan, Lukaku, et al will have something to say about it, but for me Diego Costa is the best striker in the EPL.

He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the stats say it all. In just 62 PL games for Chelsea, the Spaniard has had a hand in 50 goals (39 goals, 11 assists).

theMartial Art

Arsene Wenger: Hails Arsenal characteristics

Arsenal’s defence a worry

Looked good going forward the key here is moving the ball quickly and we are a lot more fluid without Giroud in the side but the defence was sloppy again. Firstly Xhaka dwells on the ball on the edge of the area and then we proceed to give Swansea chance after chance, there was non existent marking for the 2nd goal and cross after cross found Swansea players unmarked. This weakness has been with us for years and Wenger doesn’t seem to have a clue how to rectify it. Finally time to bring Gibbs back into the side, Monreal has been dreadful all season.

The Oracle


Theo Walcott: Scored twice

Walcott proving doubters wrong?

With Theo Walcott standing out for our team this season, and arguably being the best player this season in his most natural position.I was just wondering all those people (which was about 90% on here) who desperately wanted him sold will come and admit they were wrong about him…

the specialone


…You’re being way too reactionary TSO. We’re a less than quarter way through the season and granted Theo’s played well, but you can’t forgive all his performances from the last couple of years already.

Despite his two goals yesterday, there were another three excellent chances he spurned; he was also poor for England against two sides worse than your local primary school team. So there’s plenty of evidence to suggest he’s going through one of those hot streaks that we’ve been accustomed to over the years.

Like the other two posters, I reserve praise for Theo; his previous form suggests that this spell is just that, a spell of good form that won’t sustain. Happy to be proved wrong though and he’s certainly performing better than I ever thought he would again for us.

New Era

Erik Lamela: On target for Spurs at Everton

Cash in on Lamela?

So, according to various rags, AC Milan are in town and preparing a £22million bid for Lamela. How do we all feel about this? I’m really in two minds about it to be honest. I can’t fault his effort, that’s for sure, but he does seem to be turning into a bit of a weak link lately, losing the ball frequently etc… and I do think the squad could cope with the loss to be honest.

As much as we talk about squad rotation and the like, he still seems to be an automatic starter (unless it’s the week after international duty) too and I don’t think he is that good…

I think I’m leaning towards sell…

What do the rest of my fellow Spud-bashers have to say about this?


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