Your Says of the Day: Coutinho sale debate; Everton right for Koeman?

Date published: Monday 6th June 2016 1:10

Philippe Coutinho: Linked with Liverpool exit

Liverpool fans appear torn over whether they’d sell Philippe Coutinho if offered £45million, while Ronald Koeman’s potential arrival at Everton is also debated.

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Coutinho: What would you do?

Honestly, as much as I love our little magician(as does my 8 year old), if Klopp decided to sell and £45-50 million, and find new blood, I would be OK with this. Coutinho is as brilliant as he is inconsistent.

Klopp has his own plan, his own ideas of how we will succeed, and is going to make sure that if he succeeds or fails, he will do so with his own style and team. He is the first manager we have had for a long time, that I believe will be allowed to buy who he wants to buy(within reason), without the people above pulling the strings.

I would love to keep Coutinho, but if he goes, I will get over it pretty fast, and start getting very excited for next season.


I’m torn on this one. He’s not worth £45 mil and that could get us two damn good players. He went missing after the Dortmund game and did nothing the rest of the season. You wouldn’t have known he was even playing against Sevilla. Yes he’s possibly the best player we have at the moment which shows where we are as a club. He’s no Suarez, Gerrard or even Torres. We lamented Sterling going but as far as I’m concerned we mugged City for a very average player who did squat last season. We couldn’t replace Suarez because he is world class and irreplaceable, Couthino is neither of those. Yes he is a good player who has given us some good moments and I like him. I just don’t see him as irreplaceable and as I’ve said £45m is possibly too hard to turn down.


We failed to sign star players but we can make them ourselves. However we must keep our best players before our youngsters become stars. Keeping our best players is our most important task in every transfer window.

We should simply tell those clubs like PSG etc that we will NOT sell Coutinho. At the same time, we should give Coutinho a new, long contract. He is only at 70k/week while Firmino is at 100k/week. We must tie him down.

May be, just may be, the PSG rumour is created by Coutinho’s agent. Anyway offering a new 5 years lucrative contract to Coutinho is reasonable and will only help the team.

Football Scouser

It’s all about ‘Levels’

Coutinho is the 2nd best player in our 8th placed team. But he isn’t a top player per se.

Neymar/Alves etc can talk about how he should be at Barca…but he’d hardly get a game. Same thing that did with Fabregas (who I think is better than Coutinho). Hypnotised him into leaving Arsenal and then left him on the bench for most games.

I’ve said it many a time, Coutinho is a ‘nearly’ man. He nearly scores great goals, or completes great passes, dribbles etc. He lacks pace, strength and aggression. He’s pushed off the ball at ease and seems to tire quickly.

For £45m, I’d be upset if we turned it down. In him, Firmino and Lallana, we have 3 very similar players. And although I’d prefer if the money was being offered for Lallana, the truth is, that triumvirate don’t impact games at a high enough level to class them as irreplacable.

I think with Coutinho, cos he’s little, Brazilian and actually has a cool name (just sounds like a great player) what he does is exaggerated. Defo not world class and I’m quite prepared to say, even though he’s just 23, that he never will be. There’s just not enough to his game. I’d rate Payet as a better player but wouldn’t call him world class either…

It’s all about levels…Peace

Say what you like about Coutinho but the reality is that he is one of our best, if not, best player. If we keep losing our best players we’re never going to improve. I’ve said before, if PSG want him we should ask for some players in return, if not tell them to take a hike. Either one of Verratti or Lucas Moura or both would add to our squad and both are players who fit the profile of what we’re supposedly looking for in new signings. Other teams play hardball with us so we should do the same.

Koeman to Everton?

Ronald Koeman: Says Southampton are fighting for fourth

Allegedly the Koeman to Everton deal is all but done and his decision hinged on the transfer monies that Everton were prepared to support him with both this summer and going forwards v those of Southampton’s.

Feel for the Saints fans after losing Pochetino but they are a well run club with a very decent squad and European football and they wont have a problem attracting a suitable replacement.

The Everton fans will be delighted and they could do with a bit of good news considering their many years in the wilderness, I hope it works out for them and Southampton get their new man in quickly and he carries on their development too.

nine nine nine

S/T – Southampton are a decent, well run club, but, whichever way you look at it, Everton are a bigger club. Just because Saints have had a couple of decent seasons and finished above Everton doesn’t make them a bigger outfit. Even without spending any money, I think Everton have a better squad than Southampton. What is also widely accepted is that Everton’s poor season this year was purely down to Roberto Martinez; any other manager could have got that team into the top six. Whether Koeman joins or not, I believe Everton will finish above Southampton next season, as they have for the majority of seasons since football began, and this is reflected in the fact you can currently get 12/1 on either of them finishing in the top 4 next season; that’s with their current managerial situation and Everton not having one! Any footballing person can see Everton has the potential to get Koeman where he wants to be a lot sooner than if he stays at Southampton; and that includes Koeman himself. I feel for Southampton if Koeman DOES leave but he can surely see more potential at Everton.

theMartial Art

I feel that Everton are on par with Southampton, difference is that Everton had the clown Martinez in charge. In Stones, Coleman, Galloway, McCarthy, Barkley, Mirallas and Lukaku they have a decent foundation. Not saying they are world beaters but they historically do have a good youth set-up themselves, along with the money available to spend it could end up being a step up for Koeman. Actually spending big can be difficult so it will be interesting to see how he does with this so called kitty.


Very tricky decision for Koeman.

Ownership still unclear and still no sign of a new stadium. If it’s ‘just on the horizon’ then you would need a space telescope to see it.

Maybe he has taken Soton as far as he thinks is possible, even though they are currently in a much better state than Everton.

If he has ambitions of managing Barca then he won’t get there via Everton.


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