Your Says of the Day: Darmian positional swap; Wenger living in past

Date published: Tuesday 8th March 2016 12:01

Matteo Darmian: Wants to fight for his shirt at Man Utd

Also, why Mourinho to United will still happen, why Garde can’t lead Villa in the Championship and one Newcastle fan getting hot under the collar about ‘parasite’ Mike Ashley.

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Ignore the reports, Mourinho to United will still happen

The situation at Man United differs according to whatever paper you read and I’m not convinced that Jose Mourinho’s been passed over by United as some of the media are claimingand if he had been I don’t believe United wouldn’t have been actively looking at alternatives wider than just we’ll stick with LVG and then he can hand it over to Ryan Giggs.

I do think that both parties United and Mourinho mighty well have agreed that now is not the right time to make the change and that the summer is the right time which is why LVG is still in place.

There have also been suggestions that the Carniero fraca might be holding up any decision being announced until it’s settled but as foolish as all that was it won’t stop Mourinho working and it all happened whilst he was Manager at Chelsea anyway.

If I was a betting man I would place money on a deal already having been agreed between United and Mourinho which will be announced in the summer.

Mourinho is a risk not in terms of what he can bring football wise but in how he might behave and I am sure there will be the odd fall out along the way with the trophies won.

As for the Mourinho won’t give youth a chance there’s probably some truth in that because Mourinho puts winning above everything else and will almost always select his strongest side which does tend to restrict the chances of young players but would LVG really have given youth a chance had he not had 14 players out injured?

Of course there is a risk in appointing Mourinho but there is probably a bigger risk in appointing Giggs and I know which way I would want it to go if I was a United fan.

As you rightly point out appointing Giggs and him perhaps not being able to handle the role would further hit the United share price which is clearly not in the best interests of your owners and it may well set United back even further.

What United already have squad wise plus United’s financial might plus Mourinho looks an unbeatable combination to me. Cheers.

nine nine nine


An attack on Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley has only brought in managers on low wages who are desperate enough to go along with the club’s aims which is to bring in as much cash as possible with the lowest amount of outlay. Maximizing profits and Allardyce’s sacking was just a soundbite. Because Ashley has done nothing to back up his statement of intent! In fact the only ‘his manager[s]’ he has ever brought in is Keegan and Pardew and they both walked. Both of them only took on the job because they were desperate to earn some cash. KK with his legal case ‘Soccer Circus’ and Pardew over his gambling debt.

Therefore, if McClaren is sacked he’ll be only the second manager after Sam Allardyce? Kinnear, heart attack. Shearer was ‘caretaker’ whilst Kinnear was in the hospital. Houghton ‘caretaker’. Carver ‘caretaker’. Ashley has NEVER gotten over having to pay Sam 6 million compensation for the sacking (and then 2 to KK) and that is why he hasn’t done it again.

Pardew, Ashley’s patsy. Replaced Houghton who got us out the Championship with a record number of points tally. Whereas Pardew got Charlton relegated and was sacked – and sacked again by his next Championship club (Southampton). Fast forward and here is McClaren, sacked by Derby but chased by NUFC (for 6 months!) despite turning the job down 3 times.

Wall to wall (and roof) advertising given to the shareholders of Sports Direct for free as well as the Clubs merchandising operation. The only piece of land remaining for ground expansion, he is developing for himself into student flats etc. The man is a blood sucking parasite who knows as much about football as he does about dieting. Cares about both to the same degree too (zero!).

David B’s Toon


Conte tipped to be big success at Chelsea

I’m a massive fan of Antonio Conte, my prediction is that he will be success at Chelsea if given the necessary resources, patience and support.

Ithink his record at Juventus is crystal clear for doubters to see him. And his play style isn’t that bad. He is a young manager who could grow in the role after all he is under 50. Before he’s even been confirmed people have started to portray him negatively.


Personally, I think Conte will get the money and support he requires as Roman will want to get back into the CL next season so he will NOT restrict whomever is the new manager.

I have no real knowledge of Conte and apart from Juve where he did well my understanding from Wikipedia is that his early days in management was not great…? Obviously with Italy he has qualified for the Euros but again I have no idea if that was a job well done or an easy group…?

All I hope and care about is that whomever is appointed can hit the ground running. It would appear quite clear that the new manager will be new to the EPL and for me, that is always a bit of a gamble as this league is so different to other leagues

I always feel that to win the EPL you need to have a solid defence and so for me, historically anyway, that is where the Italians always built from so I would expect that to be an area well understood and covered by Conte (if he is the man). Other than that it is fingers crossed for me…? KTBFFH



Sack Garde now – and begin planning for the Championship

I said before the Liverpool game Garde has lost the drive and desire to keep us up and the recent results have proved it!

I’m not sure if it was the lack of activity in the window but his body language both at pitch side at when doing any press conference shows a man who has had enough…. he looks a tortured soul like the rest of us!!

I think he will go one way or another and 3 wins in 21 games is poor to say the least. He isn’t the man for a Championship battle.



Whether we turn or not is immaterial. We are going down. Garde is a dead man walking – he will not be there once the season finishes as neither him nor the club will want to continue following the performance and lack of interest and investment in January respectively. There is no point in changing now, there will be no miracle or change in personnel on the playing staff. What’s more is that nobody will want to take on a doomed club and have a certain relegation on their CV.

Garde will be gone following the last game, probably almost immediately.

There is talk today of Bruce or Rowett. The board need to understand that with the blues connections this wont work despite their credentials – we know this from recent history.

For my money we need to bin this touchy feely, ‘put your arm round the player’ mamby pamby approach and get someone in who will kick these lazy, lacklustre players into action. We should have got big Sam, but now/today I would take Pearson all day long. This club needs a strong personality who says it like it is and doesn’t take nonsense. Its a shame its not 25 years ago others Ron Atkinson would have been perfect!



Benteke incident – of course there was contact

There have been some comical posts on this subject, with some claiming there was no contact whatsoever.

I read a story either at the beginning of this season or beginning of last where one of the refs came out and said if a player gets impeded he should go down or else he may not get the free kick or penalty he deserves.

All the ex pro’s on the telly all said it was a penalty, Carra is the only one that can’t be called impartial but the others were, so if impartial ex players say it was a penalty why should we take any notice of a bunch of fans with a bias, which opinion has more validity?



Anybody who says there was no contact is lying.Anybody who has played a contact sport knows a clip is more than enough to send you flying especially when running.

Evratime made a perfect point about an ankle tap being enough to send rugby players flying…footballers are no different.

He might have exaggerated his fall, who can say. Sour grapes all round.


United should try Darmian at centre-half

I might get shot down for saying this but would it be worth playing Matteo Darmian at centre-half? He played as a CB at times in Italy and is suppose to be decent. This means the youngster (Varela) can come back at RB and Blind can go LB.



Wenger dining out on past glories at Arsenal

This interview with Wenger is proof he’s living in the past.

According to his own words,the media cannot question him because of his past reputation.

This quote of his “I always have to convince you that I am good enough”.

I’m curious as to how he’s going to do that.

Last week I said that I hope Arsenal won’t win the title.Well that was in context of wanting wenger out.Because that’s the only way he’ll step down.

Ofcourse I want My club to win it,we won’t get a better chance for a long time.

But he still bottled it,the players still bottled it and if we win it will be undeserved.
One thing is for sure and like I said last time,there is no way I will accept wenger beyond this season for a suitable proven replacement of course and not someone like Viera.


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