Your Says of the Day: Falcao finished in England

Date published: Monday 19th October 2015 4:46

Radamel Falcao: A shadow of his former self

Also, a warning for Memphis Depay, Arsenal’s line-up v Bayern Munich and is it finally time to take Jamie Vardy seriously?

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Falcao finished?

I think it’s now fair to say that Falcao can’t cut the mustard in the EPL after his cruciate injury. He has been fit for a long time now and has still struggled to make an impact.

He has had bad luck with the teams he has played in (Manchester United under transition and huge pressure while Chelsea are now under huge pressure).

Either way, Falcao can’t get himself gametime and struggles to cause defenders problems in the EPL – his confidence is also broken now after a shocking Copa America as well.

El Tigre once roared but nomore – I think Falcao should go back to Monaco or he should make a move to the Italian League.



Evans in – but how long before Massimo strikes again?

As a long suffering Leeds United supporter all I can say is Good Luck Steve Evans – please make it last.

My head however is saying that this is another wild and quite strange appointment which does not fill me with any degree of comfort or confidence. I wonder how long the conversation between Massimo Cellino and Steve Evans, about the job, has gone on for and how much of the working arrangements between the two are agreed, accepted and will be operated to the letter going forward.

You just know that MC will interfere with team selection and put in his two pennyworth on how things should be on a “My way or the Highway” basis. This is not about the new manager, it has applied to all those before him in the Massimo era.

I just fear they both are in for something of a shock, both are temperamental and it will not be long before Massimo goes for the trigger again. I so wish I am proved wrong.



Arsenal’s line-up against Bayern

Just wanted to discuss how everyone thinks we should line up against Bayern.

Imo, I think we should give them the element of surpise by lining up differently to that of what we normally do.

For this one, I would bench Ozil and don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive fan of his.

My midfield would be Aaron in his rightful position in the middle with Coquelin sitting behind him, then Cazorla a little bit higher. I’d then put Chamberlain on one flank as he has caused Bayern problems in the past.

The key to getting a result is intense energy and speed and with Ramsey who has limitless energy and Chamberlain who can actually get beyond their full back, we may just have a chance. Any thoughts?

The bsm walk


Hazard future concerns

The situation with Hazard is not good … not playing well and being left out of the squad. He was our best player and still our best player (when on form), Real Madrid are now being linked with him, and possibly PSG.

Chelsea can not afford to lose a player like Hazard, they don’t come around that often, only few of them in the world.

I hope Mourinho starts playing him, and speak to him to improve. Pretty sure Hazard will be back to his best, but as long as he is playing and there is a happy mood at the camp.



Vardy among the best?

Jamie Vardy is currently the most consistent striker in the EPL. He has done this despite several players scoring in gluts (Aguero – 5, Wijnaldum – 4, Sanchez – 3). A striker who tends to score a goal in each game is a very handy thing to have.

Obviously he is a late bloomer at 28 years of age but how long will he have to keep it up before the neutral bows? Purely on form, Vardy should be the first choice pick for England and he should be the talk of the EPL.

Is he dismissed because of his age? His club? His paltry sum of twitter followers?

Why the disrespect?



Kanny Klopp

I like the way Jurgen has named 5 players he reckons can give more.

This puts them in the spotlight and challenges them to raise their game. Klopp has proved he can make good players great. If he gets an extra 30% from those 5 our squad will suddenly look a lot better.



Big win, big message from United

Big win against Everton…I was expecting a defeat to be honest. They always do us at Goodison.

Also, big message to Memphis. He was abysmal against Arsenal. He’s not in the Netherlands now. You just can’t get away with being that lazy in the Premier League. You’ll get found out. Next game should be a breeze…



Cellino has turned Leeds into a joke

Leeds have been circling the drain for too long. It’s mostly self inflicted, but it’s hard not to feel sorry for the supporters. The management of the club from the top has been ludicrous.

Rosler is a decent coach and a good man. How was he meant to turn it around in 12 games?

6 managers in a year. It’s a joke. The fans should boycott the club until the owners are rid of. It will never happen, because such opposition is almost impossible to orchestrate, but the club is in very poor hands.



Yaya needs thicker skin

I do have some sympathy with Yaya Toure over recent remarks, but lets get this into perspective.

The media treat everyone badly to get stories they want to invent and print…this should come as no surprise, unfair comments…most likely but you have to get on with it and to help you do that players at this level are paid well and looked after so whatever the media says they should smile and move on.

A thicker skin maybe required for some. What you do on the pitch is all that matters, the City fans will know that, I am looking for two majestic performances against our next two opponents, then have a rest, we understand it will be increasingly difficult at your age to maintain that level without a rest but get us through the next two games please.



Sherwood nonsense

And yet more nonsense coming from Tim Sherwood.

Keep this points ratio up and Villa will finish season on 16points!

It’s ok though because the next 5 games are only Swansea, Saints, Spurs, Man City and Everton!

That could be 4 points from 14 games.. Keep that up and we will finish season on 10points!


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