Your Says of the Day: Fans in a hurry to hail Leicester success

Date published: Tuesday 3rd May 2016 11:40

Leicester City: Football's greatest ever fairytale

Leicester City became the sixth team to be crowned Premier League champions, and what followed was an outpouring of emotion from fans of all clubs.

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Jubilant Foxes can party at last

Leicester have had a real togetherness after the experience of last year. Add intelligent scouting, tactics, looking at what worked best with the players, exceptional control and management, and you can’t do any more than that.

Cynics may say they took advantage of the failures of the others, but for Leicester to have got so many things right with the budget they’ve had, and be as competitive as they have been, it really is a phenomenal achievement that is unlikely to be repeated for a long time.



I’m a bit like a Villa supporter right now, still in denial. I can’t quite believe it. I’ve never, at any point this season expected us to win it. Every round, I’ve never expected us to win the game, just hoped. I think that is the same for the players, they have never taken anything for granted. The enormity of this achievement will take some sinking in I think.



Leicester went the distance. It’s unique in it’s own right even when they had the points lead that they just tried to maximise every game to turn into a victory or at the very least, a draw.

I would take this opportunity to add that if anybody wanted a definition of ‘Gegenpressing’, then in my mind from what I’ve seen largely this season, Leicester’s tactical play have epitomises it.



Congrats to Leicester. It’s an amazing achievement. It’s hard to think that Ranieri got the sack in Greece after losing to the Faroe Islands only a 18 months ago.

It’s often been said that the nice guys finish last and Ranieri has been a joy to watch; his modesty, politeness to the referee and his opponents and his ability to take the pressure of his players has been something others can learn from. But what I like most about his personality is his constant positivity. I’m sure it get’s to his players and has a huge influence on everybody at the club.



Well done Leicester on closing it out. The title was gone when Spurs failed to beat Liverpool early last month to be honest.

Must say I’m surprised Chelsea could go even further down in my estimations but they managed it.Starting with Willian’s absurd reaction to Rose’s foul they used all their experience to bring the game into the gutter with Costa. Spurs would have hoped to ignore it but it’s a lesson for them. That will come with experience.



Fantastic for English football first and foremost. Hopefully the board will back the tinkerman in the transfer market for next season?

Also more importantly keep the core of the squad for next season? (I doubt it) But I hope so. Well done everyone connected with LCFC.



Congrats to the boys from Leicester, job finally finished and the party can begin!

Not much else to say, except roll on next season, going to be another mental one methinks, unlikely to live up to this season for sure, just hope my boys Tottenham learn from this…



Did Spurs let themselves down?

A West Ham fan living in America here! Well done and congratulations to the Foxes, they have been magnificent and have overshadowed the brilliant season we have had.

That being said though I was appalled at the antics of Spurs, if this is what winning the league is all about then I don’t like it. Nine bookings they should have had three sent off, and then their manager gets involved in two brawls!

Utterly disgraceful in my mind and I hope the FA give them a severe punishment. I am so very pleased they have not won simply by their actions tonight. I have been lucky to see many live games on NBC sports and a lot of them have been LCFC and you have been truly brilliant, you are an inspiration and the fans are a huge part of their success, have a few beers for me.

Mark Anthony Boots


Spurs are sore losers for me. They should have accepted losing the title with dignity and class, instead, as the title of the thread says, they lost the plot.

I actually think they’ve played the best football out of the 2 teams, but Leicester have been very efficient and got the job done, credit to them. Pochettino going on the pitch was ridiculous, Dembele will get a ban,Alli was banned for what happened last week. The pressure got to them,but they’re a young team who will learn from this experience.



The behaviour of the Spurs players last night was unacceptable no doubting that. The first 10 minutes of the second half I thought they had settled down, but once chelsea got back in the game, their heads went.

Fully expect Dembele to be banned, his actions were completely unacceptable. Spurs will get fined for failing to the control their players but I also think Clattenburg needs to take some of the blame. He lost control early on and was never able to assert any authority apart from showing a flurry of (deserved) yellow cards.


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