Your Says of the Day: Forget Teixeira, he’s never been capped

Date published: Friday 5th February 2016 3:11

Alex Teixeira: Moving to China

Also, pubs will be awash with salmon-coloured trousers and people called ‘Ollie’ this weekend as the Six Nations takes over and Wayne Rooney “does offer something”.

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Rooney ‘does offer something’

Just to add my 2 cents on the Rooney debate – Its been mentioned on here about the numpties on the Utd page wanting everyone bar De Gea, Shaw and Martial replaced so I highlighted that our top 2 performers this season in terms of picking up points when they start are Carrick and Rooney on 2.00 points per game. So even though Rooney hasn’t been banging the goals in until lately he does seem to offer something to the team.

I like the thought of going all out youth and plan for the future but you always need a bit of experience. My starting 11 as it stands would be:

Hart – I think having Butland breathing down his neck removes any complacency from his game. I would also not rule out Forster.

Clyne – I not seen enough of him to pass judgement but it seems he doesn’t have much competition right now. I think Johnson has done well at Stoke but it would be a step backwards to include him.

Smalling – One of Utd’s consistent performers but needs to cut out the shirt pulling as he’ll get pulled up on it in Europe.

Stones – sought after player who I think is ready for England duty. You could argue for Cahill in terms of experience but hes not playing regularly at club level which has always been prerequisite for me.

Shaw – if fit. We initially heard he was ahead of schedule in terms of recovery but its been quiet recently. If he doesn’t make it I would possibly go with Bertrand.

Carrick – Controversial I know but I thnk he has one last tournament in him and you need a leader with a cool head in the middle when you are surrounded by youthful exuberance.

Alli – One of the players of the season and has to be a starter for England.

Sterling – Not much competition for the wide left position. Maybe Welbeck if he shows any sort of form when he returns. If he doesn’t play then he shouldn’t get picked IMO.

Walcott – right side is our weakest I feel. Not many stand out candidates as Oxlaide-Chamberlain and Walcott you could argue (and maybe Welbeck) aren’t first choices at Arsenal. You could possibly try Vardy out there but that would be a gamble.

Kane – Has to start if he continues his form until the end of the season.

Rooney – Again, his form is up and down but we need a few leaders out there. Whether kane would benefit more with a pacey striker like Vardy it could be argued but I would go with Rooney. If Sturridge is fit it would be a headache for the manager but that is a big if. It’ll be interesting to see how Austin does at Saints too.



Let’s hear your crazy stats

What are everyone’s best football stats? can be as crazy as you like.

here’s mine. if you take away all of harry kane’s goals for spurs this season they would actually have one MORE point! obviously i know its not as simple as that as his goals have changed games, but still a good stat!



Six Nations means pubs awash with ‘Ollies’ and salmon-coloured trousers

THE start of rugby’s Six Nations will see England’s pubs upgrade to a higher class of loud, annoying men.

In an extensive annual re-fit, the King George in Swindon has swapped Premier League banners with the flags of the home nations and barred all its regulars for the next month.

Landlord Stephen Malley said: “For the next few weeks we’re going to be attracting a much better class of boorish lout. Many of them will be called ‘Ollie’.

“The place will be awash with salmon-coloured trousers, desperately immature songs and posh young women who are every bit as annoying as their ghastly boyfriends.”

He added: “They’ll still get horribly pi**ed and vomit all over the toilet floor, but it’ll be a better educated vomit that’s programmed to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ even if it doesn’t really mean it.”

Rugby fan Martin Bishop said: “It’s so nice of the football fans to make way, but it will also give them an opportunity to improve themselves.”



Too easy to slate G Nev

It’s far too easy to slate him, the previous manager who was an experienced manager didn’t do much better. He is in a two tier league, with a team that has major issues.

He isn’t widely experienced and let’s face it he was expected to get results right away.

I said before he should never have taken the job up.



Forget about Teixeira, he’s not even capped

Forget about Teixeira, he wanted money above everything else. All that pretending to want to come to Liverpool to play with Coutinho, was thrown out the door when big money came calling.

Any player with real ambition, and in the peak of their career, wants to play in the top 5 European Leagues, to develop themselves to the maximum plus play with the best players in the world.

And as I have asked before, how come at 26 he has never been capped for Brazil, yet our Brazilians Lucas, Coutinho and Firmino have been capped several times?



Costa’s best days confined to last season

Costa on his day is almost unplayable but his days have been confined to the first half of last season and the games under Guus bar perhaps the Watford game.

Putting aside Costa’s dips in form and the reasons, he walks a tightrope on suspensions and possible sending off’s is a tad injury prone, 28 next birthday and I’m not convinced that he has ever really settled in London.

Athletico can say what they want but to get Costa they would have to give us all our money back possibly plus some and even then it will be down to the new Manager additionally of course it will be very expensive to bring in a 20 plus goals a season striker and very difficult to get the right one.

I suspect that this one won’t go away until the new Manager gets his feet under the table

nine nine nine


FSG have dropped a clanger

To be fair,the owners seem to sense when they have dropped a Bol***k.

After upsetting fans by stating in one of their policy documents “transforming fans to customers” they quickly changed it to”transforming consumers into fans”.

Unfortunately the damage was done and the press mob have a bone which they will not want to drop! Not much chance of them reporting the correction!


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