Your Says of the Day: Foxes questioned; could Kane quit Spurs?

Date published: Wednesday 20th April 2016 1:13

Jurgen Klopp: Took positives and negatives from Spurs draw

Leicester City have had questions asked as to whether they are able to see the job through, while one Tottenham fears Harry Kane could be sold and arguments are made that the Premier League is “atrocious”.

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Are Leicester made of the right stuff?

I think it’s a bit more than just the loss of Vardy. It’s Spurs’ form and the momentum they’ve got and the fact that Leicester have been sneaking results for weeks now.

I hope I’m wrong but Leicester dropping points at the weekened, Spurs win 0-4 too,plus the confidence they are playing with and the Vardy suspension which will now be at least 2 games might have swung this title race around again.

nine nine nine


Leicester have the harder run in, but I still feel even now with Vardy missing, they have just about enough in their locker to nail six points which is all they need from their remaining four games. Spurs with so many different outlet of goals I believe CAN win all their remaining games.

I had my doubt regarding the Chelsea fixture at Bank Holiday, but can’t see Chelsea being able to bank all 3 points, even on their own soil.



There’s a perfect storm brewing at Leicester which could be their undoing…
1) Confidence taken a hit.
2) Spurs are currently relentless.
3) Vardy is going to get an additional ban. Their style is reliant on direct passes over the top to Vardy. Can they adapt to a different style?
4) A tough run in.



Kane to leave the Lane?

Harry Kane; Thumped home the penalty

Always happens, over priced english players due to one half decent season. You lot don’t need another Carroll, Benteke, Lambert…and so on so forth!

Kane would be the exception to this rule but even then because he has shown the same consistency and ability over 2 season and looks to be getting better, the other thing I like about Kane and the spuds must love is he is def not a sick note!



It would take an extremely juicy carrot topped with donner meat and chilli sauce for Spurs to sell Kane, if we don’t do it this year there will be other years. The squad is fantastic and unmatched in every position I feel. With the new stadium, world class training facility and all the filthy lucre from tv deals who would want to leave white hart lane at the moment? MoPo still has to see how far this squad can go. Bit like Fergie’s Man United in the 90’s



Below par Premier League?


I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and say the quality of the Premier League this season has been atrocious. Entertaining? Yes. Romantic? Yes. But does anyone think these Leicester or Spurs teams would be even getting close to Man Utd ’99, The Invincibles or Chelsea ’05-06?

I’ve enjoyed the unpredictability but I’d rather be watching the pinnacle of world football on a Saturday night like I have done in the past. Anyone agree or just me?



What defines quality in a League involving 20 clubs then? How do we measure “quality” and how do we compare it to previous seasons, teams of yesteryear? Is the “Unbeatables” from Arsenal better than the “Points Record Holders from Chelsea? How does either team compare to Utd’s treble winners?

What about Spurs “Doubles” from 1961 (or does that not count as it was before the Prem?) What about the other 19 teams in the league from each of those seasons compare? Why can’t dogs look up?



Nobody wants status quo, well I don’t anyway. I want every year different teams to
challenge and win the title, Leicester has been fantastic this year,Spurs have played the
kind of football not seen for a long time,brilliant,and long may it continue mate.

Whichever team wins it out of these two will be great for the world of football, and I’m
loving it. Love watching Leicester and Spurs these days; United, Chelsea, Arsenal are good
enough to put you into coma, especially United and Chelsea.

Next season,with all the money coming in, and with Klopp here, I fully expect Liverpool to go for the title.



Cellino: Madness or magic?

Massimo Cellino: Sticking it out with Leeds

So Leeds United have announced a 25% refund on all season tickets for the 16/17 season if we don’t make the top six or a 50% refund if we sell over 15000 season tickets and don’t finish top six. Clever PR, desperation or both?



Certainly ballsy and definitely wins the “thinking outside the box” award for selling season tickets.

I guess it all depends on your opinion of where you think Leeds might finish next year, could be a gamble, who know’s, you’ll have to answer that yourself!


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