Your Says of the Day: Future Liverpool captain suggested

Date published: Friday 4th March 2016 12:11

Liverpool: Hammered Man City 3-0

Also, current Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson should be bombed out, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is a “fraud” and Roy Hodgson is “an idiot”. 

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Wenger is a ‘fraud’ and he has got to go

This is just getting even more pathetic now,just when you only had Wilshere and Cazorla to come back,then it’s not only they who suffer setbacks,but Ox out for 2 months and Cech for 1 month. GK gets a calf injury btw????!?!?!

Rosiscky has been earning free money on the side for the whole season. As much as I love the player,offering him another year was an unfathomable decision considering his age and injury record.How much more do we have to bear this,how much more do we have to bear this man tacking the mick out of the club.

I will tell you guys right now,there is no way Wenger can stay beyond this season no matter what happens. He simply has to go, he’s a fraud who’s selfish, greedy and stubborn and dosen’t give a damn about the club’s ambitions.



Can could be a future Liverpool captain

People tend to forget that Can is still young, he’s just turned 22 this year.

That’s younger than the likes of Texeira, Flanno, Stewart etc yet he’s been a main stay in our team since he’s arrived basically.

Players of his age tend to be inconsistent but Can is slowly but surely gaining that consistency in his game. If we can hold on to him in the long term I can see him becoming the main man in our midfield and a possible future captain.


Gerrard the right man to judge Henderson

I think we can trust our former captain to judge captain material:

‘Liverpool’s iconic captain Steven Gerrard has given his blessing to Jordan Henderson taking the job full-time after he retires and advised the key to good leadership is building one-to-one relationships with team-mates rather than screaming and shouting in an attempt to show authority.

Gerrard, 34, expressed his delight that Henderson was last week named the club’s vice-captain with a view to eventually carrying the armband on a permanent basis.

The current skipper believes he and 24-year-old Henderson share common values more significant than geography, with the younger man growing up in Sunderland 170 miles from Merseyside.



Henderson on Liverpool departure list

Personally I would like to see Henderson, Allen, Enrique,Moreno, Balotelli, Mignolet, Bogdan, Illori, Texeira, Skritle, Markovich, Wisdom, Lallana, Benteke, Yesil, Ibe and Caulker leave.

Unfortunetly there are to many passangers and middle class players in our squad and in my oppinion theese are a few of them.

I think Firmino will leave also in the next 2-3 windows.

On the other hand I would not bring many players in, maybe 3-4 class players and let our young guns take more responsibility. We have to use the academy players the we are producing, they are good, hungry and will give more heart and effort then middle class outsiders.

Sigfus Sigurosson


‘Roy Hodgson is an idiot’

There can be no doubting that Roy Hodgson’s squad selections have been questionable at best but he’s really taken the biscuit with his insinuations to the media recently. Hodgson was discussing the merits of selecting Wilshere, Shaw, and Rashford (three players who should not be in his thinking at all at this moment) instead of discussing some form players who have actually played more than 2 competitive games in the last month.

I imagine ol’ Woy flipping the paper over to the back page, seeing a Rashford headline and immediately penciling him into the squad. The fact that Hodgson is also still considering Luke Shaw and Wilshere as squad members proves how unimaginative his thinking is – these players are just about guaranteed to get on the plane if they can walk by the time the tourney starts. How about waiting for them to play a good football match Roy???

To shorten this post: Roy Hodgson is an idiot.


MLS clubs set for new CL format?

Its likely that the World Cup will grow up to 40 teams soon enough, at least the new Fifa president has stated his intension to do so.

The Uefa is in troubles at the moment with Platini out but I would hazard a guess that they would consider a reform of the Champions League and the Uefa Cup. I could even see teams from the States or Asia being a part of that format.



What to do with Chelsea loan legion?

We throw so many different names about on this forum of kids who “all deserve a chance”. however, at the same time most posters seem to agree that 1 or 2 coming through per season is a good enough improvement

So what do we do with those who are not in the 1 or 2…?

This for me is where the loan system comes into play as we retain the player, explain to them they need experience that is better than U21 level and better than warming a bench. We can see from the official web-site that all loan players are watched and monitored so they are still able to impress – one could argue if they play regularly they are getting the chance to impress more than those with the squad who only get a few games (albeit the manager obviously sees them in training every day)…?

While some may think we could have had a different approach from a coach the clear reality is that since the arrival of Roman, and lets not forget he resurrected the academy at great cost, no manager has promoted from within – the focus is always on winning and doing well and so most obviously feel using experience is the best way to accomplish that and I would suggest that the trophy haul would indicate they have a valid case…?

The assumption is that Roman after investing heavily in the academy would want to see some come through – logically that makes sense. At the same time he knows he needs to keep Chelsea on the front foot and remaining successful on the pitch as that brings in the big investors and increases the world wide fan base which in itself also bring in revenue

Quite a difficult juggling act. So, credit to Hiddink for what he has done to date (and says he will continue to do for the rest of the season), however, if we continue in the CL, the FAC and in our progress up the league where Europe could be achieved I wonder how he will react…?

I just think the whole topic is not an easy one to manage and not knowing what Roman is expecting from any manager I feel we have to trust each managers judgement to get it right and deliver what Roman has set out as their targets. If he can do that with youth then great but if he chooses not to I see no reason to be upset. So long as we win more games than we lose and we remain competitive in all competitions with winning silverware then I will be happy. KTBFFH


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