Your Says of the Day: Giggs no future United boss

Date published: Tuesday 20th October 2015 2:34

Ryan Giggs: Learning the ropes from Louis van Gaal

Also reaction to Zlatan Ibrahimovic signing for Liverpool and is Peter Crouch finished at Stoke?

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Giggs no future United boss

What is this obsession with getting Giggs in? He has no credentials to be a manager nor a right hand man, he only got his current role as it was forced on LVG. If Giggs wants the job he should try his hand at lower league clubs just like the former great Dutch players do in Holland. He should at least coach our reserves/youth team. Whats more annoying is you get some muppets saying ‘yeah yeah Giggys legend, get him as manager with the class of 92 on the bench with him’.



Massive week for Man City

So this week we have two must win games. Seville at home is a must win if we want to progress in CL. And United away for obvious reasons, although only three points they are the most satisfying three of the season. What team should we pick, like us to play just Bony upfront in both. But not sure on sterling as defensively he isn’t great, but United will leave gaps. Think Navas has to start if Silva isn’t fit, can’t belive I typed those words lol, but he does stretch teams. Yaya looked off the pace yesterday, still injured? Any news on Silva returning for United? Kompany has to start both imo. We look so much better with him in the back four. Otamendi on the bench. Sagna has impressed me this season so him and zaba keep their places.

ManCity Jim


Time to go, Cellino

Can anyone remember when we last had an owner who had the interests of the club at heart, trying to build the football team and who, it was generally felt, had a half decent tenure in that role? All I can recall is that we have had those that wanted to line their own pockets, tried to asset strip the club, generally ran it down or were just incompetent and clueless.

Right now we have Massimo Cellino who stands on his own stage as an owner who is completely mad and has managed to make us the biggest laughing stock in the land with his barmy ways. All his external baggage that is nothing to do with the club and he is having to spend as much time fighting (and losing) with the Football League as he is in orchestrating the chaos and turmoil in his ridiculous efforts in supposedly running the football club. After this lot of tax evasion, there is another boat that the Italian authorities will be after him for as well as some issue with a stadium back in his homeland. It is never ending. Premier League? You’re having a laugh.

Although I struggle to know who might be interested in buying the club and whether a new owner would make any difference in our fortunes I think the message to MC should be “for Gods sake, Go now!”


Chance for Arsenal?

Massive game for Arsenal tonight against Bayern. I can see them getting something with the way they are playing at the moment.



Liverpool to recall Balotelli?

I wonder whether Jurgen could do anything with Balotelli? He is effective when played with a strike partner, but his work-rate without the ball would probably not be good enough. It would be intriguing to see whether the normal one could get the best from the enigmatic one though ynwa



Arsenal’s best formation

Wenger’s team selections have been baffling at times. However, Ramsey on the right can work with Walcott up front. Walcott, Ramsey, Sanchez all like to get into the box, they offer a variety of options to the midfielders behind them, and create space for each other. Bellerin offers width down the right and Coquelin covers well. Its all a balancing act. These unconventional team selections and formations can really work wonders when players compliment each other, and thats what we are seeing at the moment.

Ramsey can play on the right, because he charges into the box and tries to get in behind defences. Wheres as Ozil and Cazorla dont do that, so their position on the flank complimented no one. They just occupy space and give and receive a pass – resulting in the dreaded over passing thing we at times do.



Ibrahimovic to Liverpool

Okay the title is a bit misleading, but I was listening to the Guardian podcast this morning and one of the Journo’s said he was there at last years Ballon D’or when Ibra saw Klopp and rushed to him shook his hand and said I would come and play for you for nothing. Just goes to show how he is thought of among footballers.



Leeds farce must stop

Cellino is cheapening the name of Leeds Utd plain and simple.Roll up roll up and come have a go at managing Leeds Utd.Need to get Cellino out……..permanently and quick.This farce has to stop NOW !!!!!!



Crouch time up at Stoke?

A great win for Stoke on Monday. A lot of Swansea players went missing though.
Not the most fluent game, more efficient and disciplined I would say.
I would have been happy with a point tonight given our previous encounters, so 3 points very welcome.
Regarding Shaqiri, it will take some time, look at Bojan last season. Josilu looked better tonight, but Crouchy must be well out of favour at the mo.
A possible departure in January perhaps??


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