Your Says of the Day: Giroud the most underrated striker?

Date published: Thursday 10th December 2015 1:35

Olivier Giroud: Earned Arsenal place in last 16 of Champions League

Also, Chelsea are not out of crisis yet, and the stats which prove how crucial Michael Carrick is to Manchester United.

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Giroud the most under-appreciated striker ever?

Many say those who don’t watch Ozil closely enough don’t understand football. Fair enough.

I say those who don’t appreciate and watch what Giroud offers to the team know nothing about football too. And I’m not saying this only because he scored a hat-trick in what was the most important game of the season.

Forgive him if he can’t emulate Henry, but he is just one person who gives his absolute all every game. Never hides and the reason he gives his absolute all and when others are hiding is why he’s made a scapegoat.

What’s he done wrong ever at the club? His scoring stats are brilliant, he has proven to score against big teams MANY times and his goals per game ratio has improved massively. What else do people expect from a £12m striker; he has indeed given a lot more than he was bought for.

Enough is enough, people need to stop blaming every time we fail to win on him without any proper reasoning at all, and need to start appreciating him a lot more!

the specialone

Chelsea not out of crisis yet

How bad must our group have been if we topped it? lol

We’re still miles away from any sort of decent form. No control over the game, pretty toothless up front and still look open at the back. We should have put four or five passed a poor Porto team who completely gave up after the second goal.

Costa got overly praised in the commentary and I still don’t think he looks at it. He’s meant to be a handful for defenders when the ball is hit up to him but his hold up play this year just isnt up to it then he just scraps with other players when there’s nothing to gain from it.

Anyway we’re through which is good of course and you never know if we can maybe bring in a player or two in January we might have a decent go at it with no league distraction to get in the way ?

Oh and well done arsenal honestly didn’t think they’d get the result tonight. They looked dead and buried about 3 weeks ago and it’s some achievement to get through now. Tough draw awaits though…

Jay belfast

The curious case of Louis van Gaal

Van Gaal is a curious manager. He has had success at every big club he has been at, but ultimately he has eventually been forced out of those clubs as well.

There is no doubt his methods and philosophy are educational but never seem to be embraced by players long term. Technically there is no doubting his football knowledge, but he seems to fail miserably on a human level.

I watched Chicarito score with a lovely left foot finish last night and thought to myself that I hadn’t seen the kid look as happy or enjoying his football this much since his time under Fergie.

His treatment of players like Herrera and insistence on continually playing an out of form Rooney cannot be helping player moral. The strange substitutions and tactics neither.

The players know that he is only here short term and that makes it easy for them not to get behind the manager and in some ways hide behind him when things aren’t going well like now. What annoyed me the most about the Moyes tenure was how easily experienced players just seemed to give up and hide behind the media agenda against Moyes.

That agenda is ultimately against Manchester Utd football club and for me players have a duty to give 150% for the jersey regardless of the manager. They get paid well enough to do that.

It’s hard to see where Van Gaal goes from here. It’s all starting to feel like the last days of Moyes all over again. It seems Giggs will be given a crack at managing the club once Van Gaal leaves. That definitely doesn’t inspire me with any great confidence either.

The only chance seems to be if we can get several world class players in to the squad over the next two transfer windows. Improving the squad seems the only way we can move forward in the short term. Something tells me that there are some very turbulent times ahead.


Carrick crucial to Man Utd

An update to his stats:

    When Carrick starts

Pld 12
W 9
D 2
L 1
Points per game 2.42

    Without Carrick

Pld 13
W 4
D 6
L 3
Points per game 1.38

Number of times we’ve gone behind when Carrick has been on the pitch = 1. Yes that’s right, once! Carrick has featured in 17 games of 25 played and only once have Utd gone behind with him on the pitch. That was the Arsenal game that people like to bring up whenever they can.

Guess how many time we’ve scored more goals than conceded with in a game where he has either been brought on or taken off. That’s right, once again. Once in 11 games. That’ll be the Everton game when we were 3-0 up and he came on for the last 17 mins. Of those 11 games, six times we’ve been ahead when he’s been taken off.

Just amazes me that people still think we’re better off without him. Even on Tuesday you had ex-pros (not average Joes like you and me) singing his praises but its still you average Joes who think you’re right an their wrong.


Skrtel and Lovren partnership needs consigning to history

I don’t think Skrtel and Lovren fit that well together in the defense, they’ve had plenty of time to find an understanding on the pitch.

Sakho and Skrtel look like a much better partnership; I also liked what I saw from Sakho and Lovren in that one game they got together. Especially at home where we need our defenders to contribute to the attack, Sakho and Lovren have a much better range of passing than anything Skrtel can bring to the table.


Newcastle scouting department learning nothing

So apparently Graham Carr has been watching a few strikers from the French league.

What the hell are our scouts and management team watching and doing. We have leaked 39 goals in 15 games (not including goals let in from our poor cup ‘run’), as it stand statistically that could lead to almost a hundred goals conceeded by the end of the season, yet we need a stiker, but not just any striker, a striker from FRANCE.

Have they not learned anything from the past 2 and a bit seasons, 1)Our French scouting has lead to nothing but flops and 2)For what could be the 3rd season in a row, we have the WORST defensive record.

At the end of the day is it Ashley at fault? he is not the one ‘scouting’ the players, and he is not the one making the same mistakes and not addressing our weakest link. Ashley himself said he leaves the footballing side to the likes of Charnely and co, so the buck stops there. Carr needs to go, and to that effect McClaren too – if they think a striker is the top priority for January they are a joke.

Unless you can bring in a striker who can score more than 80 goals in a season, it will make no difference, we need to address the fact we have let in 39 goals in 15 games and that we have been the worst or next to worse defence for the last 2 seasons. No amount of strikers bought will make a difference if you leak 5,4 and 3 goals a game on a regular basis.

What a joke our ‘great scout’ is.


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