Your Says of the Day: Gotze welcome at Liverpool; plan to oust Wenger

Date published: Tuesday 1st March 2016 12:08

Mario Gotze: On his way to Liverpool?

Also, why Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s new deal is great news for Chelsea, fears Jose Mourinho could stall the progress of Man United’s young generation why Leeds United fans deserve a medal (and a refund!)

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Gotze link very welcome at Liverpool

Tony Barret, Paul Joyce & Chris Bascombe, three very reliable journalists for news regarding LFC, have all released the same story today re summer targets and outgoings. When these three are all saying the same thing then it’s a fair shout they’ve all been briefed by the club.

All three are saying that Mario Gotze is a target along with Piotr Zelinski and Ben Chilwell and a new keeper. They are also saying Benteke’s days are numbered and he turned down a move to China recently.

Gotze is very positive but know little of the other two. Really glad we are targeting another keeper.



Time up for Liverpool quintet

Adam Lallana, Alberto Moreno, Simon Mignolet, Christian Benteke, Mario Balotelli are the must leaves IMO. If we can improve significantly on all of those players we will look much stronger next season.

I have been one of the biggest defenders of Mignolet since we signed him, but after moving out of the way of the ball for the goal on sunday, I just can’t do it anymore, it was worse than turning your back in the wall for a free kick. The fact that it seems to take a howler to settle him down is infuriating, and to add to it, he says he needs to watch it back to analyse what went wrong.

It’s simple Simon, the guy shot, you moved out of the way, it went it. It was genuinely heading straight for you, and you moved out of the way. Some things I can forgive, this I cannot.



Wenger must strengthen attack as Arsenal priority

According to reports this morning, Wenger is ready to spend his entire war chest this summer (haven’t heard that one before, have we?) on adding the finishing touches to the squad.

Apparently, his priorities are midfield and defence.

It would be hard to argue that we don’t need at least one, if not two, quality centre-backs. I didn’t realise that Kos is already in his 30s, although he’s got a good few years in him yet.

But midfield? What is Wenger’s obsession with midfield? We could certainly improve in every area, but midfield has to be the one that needs it the least. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with the majority of our midfield personnel – only Wenger’s inability to get the balance right. Yes, Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini are all off, but they aren’t 1st choice anyway and wouldn’t be expensive to replace.

More to the point, the area we need strengthening more than anywhere else is attack and yet that seems to be the one he’s least concerned with. As has been the case for years, creating chances has not been our main problem. We have the season record for the most chances created in a game without scoring (24 attempts vs Hull) and although you got the feeling that Barca were just going to score as many as the needed, we had chances in the first half that a WC striker would have put away.

He has at least £75m to spend and apparently, that’s all for transfer fees. Any contracts for new or existing players will come out of the extra TV money. He could also sell off some players to raise further funds, if need be.

I wouldn’t even mind him buying another midfielder if I thought he’d go for the enforcer type player we’ve missed since Vieira left, but he won’t – it’ll be another small, tricky fella, because we don’t have enough of those yet, do we?



Loftus-Cheek deal a sign Chelsea will trust youngsters

Well for all the negativity we see on here at times about young players not getting a chance how refreshing to see RLC sign a new contract until 2021

Regardless of what posters think or how they feel the player himself is obviously happy with the progress to date and intends to keep working hard

Also noted that Kenedy played this weekend after facing some criticism from Hiddink for a performance of his a few weeks ago (someone posted the other day about why he had dropped off the horizon)

For me this illustrates why it is so hard to make judgement calls on here as none of us have all the facts. Clearly both players plus Traore are making a positive contribution when they get the chance and chances are now more frequent than under Jose; even if maybe they are not as frequent as some would like

But I would applaud Hiddink for not only his approach to the squad as a whole but obviously for doing his bit to try and integrate the kids in the squad to make them, feel part of the squad and to give them as much game time as he feels possible. KTBFFH



City v Liverpool – Part II

So on Wednesday it’s Man City v Liverpool again – this time at Anfield. Do we go for the same team? For me I would start Hart, keep the same back four but start Zabba instead of Sagna as he will be fresher. Kompany was simply superb on Sunday.

Also thought Yaya played OK, although he faded as the game went on. Do we start him on Wednesday? I wouldn’t personally my midfield would be Silva, Fernandiniho, Navas, Fernando with either Sterling or Kelechi behind Aguero.

I don’t want to take away from Sunday’s performance but one thing that did disappoint me was to see Bony immediately warming up and starting ahead of Kelechi. At one point he had a ball to run on to and clearly lacked pace and lost out to a defender when Kelechi would have won the battle to my mind. So now I have slated him let’s hope he does a Caballero and scores a hatrick! ?

No doubt Klopp will get his team fired up again and they will be out for revenge, I don’t expect their final ball to be so poor on Wednesday it was awful yesterday so it is going to be a very tough game but if we want to even stay in the hunt for the PL then we need 3pts. Come on City.

Mancity Jim


Leeds fans deserve so much better

All of the Leeds fans that travel to watch the team play up and down the country should take all the credit going.

Respect to all of you men women and children for supporting the team through thick and thin even in the face of the rubbish you were subjected to at Brighton last night. You deserve so much better. MOT. (Editor’s note ~ yes, and probably a full refund!)



A strategy to oust ‘untouchable’ Wenger

I understand that neither the Board nor Wenger will shift and if anything, he will stay another two more seasons at least.

Protests don’t work, we’ve too many tourists and post 1998 fans who attend. Boycotting games won’t either as Red members will snap up any spares. I think the only way is to damage this man’s ego. He acts when under pressure ( e.g after Villa home defeat and the 8-2 loss at OT) even if this is misguided. We have to inundate the club, directors, twitter, facebook with “Wenger Out” messages.

We need to boo him at the ground before and after every match. This untouchable will not be able to accept that. He has disrespected us for too long and dismisses any questions about him. He must be made to squirm – let’s all do it?



Will Jose turn the lights out on United’s young gems?

Seeing all the youngsters being blooded by LVG in the past few weeks reminds me of back in the day when we started blooding the class of 92. Its the one bit of light of this terrible season and although I was pro Jose now I am undecided as I don’t want Jose turning off the light on these young gems.

We can say what we want about LVG and he has been poor but I have to applaud him for bringing through the kids.


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