Your Says of the Day: Henry claims don’t add up; Reds target suggested

Date published: Thursday 29th September 2016 1:31

John W Henry: Liverpool owner

One reader says Liverpool owner John W Henry’s comments on expansion do not add up, a left-back target is suggested and Mesut Ozil is accused of “disappearing”.

‘I always knew Theo would and could deliver…’

First half was excellent and although I agree with you to a certain extent regarding MOTM Al it still has to be remembered that as well as Sanchez played, and he did play well, he missed 4 sitters which is far to wasteful.

Theo deserves credit because he did finish, something neither Sanchez or Ozil could do and they both had plenty of chances. I always knew Theo would and could deliver if used correctly and motivated, the reason he has fallen short is entirely Wenger’s fault for not using him correctly, for being churlish during contract negotiations with the player and his obsession with playing everyone out of position given the opportunity.

What’s really interesting with the way things are going is what does the future hold for Wilshere, Ramsey and Giroud, will Xhaka see off Coquelin and hold down a regular place and why did we buy Perez. Still having a larger and deeper squad is definitely reaping rewards. Lets keep it up.

The Oracle


Ozil carried Arsenal last year

Can’t believe the amount of criticism of Ozil on here…he is by some distance our best player and carried us a large part of last season. Also the biggest name in our squad for attracting players. Great news he is signing…sometimes people don’t realise what they have till its gone.


Disappearing Ozil…

Mesut Ozil

Hassan – he disappeared at the turn of the year and over the past three seasons, away from home in the League and CL,he’s been anonymous. He flatters to deceive and the performance against Chelsea, was certainly an exception against the big boys, certainly not the rule. Watch him away from the Emirates and if we start badly or let a goal or two in, he’ll completely vanish- not what a self-professed “best number 10 in the world” should do, is it?



Henry’s comments on Anfield expansion don’t add up

Can’t quite understand it either.

The plan is to grow the Anfield Rd by 4,800 seats.

Over a 36 game season that’s an extra £6.15 mil in income on a £45 ticket price. That’s not including cup games, European games or other matchday revenue from those xtra 4,800

John Henry has already mentioned £50mil to increase the stand so that means it would repay its self in approx 5yrs, pretty much like the main stand.

I havnt even taken into consideration the new TV money or possible CL money. John Henrys excuse doesn’t quite add up.


Sturridge will not be happy on the bench

I see this as a massive problem.

Sturridge will not be happy sitting on the bench,but realistically,where does he fit in right now? Who do you drop to accommodate him?

Klopp won’t drop Lallana or Firmino,Mane is on fire,and I’d be shocked if he dropped Coutinho. How long will Sturridge be prepared to stick around if he’s on the bench most weeks? And,from the point of view of a buying club,who is gonna match his wages,given the fact that he can’t be relied on for a full season?

Who will pay the no doubt massive fee (probably £40m+) that Liverpool would want for our star striker? I can’t imagine that too many teams will be keen on shelling out fees like that,not because he’s not worth it,but purely because of his injury problems.

What should/will Liverpool do IF Sturridge wants a transfer (not saying he does,but IF he does)?


Celtic left-back recommended

Kieran Tierney

Having watched Celtic v Citeh I would put in a bid for Tierney the LB Rodgers has got up there.

He played a good game tonight despite being up against Sterling so that Sterling was switched to the left wing after getting nowhere v the 19 yr old!



Aguero was lackadaisical

Whet a cracking atmosphere I haven’t seen anything like it in some time. I thought Aguero was slightly lackadaisical not something you usually associate with him.

Gundogan was pretty poor also, I thought he should’ve buried that chance right at the end. We really need to rest some players for Tottenham.

Fernandinho at times looked knackered and the man seriously needs a rest. Well done Sterling, didn’t seem phased by the big occasion and was fantastic, massive respect for the kid.


Rooney ‘shouldn’t be a sympathy case’


I think it’s very much a case of, as has been said, there is currently no golden child of English football. Wilshere, Sturridge have, so far, all failed to deliver. Sterling looks like he might be able to fill the boots with his form under Pep, and Rashford also looks like a great player but it’s very early in his career to make a proper call on that.

Given the records he has broken or is close to breaking many want to see him get past these milestones but know that he can’t if he’s not on the pitch. Given his efforts to get to Sir Bobby’s record for Man U, many want to see him get there but realistically with his form at the moment, he does not justify a place in the starting XI.

If he impresses in training, or maybe can make an impact from the bench he’ll achieve the record but if he achieves that record at the expense of results then the record will ring hollow for many, and it should ring hollow for Wayne too.

Bobby achieved what he did while justifying a place in the team, Wayne should be the same, he shouldn’t be a sympathy case where the manager thinks he’s so close, lets keep in him. It should be, he deserves to have a shot at the record because his performances warrant it.


Lazy culture at United is evident

The culture of laziness and entitlement has been evident to me as an outsider. I get the feeling there is a culture akin to spoilt, naughty rich kids at Harrow School or Eton College. This must be stamped out by Mourinho but he is playing a difficult political game with the hierarchy at the club at the same time.

Personally, I enjoyed the way Mourinho made the players prepare for the Northampton game in the parking lot. Whether by luck or design, I think they need a bit of that. Our players are acting like superstars while riding off the successes of SAF’s dynasty instead of realizing they are currently forging an era which will be remembered as one of turmoil and underachievement. They will be seen as a blot on our history instead of being a highlight.

I think Mourinho understands this, and if he is given trust and time – he will change the mentality of this bunch of losers.


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