Your Says of the Day: ‘Hodgson a tactically-inept dinosaur’

Date published: Sunday 12th June 2016 1:36

Roy Hodgson: Questioned by fans

Our readers have had their say on England’s draw with Russia, with Roy Hodgson’s team selections, Harry Kane on corners and the performance of the full-backs all among the topics discussed. 

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England looked lost – only Dier worthy of praise

A disappointing result in what was a must win game against arguably the weakest side in the group.

England looked lost, I don’t know why Hodgson keeps on experimenting so often.

There was no creativity nor control in midfield at all.He dropped Wilshere at the world cup and we got knocked out the group stages,now he dropped him again I guess he has the same wish for this tournament.

Eric Dier is the only one worthy of praise in today’s performance.

Dele Allí and sterling were running around clueless. Kane was disappointing,with an abundance of strike force available if you fail to score a goal you deserve to get dropped the next match.



Why no Vardy?

Roy is as naive as he is clueless.

I wanted Jamie Vardy on, but then you have to balance it out and that means, bringing on a sub that is a defender not only to relay instructions, but provide freshness.

Nothing to take away from Russia because they clearly played for something themselves and that was a win, no bus parking.

If we can’t get that second goal, then ultimately, we’re at risk in conceding at the other end.

Sensible S7


Well, I called it but it’s disappointing to drop the two points so late. We played pretty well and created plenty in the first half. Disappointed with Sterling and Kane but onwards and upwards. Maybe Vardy could have been brought on to stretch the defence because Kane was a passenger. Ali good first half, quiet second but he’s only a kid. Walker stood out for me.

Need a point at least against Wales, on paper we are much stronger but they’ve got great spirit.



Honestly though, Roy should have gone for the 2-0 lead. He needed to put on Vardy. At this level you never hold out for a 1-0 lead. I hope for god sakes he learns because this was avoidable. Also 433 with Sterling and Lallana is England with little goal threat when we actually for a change have goal scorers… great team performance, wrong decisions.



Hodgson a dinosaur

Eric Dier: Left disappointed by Russia's late leveller

I’ve said it so many times but I’ll say it again, Roy is a tactically-inept dinosaur who is wasting (bar one or two) a great set of young players due to his ignorance and pure stupidity.

Milner…when he came on I actually said to the father-in-law “We’ll lose 2-1 now” and we were winning at the time! Sterling couldn’t beat an egg and ruined numerous attacks. Why Roy put Kane on corner duty is beyond me, football 101 is get your centre backs and strikers in the box for set pieces. Simple stuff. Golden boot player taking corners and left totally isolated all game, come on Roy. One player who did impress me was Lallana, creative and had a couple of good chances. Simply put our attack is better than our defense, best defence is a good offense blah blah, so chuck on the likes of Rashford and Vardy to push them back by just running at them. Come on lads, you can do this! Try not to listen to Roy and you’ve got a great chance of winning this.

Chuck Vardy Sturridge and Kane on at the same time and see what happens. All of the can play across the front and their movement together would be good, plus we are devoid of any decent wingers (Lallana is a better ACM). Any two from Wilshere Rooney and Alli to go with Dier in midfield. As much as I love Alli I would probably start Wilshere then swap him with Alli in the second half to keep the creativity up yet Alli will be more than willing to get stuck in for the final 30. We cannot be seen as shying away from the challenge and playing three strikers would be a statement of intent from Roy, I doubt this will ever happen.



I thought we did well yesterday and were unlucky to get the draw at the end.

Sterling was frustrating in that he’d do well to get into the attacking 3rd but then didn’t know what to do when he got there. I thought it was a mistake to take him off at that point in the game. He was a good outlet when you’re trying to move the ball away from your own goal.

The biggest positives were the two full-backs I thought, especially rose. Also thought Lallana played well in the pockets. Technically sound.

Kane on corners is a mystery.

I would have brought Vardy on for Alli and went 4-4-2. That would have improved Kane too I think.

Got to take the positives from this game. Wales and Slovakia looked poor. We just need to be more clinical infront of goal. Let’s not forget the chance akinfeev saved brilliantly.



Many comments here are beyond unreasonable. It’s plain many posters don’t want Roy Hodgson and certain players to do well. I’ve watched England in many international tournaments over the years and have come to associate the English national team with a team short of creativity and energy on this stage. Not so yesterday!

England had a firm grip on the game and showed a lot more promise than I’ve seen in a long while. Yes, Kane had a quiet game, Rose struggled a bit and Sterling faded in the second half. But none of these players did poorly. On a positive note, Dier was very solid, Alli showed no fear at all, Rooney made some killer through passes and Lallana worked his socks off. I saw energy and creativity and real determination. The fact the game ended with a draw does not reflect on how the game was played. This England team I like, no two ways about it.



Lallana questioned

For a first game it wasn’t half bad. Alot of players performed but Lallana wasn’t clinical enough, sterling for all his pace still manages to slow every attack down and, as many have said,has no end product.
Kane had one of those games where he needed to hold the ball for a while and he came searching for it but he never once got the easy pass so he could gain momentum. Alli made some excellent runs that noone spotted, too.
Thought rooney did well and wilshere looked lively when he came on, he should come on sooner next game.

Bench sterling for sturridge and replace him wirt vardy if he runs out of steam in the second half and go again lads!



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