Your Says of the Day: Hodgson criticisms; Sterling done for at City

Date published: Friday 17th June 2016 1:01

Raheem Sterling: Facing a bleak future at City?

After a dramatic win, fans discuss England’s performance against Wales and Roy Hodgson’s half-time tactics, while others fear for Raheem Sterling’s future at Man City.

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Well done Roy?

Roy Hodgson

He made the subs early for once, and it certainly changed the game! I think in both games England were the better side but still room for improvement. Sterling needs to be dropped (Sturridge or Vardy), by far the worst performer so far and I have to admit Rooney has been better than I thought he would be, but I would still put in a more natural midfielder (i.e. Gobby Wheelchair!). Lallana has certainly been our best attacking player.

I don’t know what the problem is with Ali and Kane. The only thing I can think of is the formation/instructions Woy gives is a little more rigid than how they play at the Spuds. I don’s really see them popping up all over the place in an England shirt as I do in a Spud Shirt. I certainly think Walker/Rose/Dier have been decent. Maybe Ali’s problem is perhaps he is used to having Dier/Dembele behind him rather than Dier/Ronney and for all the best will in the world we can debate about Rooney being a midfielder, but there’s no way in the world his a Defensive Midfielder

If we really want to see Ali on top of his game, I would drop Sterling, push Ali forward, and put Wheelchair in midfield.

I also think by playing Rooney in midfield, you’ve now got other players possible not playing in their best position, trying to accommodate Rooney. I still don’t think, as a team, shoe-horning Rooney in there has strengthened it, only weakened it.



He should be praised and criticised in equal measure. Yes it was a brave move but he should of not started at least one of Sterling/Kane. He put Rooney on corners but had Kane taking them first. One thing i shall praise him for is offensive subs, no Milner for once! He went for broke otherwise the media would have destroyed him and thankfully it worked.

Honestly I still don’t rate him but credit where credit is due, the Roy done good yesterday.



I’ve been pleased with England so far. Apart from the first half yesterday, in which we were still the better team but fell apart in the final 3rd, we’ve been one of the best teams at the tournament to date.

Kane is getting a lot of stick but he suffered from a lack of service yesterday and I’m sure if he stayed on and benefitted from Sterling’s withdrawl he would have been better in the 2nd half. Sturridge did well in dropping off and receiving the ball looking to play a one-two with someone. He was frustrating as he always is in that his first thought is always to try and score no matter where he is on the pitch but his overall game suited the situation we were in at half time.

I’ve been disappointed with Ali so far and I would maybe try Wilshere in the no.10 on Monday.



Can only imagine the criticism Roy would have got had we lost that one. Brave move sticking the 3 strikers on and I’m pleased it worked for him.

Great goal by Sturridge I’m still not sure how he managed to squeeze it in.

Kane currently seems to have lost a bit of confidence and Sterling is coming off a very disappointing season and has carried that form into the Euros. Poor by Hart for the Bale free kick but I’d still be tempted to stick with him.

Some big decisions to be made for Monday though.

nine nine nine


Agree with Kickoff. You are all praising him for fixing the eff up he was responsible for in the first place. Lallana is not capable of playing in the front 3. Rooney is better served in the front three or as a 10, not an 8 as he has been playing. Stirling is useless, yet he’s played 3 halves of football before being hooked. Kane has been off with the fairies and yet played 3 halves of football before being hooked.

Let’s remember, we came very close to drawing that last game, against inferior opposition. Would everyone be so forgiving of him had we drawn?

He’s made some major stuff ups in selections and tactics and only fixed them after 3 halves of football. Should have done it after the first half against Russia, then I would have praised him.



I think people can be too critical when it comes to England.

Kane is a superb player and there was plenty of shouts for him to replace Rooney (and then drop Rooney completely). We shouldn’t write Kane off for this competition just yet.

Vardy came on and made an impact, but overall Kane offers more. Roy shouldn’t be slated for picking Kane imo.

He picked a squad with a lack of wingers, and that is forcing his hand so far. It is working at the moment, but whether it will work in the final stages is open to debate, but now we are where we are and let’s just sit back and enjoy it whilst it lasts.



Sterling and Pep

Raheem Sterling miss England v Wales


There is no way Sterling will thrive under Pep. Pep likes his players being genuine footballers, rather than athletes who can play a bit of football. If City sign Aubameyang, Sterling is getting frozen out. Especially if Nolito is signed as well. I also think Nasri will jump ahead of Sterling given Nasri is a Pep type player.

Sterling just isnt a top footballer. There is no point pretending he is. I know City fans will try to save face and sing his praises. However, I think you need to accept the fact he is going to be a flop. City wont be seeing a return on that 50m investment.

What also gets on my nerves, is his demeanor, acting like he should be starting for England, and that he is a big player we should revel toward. He is useless. He is a pretender. At Liverpool he rode Suarez and Sturridge coat tails, and does the same at City riding on the back of Aguero and De Bruyne. Ask him to lead the line and contribute to the attack. Nah, he cant do it. Too average and limited.


It’s a tough one. In his breakthrough season he looked exciting but alongside two strikers on world class form. Then at the world cup he looked England’s biggest threat often through the middle. He’s got pace but his decision making is dreadful and so is his execution no final ball not clinical. Has he lost all confidence or did he never gave those skills? He definitely lacks a footballing brain. Maybe use him as an impact sub?


I think one positive side of this investment is that he is only 21 years old. therefore he has room for improvement over the next decade. if he gets the right balance which he isn’t getting from City and England at the moment he will turn out to be absolute class. he has pace and skill in abundance. so far nobody knows what PEP’s plan for City is. let us wait and reserve any judgement until he is in charge of City and Sterling starts to struggle under. until that everything that is speculated is heresy. i wouldn’t mind having him at Chelsea if PEP can’t accommodate him at City.

He gets a lot of hate from Liverpool fans, I don’t think he will flop, that move unsettled him but he will be back to his best next season.

He played part in 47 games and scored 11 goals, very similar to what he had been doing at Liverpool. He needed to learn a couple of new systems, play in the Champions League and settle into a new club.

He is only 21 years old, I reckon that by the time he will be 24 he will be scoring in double digits. He has always gone missing for a big part of every season, he is young but he trains like a pro. He will get out of this slump but he got no loyalties, I would not be surprised to see him move again when he turns 24.


His performances in the last two England games have been woeful. He is obviously super low on confidence and doesn’t currently offer much imho.

If Guardiola can rebuild his confidence (assuming he even wants to) then I wouldn’t write the lad off just yet for next season.

I would however bench him for the remainder of the Euros, only using him for impact if we are desperate and out of options!


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