Your Says of the Day: Ignorant Wenger, Liverpool worries

Date published: Friday 8th July 2016 1:12

Jurgen Klopp and Arsene Wenger: Face each other on opening day

Expectations are high for Arsene Wenger and Jurgen Klopp, with the Arsenal boss slammed for his lack of transfer activity, and a top-four place the aim for Liverpool.

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United’s Kroos mistake

Watching Kroos this tournament, I only resent LVG more if rumours of him pulling out of a £21m deal back in 2014. I remember reading an article that said he pulled out of a deal because he wanted someone that more left footed with his passing. Why did United hire this clown? Didn’t Woodward ask himself why LVG got sacked at Bayern and Barcelona? It was because he made ridiculous and baffling decisions like this if true.



‘Ignorant’ Wenger

Anyone else getting worried by the lack of transfer activity? I mean certainly there has to have been someone telling Wenger at the club this is his absolute last chance.

You look at other clubs: Man Utd have signed Zlatan, Mkhitaryan, Eric Bailly and apparently are about to surprise everyone with some sort of mega transfer. Top class players there for a non CL club.

Us being a CL club, we don’t even seem to be interested because Wenger thinks this squad is good enough to challenge and indeed needs someone to get injured for having to scout in the transfer market let alone sign a player!

I don’t even want to hear about the lack of money available or inability to compete with the Chelseas and Man Citys. We didn’t sign even one outfield player last summer. With the new TV deals kicking in and the revenue we get as a club, we could go on to spend as much as £200m. Oh who am I kidding? The more money spent, the more pressure on Wenger to win trophies.

Any fan should be excited going into next season. I’m anything but and I’m sure I won’t be come the end of the transfer window.

the specialone


Liverpool ‘shopping in the second tier’

Of course we should worry, we are slipping further behind the big clubs. When we were the big guns we failed to capitalise on our success yet when Man Utd took over, they were smart enough to build on it & ensure they remained one of the big boys.

We are now shopping in the second tier whilst the big boys keep buying the top talent.

I really hope Klopp is the miracle worker Some think he is, because in today’s world it’s going to take a Leicester-style miracle to get back up there and they don’t happen all that often.



Philippe Coutinho: Not aware of any interest

Coutinho can go

The thing that we can’t allow is for players like Coutinho to think they are too good for us. Maybe he doesn’t think this but that quote from him about missing winning cups seemed cheeky and a little detatched from reality. That said, context is everything.

But if Coutinho does want to move on then it would be best for us to let him do just that, the key for me is that we take full financial advantage of the situation, this is where we have failed in general (except in Sterling’s case I guess).

All that said though, I would prefer that Coutinho wanted to stay. I was unhappy (to say the least) at Coutinho’s surrender in the Europa League final but it’s all experience for him, maybe next time he will grab the bull by the horns.


Do City need Bonucci?

You think we need two more centre-backs? We have Otamendi, Mangala, Denayer, Kompany, the young local guy. We desperately need new full-backs.

dr ian

Leonardo Bonucci: Juventus defender wanted by PL duo

Klopp’s aims after signing new deal

I really hope and think that we’ll take the next step next year and win a trophy. We missed out on two last season,and that has to be one of our aims. Given we’re not in Europe, while I don’t think a title challenge is realistic, I certainly expect us to challenge for a top four place. I don’t see why we can’t achieve that. I also want us to find some consistency, and improve our defending. We’ve conceded far too many goals over recent seasons,and that has to be rectified.

As for what FSG expect from Klopp, who knows? The fact that they’re interested in extending his contract after only appointing him in October is a good sign,and I think he will welcome the offer, and obviously the backing it indicates from the owners. I think he will sign it, and carry on the work he’s done so far. He’s made mistakes, but on the whole, he has ‘steadied the ship’ after Rodgers seemingly lost all control of it at the end (for me,Rodgers should have gone after we got hammered 6-1 by Stoke the season before last). I think the owners will want a title challenge, given the lack of European distraction. They’ll have seen Rodgers provide that a few years ago with no European football, and will probably expect the same from Klopp. Whether that’s realistic, time will tell. We have a very difficult start. If we hit the ground running, anything is possible. Fingers crossed.


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