Your Says of the Day: Jose can’t win, Sanchez no centre-forward

Date published: Monday 31st October 2016 12:39

There is some sympathy for Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho among the TEAMtalk readers, while Arsenal’s use of Alexis Sanchez is questioned. 

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Defending Jose

I am with Mourinho and Manchester United on this one if you read up Bastian Schweinsteiger’s conduct last season when he was injured. He got a free ride from Van Gaal and acted like he was on holiday, even being granted a holiday from Van Gaal whilst injured. Rather than try to get fit, he was away with his wife or spent more time watching his wife play tennis, along the way losing a lot of respect amongst a few players at the club.

If you are getting paid about 200k a week, at least put some effort in to repay the club. The way he is getting treated, is no different to the way he treated the club last season. No sympathy from me, was one my favourite players, that has gone out of the window.

Funny the some of the mainstream media only report one side of the story. His conduct was no different to Balotelli, where he just did not care.



…As much as I despise Jose, at the moment the man can’t win. Everything he does is been analysed to the core. Last week people were complaining that he wasn’t animated enough on the line. He shows a bit of emotion and gets sent off and it’s ‘why is he acting like that?’.

He shouldn’t be losing the cool against Burnley but Utd had a few decisions go against them on sat. No way should Herrera have been sent off. I thought Darmian went down a bit easily but there was contact.

He is making some bizarre decisions though. Why take Mata off on Saturday? Why bring Fellini on? It’s very early days but I expected Jose to have had a much bigger impact by now. As for Schweini, if he is scaling like that then he should be frozen out. I thought Ibra’s link up play was brilliant on Saturday but he has no pace. He’s the main focal point but Rashford needs a run up there. He’s wasted out wide.

No idea what Schneiderlin has done. Carrick is Utd’s best passer of the ball. Utd have plenty of options. Lingard? Very average player but is played for his work ethic and not his technical ability. That’s Jose all over. For years Utd fans have been complaining about certain things and Fellini is one of them. Yet new manager and it’s the same old topic.

Sean the sailor

Marcus Rashford: Striker hails influence of Ibrahimovic

What’s wrong with 4-4-2?

Given Leicester’s performances last season – I can’t see why United can’t play with two up top. Zlatan is playing well but he can’t buy a goal at the moment. I know Jose is unlikely to field such a formation but I’d love to see us play 442 with Rashford and Martial up top. Can you imagine the problems that we’d cause? Two forwards who are tricky to play against, defend from the front and both are blessed with electric pace. Both Pogba and Carrick can pick the right passes to release them early enough.

Also, against the so-called lesser teams – I can’t see us being overrun in midfield either. With Rashford and Martial playing right up against two CBs, that would mean that the opposition would need a man to drop back from midfield to provide cover which would then create 1 vs 1 for Pogba in the middle of the park. The wingers would be an issue though – would we go for orthodox wingers i.e. Young/Depay/Lingard or would we go for more guile with Mata/ MKH. It’d be interesting to see either way.


Alexis Sanchez: Not treated any differently

Sanchez no centre-forward

Yet again,No one can possibly convince me that Alexis is more effective in a centre forward position than a winger.Today we were level with him playing there and as soon as giroud came on and Alexis shifted back as a winger we scored three in less than ten minutes and won the game.

I can understand wenger wanting to try something different this season, but I don’t agree with him.Just because he’s failed to sign a natural world class striker dosen’t mean whatever he’s planning will work.Mark my words lads, in the long run alexis will not work as well as a centre forward.

the specialone


Crystal Palace v Liverpool - Premier League

Judging Liverpool 10 games in

There were some that were saying that they wanted to wait until we were 10 games in before talking about our chances.

Well here we are, let’s have it.



…When asked for opinions at the start of the season, I was one of the few that put us in the top few teams and even suggested we could win it.

My view now is even stronger! This league is ours to win. We have to believe and keep going.
We shouldn’t worry about the teams around us – just keep taking care of the games in front of us and let them worry about us.

If this current situation carries on (with 3/4 teams still close together), then for the first time in a long time, head-to-head games between the top teams may decide the outcome. Klopp’s head to head ratio must be the best out there of the top managers right now!



Paul Ince: Can't understand why he can't get a job

Ince’s sense of entitlement

Surely this is a typo? Ince: Most people would be baffled I don’t have a job

Shouldn’t it read “Most people will be baffled if I ever get another job in football management!” There’s another well-balanced individual with a chip on both shoulders…

The problem for me is simply Incey has had plenty of opportunities already and hasn’t exactly pulled up trees. What would concern me is his claim he thinks he could do better with more money to spend, basically saying he’s a checkbook manager. As the article says, he left Notts County after leading them to a club record nine loses, he left Blackpool having won 12 from 42, he was sacked from Blackburn after three wins in his last 17 games, don’t know about the rest. All in all, having managed seven different clubs and been sacked from all of them (I think) for crappy results, I would say Incey should perhaps look for another career rather than say he deserves a “top-flight” job.


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