Your Says of the Day: Jose close to imploding; Conte ‘scared’

Date published: Wednesday 21st September 2016 1:19

Jose Mourinho: Doubts over United boss

Jose Mourinho is already like he has had enough at Manchester United while Antonio Conte has to be braver with his Chelsea selections.

Mourinho had enough?

Liverpool fan in peace.

It’s just amazing to me to see Jose already setting himself up for trouble so soon into potentially his dream job. Disrespecting the Europa League in the pre-match conference is arrogant and classless (even if I agree that certain clubs should be aiming higher).

I have no doubt in my mind either that that had an effect on the players. . of course it did, your own manager has just water down the match in the press, there goes motivation. . but it’s still only the Europa League.

In his second stint at Chelsea, Mourinho was acting like a complete lunatic. You guys all remember his totally inappropriate snipe at Rafa’s wife and then the just bang out of order carry on with the Chelsea Doctor.

I was wondering if maybe he should retire from the game, that he was burnt out. Then the Utd job comes along and although it’s a total mismatch of philosophies, admit it, you were all wondering if it might just work, that he’s get you back up there challenging for the title. Well, it could still happen for sure but I have to say that after his outburst at Shaw, I can’t see it.

I’m not trolling you guys at all but I see mad-Jose in that kind of thing. He’s barely in the job and he’s already starting to act like he’s had enough. As someone above said, it’s not totally ridiculous to think that utd could lose the next 2 games.

That would be 5 in a row, when was the last time that happened? That said though, I don’t think you will. Even without any real input from the manager, the Utd V Liverpool tie will liven up your team like nothing else. As for Leicester, well they are still quite good but I don;t think they are on the same kind of form that won them the title last season.

As for Jose, I think it’s only a short matter of time before he implodes again but you guys have deep pockets and are a massive name in the game,it’s not like you’ll struggle to replace him with someone class if/when he goes totally lala.


Why the rush?

Lucas Perez: 'Too reliant' on left peg

I admit that I am still to be convinced by Perez. Same can be said for Pogba at United and Nolito @ Citeh, why? Because the season just bloody started. Lets what he can do over the course of a season or at least till mid way.

Wenger seems to not know who he wants as is CF, there seems to be a loss of confidence with Giroud, Welbeck crippled and Walcott cannot play there. So now Alexis turn, and he honestly his postional play has not been good enough but he seems to be finding the net. Perez may get his chance up front in time.

fido dido

Conte worried

Antonio Conte: Happy to progress to last 16

Conte is making a massive mistake in continually playing the likes of Oscar, Willian, Matic, Cahill and especially Ivanovic, these players have a few good moments in a game and produce little else, even our youth young players could at least do a better job and also his subs are always coming on far too late to make a significant impact. I think he is worried about upsetting the regular names.


Title contenders

Jurgen Klopp: Admires Conte's qualities

At this point Liverpool certainly look like one of a number of teams with potential to compete but it’s just typical of how everyone reacts to a good run of games. We’ve had a great start and the squad looks a lot stronger but in another month or so with a couple of dodgy results behind us, the attitude can very quickly change.

Take United and Mourinho for example. Three weeks ago Mourinho was crowing about how strong a squad he had and what a great mentality to boot. The media were loving every moment of it as they tend to do with Mourinho.

Three weeks later and the media are on his back questioning whether he’s got it anymore whilst Mourinho is lashing out at Shaw and Mkhitaryan for not having the mentality for it. You genuinely couldn’t make the stuff up! Man City are 8/13 to win the league after 5 games of the Premier League. There’s only 33 games left!!!

We might have a chance but so do City, Everton, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea United and Leicester. We’re not quite there yet!!


Picture perfect

Arsene Wenger: Confirms new signings

That game couldn’t have gone much better. Reserves and squad players able to have a competitive run out and valuable pitch time, newcomers getting on the scoresheet especially Lucas for whose confidence it was crucial to open his account ASAP, Ox getting 90 minutes and a pretty good goal in the process for his confidence…

I’m especially pleased for Lucas because he was at least able to show what he’s about – strength, pace, determination, and the ability to be involved in the link-up and pick a pass. He was involved in all goals except Xhaka’s – playing the pass for Akpom leading up to the pen (which he scored), scoring a very good solo goal which was more about his strength and determination, and showing very good awareness and understanding in playing Ox in off a dummy for the third.

I desperately want him to do well, and I’m just happy he is on his way now. As for Xhaka… Well, he must be wondering what the fuss is all about – this English football stuff is easy! I reckon teams will start closing him down now rather than letting him shoot. Unbelievable technique! He can’t be far off now from making a first team place his own, surely.

Very good week so far, may it continue vs Chelsea at the weekend.


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