Your Says of the Day: Klopp embarrassed; United to spoil party

Date published: Friday 29th April 2016 12:43

Adrian Lopez: Last-minute winner leaves Klopp's men with it all to do

Why Liverpool’s last-gasp defeat at Villarreal leaves them needing more Anfield heroics – as well as Jurgen Klopp with egg on his face, while Manchester United fans believe they could spoil the Foxes’ party and arguments continue about England’s Euro 2016 squad.

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Ecstasy to agony for Liverpool

I thought Liverpool although not at their best were unfortunate not to come away with at least the draw, but the Villarreal winner was a well worked goal. Although that goal makes the return leg at Anfield a bit more tricky, I think Liverpool still have enough in their locker to go through, especially at Anfield.

nine nine nine

Klopp said he was bemused by the celebrations from Villarreal at the end. This coming from the man who jumps around on the touchline to make sure the cameras are on him every time one of his players kicks the ball that’s a bit rich. Maybe he doesn’t like being shown up!



Mark, in fairness, the reason he’s always jumping around and shouting is that, most of the time, Moreno isn’t in position, and is not aware of what is going on around him which is why we conceded the goal. He bombs forward, misses the chance, and doesn’t get back in position quickly enough.

Toure has to come across to cover for him,the winger plays it into the gap vacated by Toure,and the lad has a tap in. Moreno gets a rocket from Klopp nearly every game. Klopp doesn’t do it for the cameras. He does it because that’s how he is. Pellegrini just sits there and looks like he’s constantly bored by what he’s watching.

I know which style of management out of the 2 I’d prefer. Guardiola is very vocal also. Maybe we will see similar antics as Klopp from him next season. I guess, in that instance, it will be acceptable though, right?



Rooney to stay at home?

Wayne Rooney: Missed England's friendly win in Germany

Following on from the TEAMtalk article earlier this week, I’d play 4-3-3 Kane upfront, Welbeck and Sterling on the wing, Dier or Drinkwater as holding mid with Rooney partnered by either Barkley or Ali in the middle.

Good mix of youth, experience, strength and pace. Obviously Vardy would be first attaching sub, but my wildcard would be Carroll. He looks like he’s back to his best form, something we haven’t seen since he left Newcastle, and on his day is almost impossible to defend against.



I’d take Rooney to Euro 2016. He may not be what he was and he may not be in the best form, but he remains a maverick and an ace up the sleeve of the England team. Whether in midfield or up front, he can still do a job IF his head is right for it. I think the decreased expectations on him will help him too.

Sympathy for the Devils

I don’t think there is a debate to be had. He will go. He is the captain, and it seems incredibly unlikely that the manager will pick a new captain just weeks before the team meet up and travel.

On merit, he shouldn’t go. Vardy and Kane have out performed him as a centre forward. Sturridge’s fitness is a question-mark but he scores nearly every game. Roy loves Welbeck and will take him for that wide left position.

As a #10, Alli is a top performer, and Barkley whilst inconsistent is a great option to have. Rooney has experience and is still a decent player, but I’d still pick Alli ahead of him, and it’s a toss up between him and Barkley. I wouldn’t want Rooney in deep central midfield, even though that is England’s weakest area.

I don’t know where he fits, and he probably shouldn’t fit anywhere, but I am certain he’ll be there, somewhere. It will probably be his last tournament though. England made a huge mistake keeping Gerrard and Lampard involved too long. They just can’t do it again with Rooney.


United to spoil the party?

I look forward to Sunday’s match more than any other this season. I expect United to do their utmost to deny Leicester a Premiership triumph and keep a remote interest in a Champions League slot.

I look forward to seeing a team with two United rejects providing stern opposition and if Leicester do win and clinch the trophy I will stand and applaud what will be a superb achievement and I hope all United fans will do the same.

Big K

I can see United winning – I think we did very well against them when we played them at their ground; don’t really see Leicester as being that great in big matches; bar the win at Spurs, the other wins were all against teams on rock bottom form at the time of their matches; when they faced Arsenal twice who were in good form they were well beaten.

If we play like we did against Everton I can see us winning, just need to make sure the midfield is a bit more solid.

Sympathy for the Devils

We struggle to score and Leicester have defended very well in the last few months. I think this game is most likely to end up in a draw like it was at the King Power.

When you step back the pressure is actually on us here. Leicester don’t necessarily have to push in this game.


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