Your Says of the Day: Chelsea stars evaluated; Klopp question marks

Date published: Tuesday 19th January 2016 12:31

Chelsea: Progress to FA Cup fourth round after 2-0 win

Also, why questions remain over Jurgen Klopp, why Arsenal should be confident to beat their London rivals and where Manchester United should play Ander Herrera.

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Klopp yet to make Liverpool impact

right so Jurgen is here just over 3 months. Do people really think we have a world class manager who is going to turn us around? By turning us around, i mean constant top 4 finishes and trophies. We have seen in spurts how good we can be but we have also seen how poor we can be. He needs his own players in but is he going to be able to deal with how the transfer commitee work? Look at the players we are linked with Shane Long ffs. Mignolet a new contract. whats that all about.

people keep saying Klopp is going to be able to attrct a better and bigger player. Do people really believe this or will his hands be tied by the club. We need at least 5 players. Im unsure about everything like i always am. We could have Pep in charge and i still would be scpetical. The same old problems are still here. Mistakes killing us constantly. The same old s**e time and time again.

we are in transition again and im sick hearing of that word.I have seen enough to think that klopp can help us push on with better players but look were we are now. Its just a joke. I thought by jan even with these players we would be progressing a bit better but i toally undersatnd we need to be patient. Injuries are killing us. As long as we continue to target average players we will be a mid table club.This season in the league is a write off. We need to win a cup to galvanise the club. Klopp needs money in the summer and the club have to stop fannying about and support him.

Sean the sailor

Should they stay or should they go?

Summer is coming and some big decidions on the squad will have to be made and to paraphrase the great Clash hit

“Should they stay or should they go?”

Here’s my take on it, over to you guys.

Aina: looks like he’s off although out of choice I would make him a Stayer.

Rahman: already frustrated and looks better going forward than defending we probably need a better starting left back to allow Azpilucueta to move to r/back his most natural position long term. Possible Goer although I wouldn’t be against giving him a bit more time.

Ivanovic: despite a very poor start to the season his form has improved and his experience will be invaluable a one year contract with an option of another if he plays enough games seems sensible. Stayer

Djilobodji: stop gap signing not considered good enough by two Managers for any game time. Goer

Terry: it’s close to having to call time on an inspirational Captain but if he stays injury free still probably worth another season. Stayer.

Cahill: not sure he’s going to be a regular starter but he’s a great squad player. Stayer

Ramires: great energy gets up and down the pitch well but gives the ball away far too easily. Possible Goer.

Mikel: despite his performance at Palace still not good enough in the medium to long term. Goer.

Matic: big disappointment this season as his form has regressed hopefully he will come back. Stayer.

Oscar: blows hot and cold hasn’t been any better than luke warm for too long. Possible Goer in order to boost transfer budget?

Pedro: not yet settled fully has shown some glimpses of what he’s capable off probably worth another season if he’s happy to stay. Stayer.

Hazard: no brainer the best we’ve got but he has to want to stay and not be forced to stay. Hopefully a Stayer.

Falcao: we took a chance it hasn’t worked too many injuries too. Goer

Remy: decent back up striker but too often injured when Costa hasn’t been available. Goer.

Costa: he needs to get his head right and keep it right if we appoint Simeone he could be magnificent. Stayer.

nine nine nine

Arsenal to give Chelsea the blues

Am I the only one who thinks this is a game where we could really stick the boot into Chelsea?

They have been so poor at the back, and they lack pace almost throughout the team. Watching John Terry against Everton was like watching a legend die. He just isnt ‘John Terry’ anymore.

Costa is out for them, which will take away any distraction from the actual match.

I just feel we should win, and win with ease. They also dont have that aura without Jose.

Bellerin, Merteacker, Koscileny, Monreal
Flamini, Ramsey
Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott


Finding space for Herrera

its a difficult one to see what his best position is. I dont think hes a number 10 as he just doesn’t have that little bit extra magic of say a silva or an ozil. If he is better playing deeper than i think he needs to play in a middle 3 not 2. Him and say Morgan as a midfield 2 i feel we would get overrun.

if we can get another top draw CM next year to play alongside him and Morgan we could be really set up nicely. Martial up front, new right winger and Depay on the left (willing to give him 1 season to settle) but even with that we still need a new attacker. Cannot relay on Martial and rooney is finished no matter how many goals he scores.


Cut Spurs some slack

I think people (myself included) have been a little bit unfair when it comes to our team. I think due to the maturity and fairly consistent level we forget how young some of these players are.
I mean we look at the likes of Eriksen and demand more, but the lad is 23 and no where near his prime yet. Same with Kane, Dier, Lamela.
Sometimes they may get taught a lesson by a seasoned pro but its all a learning curve and to be competing at the level we’re I think shows the talent of these lads.
We also have a young manager that is learning his trade too but again the signs are very positive.
He will make mistakes but I think our club are doing really well and im proud.

Off topic, I would have Bale back in a heartbeat (how much do you reckon Real still owe us for him??).
I would like us to take a leaf out of Arsenals book now and just buy the 1 big player a season to really improve a position.
We have a ‘good’ level across the starting 11 and squad and I think we just need that one player season rather than spending 30-40 mil on 3-4 ‘good’ players.


Villa dead wood

With just under 2 weeks of the transfer window remaining there’s more talk of players leaving than arriving which in some ways isn’t surprising! If the press are to be believed then Swansea want Scott Sinclair for 2m and LA Galaxy are keen on Lescott for 3m! Sadly talk of N’Zog and Sendeross leaving has gone quiet again which is frustrating. Regarding Sinclair he does seem to have lost his spark since TS was sacked but Lescott is performing well, SO should we sell?


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