Your Says of the Day: Klopp will sell star; ‘miserable’ Man Utd

Date published: Wednesday 20th January 2016 12:38

Jurgen Klopp: Insists all is well with Daniel Sturridge

Also, Simon Mignolet continues to take stick, Olivier Giroud backed to deliver Gunners goals, and Chelsea need a major summer rebuild.

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Klopp sure to sell Sturridge

Klopp will sell Sturridge, I am sure of it. Sturridge should never have been made our marquee striker, it was a mistake. He does not have the right attitude for it, he does not push his body to recover from injuries. He is the exact opposite to Suarez who would have run through a brick wall for us with both legs broken.


Devils lost their smile

One of my memories of this disappointing season has been the lack of smiles from within the Club and amongst the majority of supporters. I look at new players Martial and Memphis – they rarely smile – and only when celebrating a goal does an occasional smile break out.. Playing with a smile has always been a mantra from the days of the Busby Babes and it was achieved by playing open, attractive football and scoring goals. The crowd responded. It was good to see the U-21 victory with particularly good performances from Pereira, Januzaj and Keane and it was also good to see them smile although it took a while for Januzaj to catch the mood. I hope it spreads.

Big K

Giroud will hit 20 goals

Giroud will score over 20 league goals this season because of his ability, not because he is some lucky light pole who scores tap ins and has everything offered to him on a platter.I do agree he can miss some chances and he’s not the ideal style of striker should I say that Arsenal require but a lot of his work goes unnoticed,especially his work rate that he puts in.

the specialone

Chelsea need a major rebuild

I have no doubt that Roman Abramovich makes every decision on the basis of what he feels is best for the club but these are the decisions of a fan….not a football experienced man and this is the reason why so many decisions go wrong. Re Emenalo I would say that while you may be right that Abramovich makes the decisions they may very well be on advice taken from Emenalo. I do not agree with your view about the strength of our squad; I feel that we are a long way from being a top team…as Guadiola’s view about our needs confirms. Frankly, I didn’t need his input; I have recognised our deficiencies for some time. You mention the plight of other clubs – although I have only scant interest in them – but if I look at Manchester United I note that they are still in line for a top four finish and the problem with Liverpool is that, if anything, they gave been more poorly managed than Chelsea. Pax, my friend: surely someone will see our plight and, as we did before, rebuild.


Ward should replace clown Mignolet

Drop him (Simon Mignolet) to the bench and start playing Danny Ward. I’m assuming he will play tonight,be interesting to see how he does. If he doesn’t concede directly from a corner,comes for crosses,can catch the ball and kick the ball properly,he’s already done better than this clown


Man Utd academy the same as it’s ever been

Our United academy have always been inconsistent when creating world class/very good players. From the Busby babes to Norman Whiteside to the class of 92. That is just 3 eras where good quality players came through.

The same can be said about any other academy across the world. Have Barcelona produced any world class players since the last bunch? The likes of Pedro and Bojan has struggled to break through. They are looking at Pogba and bought Turan.


Spurs lacking a matchwinner

We need that group of young good players that put a shift in and then the 2-3 big players like Lloris for me is one. Need a match winner, someone like Berbatov when we bought him in this current line up and a Modric/Bale and we would be leading the league. Im 100% positive about that.


Don’t need Townsend, Got Aarons

I’m undecided on Townsend. He can be class, but we have Aarons who can be just as good next season. With Taylor’s contract expiring end of the season, and Willo having departed, we need to draft in at least 2 British players. It will be either Berahino and Townsend. If I was the one doing the choosing, I would be going for Berahino. I’m concerned at the back, though. Might be worth to sniff around Caulker at the end of the season. Big, strong, and quick old fashioned English defender to play alongside Mbemba.


Baggies up for the cup

Never expected to be on the same page as Pulis but clearly he feels the same way about our chances if we really give it a go? That said, the performance was pretty awful. Our attacking options have however been doubled. Aside from the usual airborne bombs relentlessly pumped into the box we now have Sess and amazingly, Anichebe running at defenders with the ball at their feet. Nobody running off them off course and therefore no end product but its different! Saido must be on his way and no sign of anyone to replace him which leaves with a bunch of so called strikers none of whom will ever score enough goals given the type of service we offer up. No creativity at all in this team and for the first twenty minutes nothing much else either. Poco seemed to make a difference without doing anything special but will we see him again? Or Mcmanaman? More than happy to take the win and move on. Two home games against teams in the bottom four coming up but is anyone feeling really confident about the outcomes? We are Albion after all.


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