Your Says of the day: Klopp’s Kop effect, Respect Rooney

Date published: Friday 6th November 2015 12:02

Jurgen Klopp: Knows the EL will be tough to win

Jurgen Klopp has made a very positive impression already at Liverpool, Wayne Rooney deserves more respect and Raheem Sterling will be one of the word’s best.

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Cock-a-hoop with Klopp

Klopp has already made his mark on this Liverpool team. The work rate of the team has drastically improved, performances are getting better every game, and the players are playing with a lot more confidence. Klopp is always shouting instructions and offering encouragement from the sidelines, keeping players on their toes.

Too many times last season, we were struggling on the pitch, and Rodgers would be sat on the sidelines looking drained, or with his arms folded, looking like a man who’d had enough. That would hardly inspire me as a player. Oh, and after five games, Klopp is unbeaten, including getting a win away at Chelsea. If he can get through the Palace and Man City games still unbeaten (or please God actually win them both), what a start he’ll have made. Very encouraged and optimistic looking forward, rather than as it was under Rodgers, where we were wondering where our next win was coming from. Long may it continue



Rooney Respect

Not to spoil the fun of the negative folks, but I’m extremely amazed to see comments like this. Wayne has performed, multiple times in many roles. I’ve never seen a footballer that much versatile. He has played multiple times out of position for his teams, just to make sure they win. If he would’ve been in Spain or Italy, it would’ve been a different story all together. Raul at Real Madrid has a very similar club goal scoring record as Rooney, a very similar club trophy cabinet as Rooney, an identical International trophy cabinet (both have nothing) and a worse International goal scoring record than Rooney. Real Madrid fans adore treat Raul as a hero and legend of the club. Meanwhile some of you find any reason to jump and attack Rooney. He scored 237 GOALS and I’m confident he will surpass Charlton’s record at the end of this season. Rooney deserve to be treated with respect.

theMartial Art


Hulk hype

Got slaughtered during preseason (lots of thumbs down) for suggesting we go after for Hulk, on this website. Someone even replied saying Hulk wouldn’t get ‘near’ the Liverpool bench.

I just wanted to follow up on that, because he totally outshone Lacazette (who’s only ever had one good season) tonight, as Zenit beat Lyon 2-0 in their own backyard. He also completely dismantled Valencia a few weeks ago, and has 3 goals 4 assists in 4 games, in this CL campaign so far. Ten goals and 15 assists in 17 games for Zenit, and 2 goals in 2 games for Brazil. Supreme strength, lightning quick feet, an eye for a killer pass, with an amazing shot. For me he’s one of the best around.

If you’re not aware of Hulk, try to watch Zenit some time, very under-appreciated player.



Gerrard return?

I don’t see the distraction element really. As long as he’s just training with us, I think he could help to motivate the younger lads. Gerrard isn’t one to go against any manager in a training session but he’ll certainly set an example by being first there and last out.

it wouldn’t hurt for Klopp to get some face time with Gerrard in training and let him work out from there whether he sees qualities in Gerrard that he can use as a coach when his contract runs out,l or he retires.

As for brining him back to play, I am torn on this as I would absolutely only see him being a good impact sub. Would it be nice to be able to bring Gerrard on with 20 minutes left? Bloody yes but Gerrard would have to be happy to accept this role or some of the concerns mentioned by others would then come into play.

He has said that he’d have stayed had he gotten a player/coach role and then been happy as a sub but this is after-talk so you have to take it with a grain of salt. . . He’s a year older now and has been playing in a much weaker league tho so I think he’ll have gained a lot of perspective regards his current abilities as a player.

Klopp is no fool though, he’ll make the best choice for him, which will also be the best choice for the team.

Mr Makaveli


Willian > Hazard

I’ve read this opinion on here and a few other sites about how Willian is our best player and we’re struggling this season whilst when Hazard was our best player last season we were on top and winning. As if that shows the difference in quality between them? When Hazard plays great we win the league and when Willian plays great we languish. It’s a back-handed compliment to Willian. If it wasn’t for Willian this season we would be down deep in the relegation zone and we’d be out of the Champion’s League. His form and his great play has nothing at all to do with Hazard. And, to use a war analogy, I know which of the two I’d prefer alongside me in the trenches.



Super Sterling

Sterling will become a world class player when he has kept his form up for a full season.

He is a shoein for the Ballon d’Or final 5 at some point in his career.

I think a combination of the Liverpool fans being unbecoming and the media in England following suit is hugely downplaying the fact that he is an absolutely incredible talent for his age.

He disrespected Liverpool but the core decision was to go to City and what a great decision it was for his career. He doesn’t have pressure to produce at the top level because there are so manus better senior players around him but at the same time he is getting time on the pitch, getting the ball in good areas.

Raheem Sterling will be the flagship of England for the next 10 years.



Good luck, Garde

By all accounts it seems Remi Garde is a good manager with talent given his background in the French League. He also seems to be the sharp type – his English is probably better than Gabby Agbonlahor’s.

If I fell into a coma today and woke up just after the EPL finished there would be several assumptions I would make. I would expect that either Man City or Arsenal (still on schedule for their annual collapse) won the league, Mourinho has been fired, and Aston Villa were relegated.

Remi Garde will need inspiration, seriously hard work, money, and luck to stay up – he will need all of these factors to play into his hands. Villa showed some grit yesterday when they were 2-0 down – Spurs were a bit uncomfortable until Kane’s exquisite curler put the game to bed on the counter. Perhaps this may be a precursor to the fight Villa still have in them – Garde should highlight this and try make it mushroom.

Good luck to Villa – they will need it.


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