Your Says of the Day: Liverpool ‘an accident waiting to happen’

Date published: Thursday 7th April 2016 12:51

Liverpool: Defence fails to inspire confidence in fans

Also, Chelsea should steer clear of re-signing Romelu Lukaku, Tottenham could demolish Manchester United, and who Manchester City should get rid of.

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Defence is bound to cost Liverpool

Yeah the closer it gets the more daunting it looks to be. I just get the feeling we are an accident waiting to happen at the back whether it be migs or the defence & we will get punished badly for any errors.
Then I look at our attacking options & really have to question if we will even bother them too much at all.
They are a class outfit with attacking weapons everywhere & I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up of a very good result over the 2 legs. They will score at Anfield if they have to but I’m not so confident we will score today. No shame if we don’t as they are a top quality team.


Lukaku not worth the gamble

Bringing Lukaku back is a risk imo not because he isn’t good enough but because if things don’t go his way he becomes agitated.

We can’t offer him CL football which might not be an obstacle that can’t be overcome this season but if we sign him this summer and perhaps don’t make the CL places next season what will his attitude be next summer.

He would also have to be preety much a certain starter which is not a gimee if Conte talks Costa around.

Lots to think about on this one imo if we really are in for him and he really wants to come back albeit to a club currently with no CL football.

nine nine nine

Man Utd wary of Spurs strike power

If Spurs start well, like Arsenal did at the Emirates, then it could be all over after 30 mins.

We need to soak up the pressure and hit them on the counter. We need pace up top and we need to be clinical with our finishing.

Spurs will get nervous the longer it stays at nil nil.


Man City – should they stay or should they go?

Well I had a look down the page and haven’t seen a topic similar to this one so I thought I would create one to get everybody’s verdict on who should go before next season. Which players should we sign? Which positions mostly need strengthening?

Out –


In –

Marc-Andre ter Stegen
Isco and James Rodriguez

Players I would like to see from our youth –
Roberts (another season left at Celtic)
Manu Garcia
Brahim Diaz


Poor Premier League or brilliant Leicester?

The reason there is a “Poor Premier League” tag is because Leicester, although top of the league by a decent margin, are not that great a team. Yes – there is the whole dream of them winning the league as the underdogs that everyone wants to see (including me) and they have been on great form but that does not change the fact that they are, in essence, nowhere near the standard of previous league winners overall – they and Spurs had the good fortune of finding Man United post-Fergie, a worse-than-usual Arsenal, a Liverpool team still in rebuilding and extremely poor versions of Chelsea and Man City compared to recent years.

If you had to put this Leicester team in the league from 2007 – 2013 they wouldn’t make the top 6. Likewise, if you take this Leicester team and put them up against Athletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Wolfsburg, PSG – they’d get slaughtered. And that’s the second tier – I’m not even talking about Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

Mind you this is not a negative comment towards Leiceester – in actual fact they have done excellently to get where they are today and if they win the league it will be a magnificent achievement. It does NOT, however, change the fact that the EPL is miles off the standard it was when the “Top Four” were dominating Europe.

Sympathy for the Devils

There was a great article a couple of weeks back with Slaven Bilic’s comments about the whole quality/equal playing field and I think he hit the nail on the head when he suggested that many mid-table teams can now afford players that would generally go to the bigger clubs, but now due to mid-table teams being able to offer the salaries and possibly more importantly probably more playing time, traditional “Top4” players are going to smaller clubs.

I also think we have a whole bunch of pretty decent managers in the PREM too these days, with the “Top4” managers not having so easy by just buying everybody and keeping the status quo at the top of the table. Almost every game is a Cup final these days…and I’m lovin’ it!


Pulis petrifies Baggies fans

I’ve seen it all following the Albion but today’s excuse for football is comparable to the rubbish served up in the 90’s. However, in those days while our managers weren’t brilliant at least they can say thay didn’t have the funds to buy decent players and that any good players we did have (Maresca springs to mind) were sold off. Pulis doesn’t have that excuse. I now read that he’s hoping to bring in four defenders, three of them from Championship teams and one from Italy. Also Jonny Evans in the E&S says that Pulis will be experimenting over the remaining games. Let’s look forward to an 8 1 1 formation, Rondon at centre half and Myhill either up front or of course LB. I’d like to say it was all a joke but a joke is supposed to be funny and what is happening in B70 is anything but funny!

Northwich Baggie

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