Your Says of the Day: Liverpool and Klopp ‘a perfect marriage’

Date published: Friday 15th April 2016 12:25

Jurgen Klopp: Guided Liverpool into Europa semis

Also, Liverpool fans reflect on one of the great nights and give their views on Origi, Clyne and Milner.

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Up there with Liverpool’s great nights

That was a special night and Anfield and up there with our great nights. I thought we were dead and buried at 3-1. Lets be honest, our defending and set up from the start as terrible. It was crazy going with a two man midfield of can and milner. BNoth steppend up in the 2nd half and we were much better when allen came on.

tactics went out the window and sheer determination drove us on. I believe klopp rubs off on the players. I keep hearing we have something really special in klopp but im being honest, im always sceptical about anything to do with liverpool. Even if we had pep in charge, id never be confident he would turn us around but its great having klopp on the side line. Such passion for the team. He is an agressive manager. He just wants to attack. We have seen how good and bad we can be. We are actually playing quite well since we lost to city in the final. I just hope klopp is given the support he needs from the board and hge can really build a good team

Sean the sailor

Liverpool and Klopp ‘a perfect marriage’

Forget our league position.

Klopp was clearly taken aback by the physical style of the league and had to navigate an awful run of fixtures while he was still settling in. All this without his best players. He managed to keep us in the race for a top spot until recently while getting to penalties in a cup final and now semi-final in Europe.

He just didn’t have the players to do it in the FA cup given the number of games and the lack of depth in the squad. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He just needs his own players and time to get it right in the league. He’s taken us so far with a limited squad in such a short space of time.

I can only imagine what it would have been like if he had Suarez and Sterling at his disposal. He’s given us our fighting spirit back and the never say die attitude that became synonymous with Liverpool FC during Rafa’s best days. He knows how to play in the cups. All this while playing some absolutely scintillating football at times.

This is what a class manager can do. This is the man who will take us forward. If anything tonight showed why there was such a panicked reaction from the top clubs in the PL when we signed him.

This is Jurgen Klopp. This is Liverpool FC. This is a perfect marriage and we could not have hoped for anyone better. To all the doubters and Rodgers’ fanboys, if he was still in charge I have no doubt our season would have ended with us being knocked out of the FA cup in January (We would have been knocked out of the EL in the group stage).




Clyne ‘has been poor the whole season’

I seem to be alone on this but I feel it needs to be said. Clyne has been poor the whole season.

He was at fault for all 3 goals tonight. Aubameyang and Reus unmarked for the first goal despite him being closest to them, Reus walked past him like he wasn’t even there for the 2nd and he had no idea Reus had already run in behind him for the 3rd.

This is just lazy defending and quite honestly it’s shocking. He has been making these kinds of mistakes the whole season but just because Moreno and Mignolet have been absolutely dire with their comedic brand of defensive work, he gets away with it. Give Flanno a run at RB. This guy needs a wake up call.



In defence of Clyne

Razor you say Clyne has been poor the whole season, I don’t think so, sure he has had some bad games like against West Ham, but in these games the team as a whole were poor and have to take some of the blame.

Like yesterday, I was slating Klopp on this site for only starting with 2 midfielders, if we had 3 midfielders they would have offered the more protection for the defence, same goes for the Southampton game. Even yesterday, the goals conceded were not solely down to his mistakes.

If any defender has been poor this season it is Moreno, not Clyne, in fact his misunderstanding with Coutinho led to the first goal for Dortmund.

It is almost like saying the world class Hummels is a poor defender because the Dortmund defence conceded 4 goals yesterday.



Milner’s ‘been one of our best players’

Say what you like about Milner, but I think he has been one of our best players this season. Right now he is the player involved in the most of our goals this season so far – 7 goals and 12 assists. And all this from a player whom we signed on a free.

Watch him closely like last night, and you will see his driving force like when he drove through to create the 4th goal, or his intelligence to set up a one-two to put in Coutinho.

A highly underrated and unassuming player, who can play virtually anywhere, he is a great asset to Liverpool FC, and will thrive even more next season when we sign better players.



Outstanding Origi 

What a thoroughly enjoyable game and what a comeback from Liverpool which makes you wonder whether there name isn’t already on the trophy.

I was really impressed with Origi last night who has gone over the last few weeks from being a seemingly risky buy to potentially outstanding.]

nine nine nine


Back to the grindstone

Bournemouth v Liverpool is not on any of the Sky Sports channels, but back to the grindstone to focus on finishing as high as possible in the League that will give us an indication and a platform to build on for next season.

We have to put the heroics of the cup to one side and start picking up wins.

It could possibly be the case of players being rested, but with no game this coming Thursday, I would think a lot of them would want some minutes anyway and enjoy the good feeling from that epic night.


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