Your Says of the Day: Liverpool have to sell Skrtel

Date published: Monday 21st March 2016 4:01

Martin Skrtel: Needs to be sold by Liverpool, says Your Say poster

Also, where would Jordan Henderson play at Tottenham? And why Louis van Gaal and Arsene Wenger still need to leave their positions.

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Time for Liverpool to sell Skrtel

He should have been sold years ago, and this is not a knee-jerk reaction to what happened at Southampton, I’ve been saying it for a long time now.

A lot of top CB’s have left in Skrtel’s time at the club, yet he’s still here,and you have to question why? It’s not as if he’s a brilliant, brilliant defender that is untouchable and undroppable. Hyypia,Carragher and Agger were all better than him. He’s kept all three of those out of the team over the years. I’d have had any of those three on their worst day over Skrtel; he is still very rash and makes ridiculous decisions.

I mean, why pull someone’s shirt in the box? Bloody ridiculous. There’s absolutely no need for it, and puts us under unnecessary pressure when he gives these fouls away. Lovren and Sakho are playing really well, and the fact remains that Lovren was taken off for some reason, Skrtel replaced him, and our defence lost the plot. He’s not good enough anymore and needs replacing


Where would Henderson fit in at Tottenham?

Lots of newspaper nonsense about this, but just in case there is a grain of truth in this, what does everybody else think?

I’ve always quite liked him as a player to be honest so I wouldn’t be that bothered if he did come if it was a sensible price, but I wonder why would he? He is a decent player, but if I’m to be honest, I don’t know where he would fit? Is he could enough to displace Dier/Dembele (my Spurs player of the season!)? I don’t think I’m being harsh when I say he certainly isn’t creative enough to play further up the pitch.

Would he settle for more of a squad role? That I don’t know about. He would certainly be an improvement on Carroll/Bentaleb for sure and I certainly think he has the sort of attitude in a player that Poncho likes. Perhaps a swap for Bentaleb? I’d certainly go for that…


Aguero takes the p**s out of Blind

The one highlight of the derby for me (not much competition) was Aguero getting fired up against Blind : Kun won the ball in a 50/50 and Blind rolled around on the ground in apparent agony, before immediately jumping back to his feet miraculously healed, 30 seconds later Serge won a free-kick off Blind, rolled around in mock agony himself and jumped up clapping his hands at the Dutchman (before they then had a further altercation in the corner) – you don’t generally see players take the P out of each other like that (though I seem to remember seeing footage of Frannie Lee doing similar many years ago)

Typical MOTD only showed the second part of it, making it look like Aguero was the perpetrator


A Man Utd fan still wants Van Gaal gone

Man City were nothing special, but the press will predictably go into overdrive and hype up how great Man Utd were. The result has probably given the club’s beleaguered manager a reprieve.

Some wide-eyed-straw-clutching supporters might even think that a Champions League spot is now more or less a foregone conclusion, but I wouldn’t get too carried away. This team is very average at best, and nothing more. Brigadier No-idea is still basically clueless and Private Ryan remains incapable of bringing anything specific to the table whatsoever. Y

es it was a win, but be honest, the future is at best anyone’s guess and could still quite easily end tits-up.


Ditto this Arsenal fan and Wenger

It was a very good defensive performance against Everton first and foremost. We were pretty good in the final third in the first half. But second half we went off the boil IMO.

This is what I’m talking about, where we lack hunger. Look at our goal difference. I think we could easily have gone on to score more goals against a not up to it Everton side on the day. But we got a win which was the priority of course.

I don’t think people should be aiming above Spurs, though. Looking at our respective fixture lists, it will happen anyway, I don’t think Spurs will go on a run from now on.

But what I said, anything less than the title would be a huge underachievement considering who we are challenging against. We failed to show up when it really mattered, so nothing will ever convince me Wenger is still the right man. I actually think he’s a good manager, but mentality wise he has made the expectations of the club very weak. Right now we have nothing to lose, and that’s why we gave in a performance like Saturday’s.

I will be Wenger out anyways, obviously only for suitable replacement and not a Henry or Vieira. I hope other fans don’t go back on their word.

the specialone

Leicester City are Leeds United from 1991-92

The more I see of this Leicester City side, the more I am, in a strange kind of way, reminded of our title-winning side of 1992. There are remarkable similarities, when one looks closely:

1. Both teams were regarded as unfashionable and given no chance at all at the beginning of their respective campaigns. Leeds United, like Leicester, was in their second season back in the top flight after promotion.
2. Both teams employed and maintained, throughout the campaign, a tried and tested 4-2-4 formation.
3. Tony Dorigo and Mel Sterland performed as solid and as consistently as Fuchs and Simpson are doing at present.
4. The tigerish performances of Kante remind me of Batty.
5. Drinkwater may be likened to McCallister whilst Albrighton is at times reminiscent of Speed.
6. Up front, Vardy and Okazaki bring back memories of Chapman and Wallace.
7. Morgan and Huth’s commanding performances at the heart of defence are identical to those of Chris Fairclough and Chris Whyte.
8. What about the inspirational figures of Mahrez and Strachan on the right hand side? What about the unglamorous images conveyed by both Raneiri and Wilkinson?

I don’t know: maybe I am being sentimental? Maybe I’m still recovering from yesterday’s thrashing? Whatever it is, the resemblances keep coming back to me.


A Newcastle fan losing faith

I had faith comming into the Derby.

But having seen the commitment presented, I can no longer pretend that the glass is half full.

All the teams fighting off relegation, apart from Villa, are fighting for their lives. Our starting 11 yesterday looked like they couldn’t be bothered. Apart from Mitro, who always seems up for it. Too much at times.

I had hopes that Rafa magically could turn it around. And I am aware that the change does not come overnight. But soon, very soon, it will be too late. So if the team starts to blossom once relegation is confirmed, what good is that? The change, like so many before this one, has come too late.

Yesterday was the time to shine, and no one rose to the occasion.

We have a game in hand towards Man City, who also seem to have lost their edge. That game, and away to Norwich has to be 6 points for me to believe in the survival bid.

And the players has to be willing to die on the field for survival.


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