Your Says of the Day: Liverpool need a change of mentality

Date published: Wednesday 16th December 2015 12:53

Liverpool: Team have struggled at Anfield this season

Also, the best Premier League bargain buys, who should replace Jose Mourinho at Chelsea and the Portuguese’s comparison to Arsene Wenger.

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Klopp needs to change Reds’ attitude

Currently we are seeing report after report about how unhappy the Utd fans are with LVG, how some players are unhappy with him, how many ex players are unhappy with him yet they sit 4th, 3pnts clear of 5th and just 6 points off top. I fully appreciate most of this unhappiness is to do with their style of play while some about results but compare that to the mentality at Livepool.

I love Klopp. Love his positivity. Love the attitude he’s trying to drill into the players and it will take time for that to get across and sink in. That winning attitude, that unacceptance of mediocrity right throughout the club is what we need in spades.
This past weekend a goal deep into injury time earned a draw, at home, against the mighty West Brom. Weekend before we were beat by relegation threatened Newcastle with a pathetic performance. We struggle to score goals or even win at Anfield. This has to become unacceptable. Not just “ah these things happen” but the attitude must be “this is not good enough”.
I believe Klopp has that mentality but I don’t think enough of the players have it, enough to of the board have it, enough of the ex players have it or enough of the fans have it.
The excuses have to stop. If you want to win things we need to be ruthless. The expectation of the standard we have should be much higher. That expectation dropped massively when Hodgson was appointed and it needs to be brought back throughout the club.



Best bargain buys

I’d like to try to form an English Premier League team of the best bargain: (4-3-3) Peter Schmeichel (£505,000), Hector Bellerin (Free), Denis Irwin (£625,000), Sol Campbell (Free), Nemanja Vidic (£7,000,000), Cesc Fabregas (Free), Patrick Vieira (£3,500,000), Frank Lampard (£11,000,000), Cristiano Ronaldo (£12,250,000), Gareth Bale (£7,000,000), Thierry Henry (£11,000,000).



Chelsea candidates

Not wanting to pre-empt anything here but if the board does decide to dispense with Jose then where do we go next..?

It seems to me that there is no one available for a permanent role so given the option I would try to get Guss Hiddink and Steve Clarke working together. Both have an affinity for the Club and have a great deal of experience between them and would offer what I expect would be a completely different approach to that of Jose, which hopefully would see players respond in a positive manner. KTBFFH



Mourinho vs Wenger

Not all clubs are the same. Man City given the choice of Mourinho or Wenger, would likely pick Mourinho. Although a team club AC Milan in serious need of rebuilding, would go for Wenger. Atletico Madrid would pick Wenger. PSG would be better off with Mourinho. Whilst Liverpool would be better of with Wenger.

Another thing with the trophy count measure, is it absolutely excludes a case where a manager may have a substantial contribution to the building of a club. Wenger has this with Arsenal. Whilst Mourinho has made pretty much a nil contribution to the building of a club, such as expanding its infrastructure or installing a philosophy.

I find it so ironic, that every time Chelsea hire a new manager, they talk about the manager staying for 10+ years, yet at the same time, cannot appreciate for these long term tenures to occur, the manager and club have to stay in tune with each other for the duration. Example, Arsenal had to build a new stadium and were financially limited because of it, so Wenger adapted and brought in a whole heap of top players on the cheap (Adebayor 3m, RVP 2m, Fabregas 250k, Song 200k, Toure 150k, Clichy 250k, Sagna 5m). And as time went by, Arsenal came into a new found financial strength signaled by the purchases of Ozil and Sanchez, and the fact no top player has left for 3 years. Which thus completed the plan and agreement between Wenger and club.

These Man City and Chelsea fans would understand a lot more, if they wernt so pampered, and didnt have owners to bankroll every initiative and make available money for newly minted mammoth transfer fees.

Its like trying to explain the concept of hard work and achievement to some aristocrat kid whose parents just bought him a Ferrari for his 11th birthday party.

Not every manager can stand on thier owners shoulders – some have to stand on their own.



Newcastle’s academy record

there are dozens of academy players playing regularly. Rooney, Barkley, Shaw, Clyne, Kane, Mason, Noble, Coleman, Stones, Ward-Prowse the list goes on. We have a horrific record of developing academy players. I fully expect Armstrong will do better if he went to Spurs, Saints or Everton.

There is a fundamental flaw in our development process. Bigi was League 1 young player of the year at Coventry and we managed to send him to a second division Scottish team with Vuckic and others. Ferguson was getting game time then suddenly dropped and shipped out. Mbabu and Abeid were showing promis and one has been dropped and the other sold. Christ we even let Shearer go before buying him back.


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