Your Says of the Day: Liverpool not done homework on recruits

Date published: Thursday 18th February 2016 12:57

Plus, whether Manchester United needed an electric guitar or a piano and who you think are the top three players in the world.

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Liverpool signings failed to live up to expectations

How many of us will be surprised if Benteke is sold in the summer? I heard a comment on recent anfield Index podcast that said that Benteke had a real bad achilles tendon injury at Aston Villa in 2014 and was never quite the same afterwards which contributed to him losing some of his pace and acceleration. If there is a link in this then it perfectly explains why myself and others are not seeing the Benteke that destroyed us when he was a Villa player. However, why in the hell did the Liverpool scouting and medical team not do a thorough background investigation? Shouldn’t a major achilles tendon injury been a red flag when doing a background check?

For me it partially explains why Ive seen Benteke not being confident with regard to running onto passes and taking people on. He sometimes runs around as if he is in his 30’s. People are talking about Benteke’s confidence levels being low, but it looks like the achilles injury he suffered could have permanently taken away from his peak physicality. Medical and scouting teams should be on top of basic stuff like this.

To top it off Aston villa haggled for 32 million…

It’s not enough for FSG to replace manager they need to look at club root and branch style. Anyone got any thoughts on this as well?


Clyne has done alright…but seems he isn’t as good as he was at s’hampton ( same script different cast). He seems tentative in his movement and his bursts forward are all but gone. Does he fear Klopp glare at the touchline? Moreno gets alot of stick here but we forget that he’s 22, fairly new to the league…playing alongside an ever changing and oft inept central defenders.

I expected alot more from clyne and he has 12 or so games to really shift gears…or i can see Klopp making a decision.


Electric guitars v Pianos

That is your preference and exactly the point Neville was making. English football fans prefer electric guitars to Piano’s whilst German, French, Spanish and Italian prefer Pianos’s. That is why our clubs struggle against them and always sit back. Like I said too many electric guitars and not enough piano’s.


Your top three players in the world (but not from the same team)

No particular order





Not to difficult, had the different team bit not been there I would say, Suarez, Messi, Neymar, purely because as a combination they are devastating, not necessarily the best three individuals but definitely the best trio.


Should the FA Cup be abolished?

For me it’s simple lose one Cup Competition, and have mid season break around January or February. i say February as we have 6 nations rugby and super league seasons kicking off which could lessen the withdrawal of football for 2-3 weeks.

i May get Lambasted here but i would prefer the League Cup over the FA Cup, i am not taking into consideration the prestige, i am taking into consideration its format especially when it’s over in February, if we had the break in February the cup final could be the opening match. if we want non league clubs to compete in it then they could do a CL Qualifier format as a pre-season tournament to qualify for the earlier stages.

in addition with European games go back to the old school where the Europa League is played on a Tuesday and CL is played on a Wednesday. with today’s digital packages all of the games are on Match Choice so in terms of ratings i am sure it won’t be affected. in addition the network providers can gain more revenue from the Advertisement slots as they would be sold at a much higher premium.


Barton and Leeds – a match made in heaven

I suppose Neil Redfern was giving a straight & honest answer to a straight question suggesting that there were some players of some experience and quality who were interested in joining LUFC in the Summer before Uwe Rossler came on board. Including one Joey Barton who claims to be unaware of any approach by our club.

He states amongst other things the “…….Leeds is a huge club and of course if they had stability off the field, it could have been of interest last year. But with current issues away from the field, I couldn’t afford to join a club and waste energy on nonsense………”

To which I say I kinda understand where he is coming from but also feels like a touch of the kettle calling the pot black does it not?


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