Your Says of the Day: Rooney can be England’s secret weapon

Date published: Tuesday 29th March 2016 11:59

Wayne Rooney: Striker's England place under pressure

Also, summer predictions for Liverpool, praise for Bastian Schweinsteiger and thoughts on Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal legacy.  

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Could Wayne Rooney be England’s secret weapon in France?

I like Wayne Rooney and think he still has a lot to offer the national team. I think it’s a shame that the guy who scored the goals which got us to the Euros is now being talked about as not being good enough. On the other hand, I do agree that other players deserve to start ahead of him but he should 100% be in the squad. As others have said, a fired up Wayne Rooney with something to prove could be our secret weapon in France.

It’s incredible really that after such a fine performance against Germany, the first player talked about more than anyone else in the aftermath wasn’t even on the pitch.

Part of me kind of hopes he gets injured and is unable to go. Otherwise, there will be a media circus regardless of what Roy Hodgson does surrounding Wayne Rooney, either focussing on how we could possibly leave out our record goalscorer or how we could possibly justify starting him. Roy Hodgson really can’t win.



Bastian Schweinsteiger is the heart of the United midfield

Tell me what is “on record” to prove that Sergio Busquets or Xabi Alonso are effective players?

Bastian Schweinsteiger is an all round midfielder, he keeps the game ticking – follows the ball and exchanges passes with his team mates to “enable” them. I know you are ready to turn to your games to wins ratio but please spare me mate. I watch footballers and see what they do, Bastian Schweinsteiger adds ball retention and control to us, something we had a whole lot of before he got the three match ban and injury.



Liverpool should swoop up Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

Yeah, like I say, the Mats Hummels thing probably won’t happen. It’s probably just journalist’s making up the story because of Jurgen Klopp. Regarding a new keeper, I’d rather have Marc-Andre Ter Stegen than Keylor Navas, and we keep getting linked with the lad at Real Betis, Antonio Adan, and also a keeper from Sevilla called Sergio Rico. I can’t wait for the summer.



Liverpool summer predictions

Here’s my summer predictions:

1. It will be very hot here in North Texas and p*****g it down back home.

2. The following players to be sold/moved on:

Simon Mignolet, Alberto Moreno, Kolo Toure, Jose Enrique, Lucas Leiva, Joe Allen, Martin Skrtel and Christian Benteke. Other loaned in/out players to either return or likely sold/moved on.

3. Players to arrive:

I Can’t guess which actual players will come in but a new keeper, left back, defensive midfielder and striker to arrive.

4. Outside bets at being sold:

Jordan Henderson, Daniel Sturridge and Jordan Ibe.

5. England get to the Semi-finals at the Euros and we have an extensive injury list to deal with ahead of the new season.

6. Petrol will still remain about four quid cheaper a gallon over here than it is back home.

7. The American Margaret Thatcher, aka, Hillary Clinton, will move ahead in the polls and likely will be the next President early next year.

8. And last, I think I will be finally over the Southampton game.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Wenger’s replacement will have a solid base of players to build from

As for who comes in at Arsenal, fact is that Arsene Wenger IS going to go and whether it’s tomorrow or in five years’ time, there will be a risk with whoever comes in, so I don’t see the timing as important.

The comfort I hold on to is that, whatever else I might think of Arsene Wenger, he will leave the club in great shape and provided there isn’t a mass exodus of players, the new manager will have a great base of a squad to build on. I just don’t see it as a Manchester United scenario, because Alex Ferguson squeezed the last drop of out of that squad and anyone coming in was going to have a massive rebuilding job to do, which still isn’t completed, more than three years later. Any new Arsenal manager won’t have that problem.

If we cast our minds back to 1996 and remember what both we AND the players were saying about this Arsene Wenger chap who, it seemed, only David Dein had heard of, then the idea of who takes over from Arsene Wenger isn’t so worrisome.



Chelsea don’t need to spend big this summer

Lets be clear – Chelsea do NOT have a massive rebuilding job to do.

We have a great young squad who have won things at Chelsea and the majority will stay – regardless of Champions League football next season or not. Yes, a couple may leave but if they do not want to play for Chelsea then I am happy for them to leave anyway.

Yes, Antonio Conte will have his own ideas and knowledge of players who can interpret those ideas so we will see a few players join (possibly mostly Italian…?). I think our young players will have to step up a level because I am sure that Antonio Conte will be under a great deal of pressure to deliver Champions League football again next season so like most managers I expect him to lean heavily on the experienced players.



Thibaut Courtois is more prone to make mistakes

I have no idea if the comments attributed to Thibaut Courtois are true or not, but the fact that these stories are being printed does him no favours at all

Like most, I only want players who want to play for the Blue shirt. Personally, I don’t think that Thibaut Courtois has been the same since he returned from injury and although his shot stopping is still good there are more mistakes creeping into his game than we have come to expect.

I think the next few team selections will be interesting because if Guus Hiddink does not think that Thibaut Courtois is mentally prepared to play then possibly we will see Asmir Begovic get a few games. Asmir Begovic never let us down, is a very good experienced keeper so he could easily take the top spot if we wanted him to and at the same time get good money for Thibaut Courtois if the stories about Real Madrid being after him are true…?



Ian Holloway on Cristiano Ronaldo

“He’s six foot something, fit as a flea, good looking – he’s got to have something wrong with him. Hopefully he’s hung like a hamster – That would make us all feel better. Having said that, me missus has got a pet hamster at home, and his c**k’s massive.”

Sympathy for the Devils

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