Your Says of the Day: Liverpool v Man Utd too close to call

Date published: Thursday 10th March 2016 1:53

Liverpool v Man Utd: Too close to call

Also, Chelsea’s second-string strikers are not good enough, Pochettino should be the priority for Manchester United and Spurs are facing Dortmund with the integrity of English football on the line.

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Liverpool v Man Utd too tough to call

It’s a very difficult one to call. To win, Man Utd are reliant on certain players turning up, but if they don’t, they are organised at the back and we’ve struggled to get through them in recent meetings, which can then lead to frustration and them nicking a game, as we’ve seen.

We are also dependent on whether the players turn up, indeed both sides lack a real quality leader to galvanize them to victory. We struggle to break organised teams down, this is why LVG has his record against us. I’m afraid we got lucky at Palace, and in the league game against City, they were certainly more open which helped us. Klopp really needs to identify and exploit tactical weaknesses in them.

Pressing can help put us on the front foot, but nothing more than that. We really need to be more effective and clinical in our attacks, otherwise it’s going to be another case of ‘as we were’.


Europa League opportunity missed for Chelsea

Do you think Chelsea would have had a better chance of qualifying for the CL had they dropped into the EL? Surely that would have been a more winnable competition, I am not saying they should have on purpose, was just thinking had it happened they may have qualified for next years CL, which is probably an argument for the EL winners not getting a CL place, as if the winner is a CL dropout you have to ask if their place in next years CL is warranted, seeing as 16 teams did better than them and they don’t get a place.


Spurs playing for English football

Spurs need to win this tie in style for the integrity of English football. The next few weeks will be a true test of their squad with midweek games against Dortmund who are still playing Klopp’s full throttle football.

Spurs vs Dortmund promises to be a seriously intense, exciting affair!


Chelsea’s striker back-up not good enough

Chelsea without Costa are blunt and as soon as he went off the game was over for us.

Undoubtedly having no credible back up to Costa has cost us this season when Costa was so off form, when he’s been injured and when he’s been suspended there has been nobody to come in and take his place the signing of Falcao has badly misfired, Remy isn’t a player for a team the level of which Chelsea want to be and Traore is a young player of potential who may or may not be a striker.

Yet if Ibrahimovic had to come off PSG had the presence of a very credible Cavani on the bench ready to come on and there’s the difference.

We are where we are and we are paying for a very poor transfer window last summer that added nothing but squad players to the team.

Even so for periods in both games v PSG we had them on the ropes but we paid the price for not taking our chances and some very sloppy defending with us being culpable for all 4 PSG goals one way or another.

Guus is right we are now a team in transition and getting the managerial appointment right and sticking with that Manager and getting our summer transfer business right both the ins and the outs are going to decide in which direction we go as a club.

No CL football isn’t helpful in attracting the really big names and we will have to convince those we want at the club that this is a temporary break and CL football will be quickly restored which again won’t be easy from where we are now but if we make all the right decisions starting with the manager it is doable!

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Pochettino best choice for Man Utd

Mauricio Pochettino is the only manager out there that I think would come to United, preserve and nurture our young talent, inject exciting attacking football, bring in some quality players, and clear the dead weight ie Carrick, Jones, Young, Fellaini, and Valencia. He might even be able to coax Kane and Alli to come on up to Manchester which would give us two great young English lads, which is required at the top English club.


Benitez the right choice for Newcastle

I think the one thing Rafael Benitez would bring that Newcastle badly need at the moment is defensive stability. It won’t be the prettiest football to watch but Newcastle need to win ugly, and Rafa can do that as well as win in style. The only problem would be (if he only joined till the end of the season) that he would have to work with the players already at the club, similar to what Klopp is doing at Liverpool until the summer, and whether he could improve the likes of Collocini is debatable. We had a lot of substandard dross at Liverpool when he won the CL,but the players got to grips with the system,and all knew their jobs. If he can do the same with the Newcastle lads, he may just keep you up. Fingers crossed for you that he is interested. Forget Moyes, Rafa is a winner. It’s like choosing between a Ferrari and a pushbike. No contest. Benitez all the way. Good luck to you. You are fantastic, passionate fans and you deserve better.



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