Your Says of the Day: Liverpool’s chances; Walcott rejuvenant

Date published: Monday 19th September 2016 11:45

Liverpool: Could they challenge for top?

Liverpool have their title credentials questioned, while Arsenal fans discuss the resurgence of Theo Walcott and Chelsea wonder if Abramovich is the right owner.

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Liverpool made of strong stuff

I wrote them off before a ball was kicked. But what I’ve seen so far, they have pace, movement, and they have a philosophy on how they want to play.

Can they do it? It’s obvious city will only get better, but I seriously think Liverpool can push them all the way. They have no Europe, in Mane, Lallana, Coutinho and Firmino they have everything. Its a joy to watch. Unfortunately!



Very encouraged by our start, but the Burnley defeat is a reminder that we still have the capability of f***ing up games that we should realistically be winning.

If we can become more consistent, and get the defence sorted, I see no reason why we can’t at least challenge for top four. I think the title is too big an ask, but a top 4 challenge is realistic, if we can find some consistency. Very early days though…



The feeling in the Liverpool corner right now is very optimistic, while it is a mini crisis at United. The reality is that we have almost the same amount of points. United had a ‘freak’ loss against Watford, and Liverpool did against burnley. United lost to arguably the best team.

Now, if Liverpool manages to go clear against the weaker teams I would be really happy. But it could in one game be mini crisis in our corner as well. I am optimistic though.



If I was a Pool-lover, the biggest concern I would have is fitness. I’ve only watched them against my Spurs and Chelsea, and to me in both games they seemingly tired the longer the game went on (combined with an element of the other teams throwing the kitchen sink at them it must be said!). They should have been out of sight in both those games…



Walcott back to his best?

Theo Walcott Arsenal

Well all of the Theo Walcott detractors must be feeling they may have to change their minds. Theo was our best player yesterday followed by Iwobi who was excellent. Sanchez was also obviously excellent, but he loses brownie points for nicking the pen from Santi and missing it.

I actually thought before the game we would be tired and suffer a backlash from Tuesday but it was the opposite, we seemed rejuvenated and much more up for it than we were in the 1st half on Tuesday. Still not starting Xhaka and Elneny who we thought would replace Coquelin is behind him in the pecking order. And still no start for Giroud with Sanchez playing as a striker again, this may work against lesser teams but not top sides.

Good win though and although Wenger will no doubt throw the Forest game in the week we look set up for Chelsea. It would be nice to beat them and see that cheat Costa sent off, typical Athletico con artist and a disgrace to football.

The Oracle


I don’t know – I still see a front line of Lucas, Welbeck and Sanchez having some serious promise. Pace, trickery, strength, technique and workrate collectively and individually. With the left-sided player in there, that front line could have some serious fluidity and tactical flexibility. Of course this is based on what I’d seen of Lucas prior to us buying him, but I keep saying it – there’s something David Villa-ish about him. That’s a front line that I believe, with Ozil and Xhaka behind, could really do some damage if they get a run. Wouldn’t call it a waste just yet – we’re just six matches into a potential 50+ game season!

I will be watching the Chelsea game, though. Same as you. That will be a massive test. In fact, Forest will be as well. I would like to see us show our squad strength and depth by dispatching Forest with our second string, and then be raring to go vs Chelsea. It won’t just test our quality, but our mental strength and character on the back of a three-game PL winning streak.



Walcott well he has improved, I must admit that, however making player of the season so far no I don’t agree with that. He wasn’t all that great against Southampton or Liverpool, but then again not many players actually were.

If you look at the contribution made by minutes played not taking in to account how many minutes then for me the standouts are Coquelin and Xhaka. Too early though to decide the standout player because Xhaka has not played that much and the rest have had off games. But most improved so far I agree Walcott is the most improved. Although I still see the same issues in his game and if he can limit those then he will have a great season.



Roman Abramovich: Saviour or sinner?

No one can argue that we as Chelsea supporters have a lot to be thankful about/to for what Roman Abramovich or his money has done for Chelsea, BUT equally no one can argue that there are very large cracks appearing in the club.

Consecutive seasons of failing to refresh and strengthen the squad, the numerous false dawns of either a brand new stadium or a new and improved Stamford Bridge.

Is he losing interest? Has he outgrown his toy?

As I say we all have a lot to be thankful for with him or his money. Personally he is not a character I have ever been able to warm to, Maybe its an inherent suspicion of many of these mega rich Russians who are backed by a certain political leader.

Bottom line is the folk running the club do not seem to be learning from the mistakes they are making off the field of play, and we have seen at Leeds, Villa, Liverpool to name but a few the impact of running a club badly.

I for one would not shed tear if another wealthy individual or company were to come in with a bid to purchase the club.



Losing interest? Roman is currently trying every angle he can to spend another £500million on a brand new iconic stadium to add to the 1billion he already spent catapulting us up to the upper echelons of world football.

Furthermore, he is the only wealthy owner known to attend every game. Sometimes even youth games. I believe he cares, whatever his motivations for purchasing Chelsea in the first place.

Our problem is management not ownership.

Super frankie


Roman Abramovich is the stand out owner by far who has remained loyal to his club for 13 plus years, and is on the brink of funding a new ‘Super Stadium’ at £500m plus too which suggests that he’s far from losing interest.

Roman regularly attends games which very few owners do and you can see from his reactions that he is now more fan than owner.

Be careful what you wish for we could get a Hicks and Gillette, a Vincent Tan, a Cellino, the Venkys or a Chinese investor who is just after a quick profit!

nine nine nine 

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