Your Says of the Day: Liverpool’s GK dilemma; Arsenal too fancy?

Date published: Wednesday 5th October 2016 12:58

Loris Karius: Still Liverpool's number one?

Liverpool have a selection headache for the big game, which Manchester United fans are nervous about, plus should Arsenal cross the ball more?

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Reds number one for United?

I’d be surprised to see Mignolet come back in. Why would Klopp have bothered to throw out an in form Mignolet for a few games, throw Karius in, only for him to throw Mignolet back in? To see if Karius is ready? Really? I don’t buy it.

Klopp clearly made his decision for all to see – Karius is clearly foremost in his mind. It’s bad enough changing the CBs in terms of stability and continuity, let alone constantly changing the goalkeeper. Also what would it say to Karius that he’d be getting dropped after only a few games in? It would be a bit of a mess to say the least.

Unless Karius were to make a serious dogs dinner of things in upcoming games, I’d be very surprised to see him dropped. Klopp will absorb a few bumps along the way in Karius’ early days.



I think Klopp made a mistake in taking Mignolet out when he did and now as a result you can’t undo that. Even though I think Mignolet should be in goal, it’d be another mistake to swap back so soon.

There is no way in hell that Mignolet will be in goal for us if Karius is fit and able to play. I don’t envy Karius as it’s a huge match with massive pressure but you never know, this could be a game where he starts to show why Klopp bought him.

It’ll take time for Karius to settle but our problem is that with our weak defence, we’re really exposed at the back now.



Klopp has nailed his colours to Karius’ mast,and to drop him sends out the wrong message. You can’t swap your keepers game by game. To drop Karius would just shatter the lad’s confidence. Mignolet has had his time,if Karius hadn’t got injured,he’d have started the season in goal in my opinion. We’ve been patient with Mignolet for 3 seasons,why shouldn’t Karius get the same amount of time? It’s only fair.



New attack for Arsenal?

Laurent Koscielny: Arsenal's last-gasp matchwinner

Had a feeling the game v Burnley would be a tight one. Honestly don’t get why we don’t cross the ball more and get more bodies in the box. Burnley defended so well and their five in midfield was hard to break down. So frustrating why we went from side to side all of the time instead of giving them something to think about other than the norm.

When we finally crossed the ball we got a lucky winner. What that saying? “If you don’t buy a ticket you don’t win the raffle”. Thought the game was crying out for Giroud and Ramsey. The positives are that we won and are now just two points behind City. The plan B everyone talks about is just simple, cross the god damn ball and have more players in the box! We must vary our play more often.



We will continue to have a problem if other sides replicate Burnley’s display. They took an age to have their first shot on target and arguably could have won the game with their shots/headers. If the opposition sits back, and Ozil plays like he did, where’s the creativity? We are then restricted to full backs running down the lines and crossing to those giants, Sanchez and Walcott!

Why not more incisive passing and runs off the ball- it was all so passive and slow on Saturday. I also think that this current system relies to a huge extent on Sanchez running, chasing and harrying for 90 minutes- no-one else in our squad can do that. Can he do this for 9 months?



Maintained for some time we lack width and always end up attempting to play through the middle with one-two’s and silly flicks. No one will shoot and no one can/will cross the ball. We took the field on Sunday without a recognised striker on the pitch or the bench. Our width comes from our full backs; they are always out of position and neither of them can cross the ball. Then again without anyone that can head the ball who would they cross to? The last Arsenal player I can remember who could cross the ball would be Anders Limpar and before him Brian Marwood. Non of the present lot can.

The Oracle

United nerves ahead of big game

Jose Mourinho: Shows his frustrations against Stoke

What are the more obvious reasons we might lose? YES Liverpool are currently on a good roll of form, but this game is not always about the current form. Manchester United at Liverpool is a big game, and always will be. If you look over the years, it doesn’t matter whether first versus second, sixth versus seventh, 14th versus 15th, or taking place in the European competition for also-rans.

Even when Sir Alex had convincingly winning the league titles, he still regarded the meeting as Manchester United’s biggest game of the season. They’re in good shape at the moment, but I reckon if Jose got his tactics spot on, we can beat them.


I think Liverpool are well capable of winning the title, they have a big enough squad because of their lack of European football. We are now seeing Klopp’s master plan come to fruition after he has had a year to work with the team on the training pitch and to get some players he likes in. It’s natural that they will look more cohesive than we do at the minute, they are further down the line in their “project”.

As for the game at Anfield, the past tells me that form goes straight out the window. The game will be tightly contested and there will be a lot of pride and passion out there. Mourinho will have a stricter tactical plan than he did against City where we were very loose and not so defensively minded.

I reckon Liverpool are currently a better team but we are well capable of beating them on their turf after the international break – especially if we look to play them on the counter attack with Pogba, Martial, and Rashford.



As others have said, the form book goes out of the window for these clashes. For me it’s all about passion, the team that wants it most invariably wins.

Sadly passion is an area we still have concerns about so the odds must be in Liverpool’s favour, especially in front of a home crowd.

For me it’s still very much Louis van Gaal team, tactics and attidude albeit with more bite and shots. And for that reason, I predict a narrow win for us. LvG teams surprised us with good performances against top teams but kept slipping on banana skins when it came to small teams. I see Jose Mourinho’s team doing pretty much the same. Palace defeat, struggles against Stoke and Northampton being indications.


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