Your Says of the Day: Louis Van Gaal must go

Date published: Thursday 24th March 2016 12:13

Louis Van Gaal: Must leave United

Also, Liverpool should look to fellow Belgian Romelu Lukaku as Christian Benteke’s replacement, and why Mark Noble must wear an England shirt.

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Manchester United should keep midfield duo Morgan Schneiderlin and Ander Herrera

My view on Morgan Schneiderlin and Ander Herrera is hinged on a manager being able to get these players to play as well as I have seen them play.

In my view there aren’t any significantly better available options out there. We could go out and sign a player like Axel Witsel from Zenit Saint Petersburg which would cost maybe £35 million or so but I am damned sure we can’t go out and get a player like Toni Kroos or Paul Pogba without being absolutely raped on transfer fees and wages. Raped in the same manner that we will probably be for the CB, right winger, and striker we need.

My assumption is that resources are plentiful but not infinite. Whoever is the manager next season has to surely accept that he must work with the £60 odd million of investment made in midfield over the last two seasons with priority positions being CB, right wing, and striker.



Louis van Gaal must go in the summer

Even if Louis van Gaal gets us a top 4 finish this season and, dare i say it, an FA Cup (Any other year with the teams still left in the competition the FA Cup would be ours bar a miracle, not this year) I still don’t see what benefit or value keeping him for his final year would be? He steadied the ship from the David Moyes-era and got us back to the Champions League, even took us back to the top of the Premier League for the first time since Alex Ferguson left. But since then his results have dropped, his performances have become boring and he’s actually brought us back to where we were when David Moyes left.

Clearly Manchester United need a new manager that can bring a winning mentality to the club that far outweighs anything that Moyes or Van Gaal could instill. So why would we let him stay for his final year? There’s been no progress. We’ve seen exactly what happens to a team when they announce their manager is leaving half way through a season! They don’t play with the same passion. Even if Louis Van Gaal got it right for the last few weeks of this season, I really don’t think many players would give their all to him next season because they know he’ll be going at the end of it. If he stays i can see it being even worse than this season which is why i think he has to go in the summer.



Coutinho must play more like Iniesta

Many see Philippe Coutinho as a front 3 player. I don’t. He doesn’t score anywhere near enough goals and with erratic shooting doesn’t look like he will anytime soon. I see him more as an Andres Iniesta type player. He’s the guy that puts the ball on the plate for others to score. Yes he’ll contribute with goals too but not many. It surprised me to learn that Andres Iniesta has never scored double figures for Barca in a season.

In the 13/14 season Philippe Coutinho played a little further back as a proper midfielder who supplied the ammo for Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling. He was very good at turning defense into attack, providing that creative influence in the middle third and was great at robbing opponents of the ball. I see his future as an attacking midfielder not up alongside Daniel Sturridge or whoever the striker will be.



Sturridge might be worth selling for £50m

If the likes of Alexandre Lacazette were available it’d be worth considering a sale of Daniel Sturridge because it’d be rare to get offered £50 million for Sturridge these days with his injuries. Also can see Christian Benteke being sold so that’d put quite a bit of money in the kitty for replacements. It’ll be interesting to see what Jurgen Klopp does this summer because I’m sure he’s already planned a lot.

If it’s true about the 100 million available to spend and then a fair few players being sold that’ll bump up the spending quite a bit because even some of the deadwood are worth some decent money.



Liverpool should replace Benteke and Balotelli with Lukaku

If Christian Benteke and Mario Balotelli both leave Liverpool in the summer, I’d make a bid for Romelu Lukaku and test the Blue’s resolve. I know they have Farhad Moshiri now, but Romelu Lukaku has already been making noises in the press about moving on. If we win the Europa League, we could offer him the Champions League football he wants. Plus he wouldn’t have to up sticks he could stay living in the same house. I know it’d be a controversial move, but it’s happened before with Nick Barmby, Abel Xavier etc, so who’s to say it wouldn’t happen this time?



Man City stars have rarely all played together

I think if we all named our top 5 most important squad players for Manchester City, we’d all suggest the same 5 (Joe Hart, Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure, David Silva and Sergio Aguero). I can see Kevin De Bruyne breaking into that top 5.

I thought I’d look back and see which games all five started in:

The total is 7:
1st game – West Brom A
2nd game – Chelsea H
3rd game – Everton A
4th game – Watford H
5th game – Palace A
26th game – Spurs H
28th game – Villa H

Of course we were on fire the first 5 games of the season, after which our form started to dip and inconsistency set in. Curious to see what it looked like for the previous seasons since 2012.



Too late for Rafa to keep Newcastle up

The Sunderland game didn’t inspire confidence in survival but it’s clear to see the change in the style under Rafael Benitez. Sadly I think the decision to keep Steve McLaren after the Chelsea game will ultimately result in us finishing in the bottom three. That 18 day gap would have bee huge for Benitez to come in and work before the Bournemouth game.

I see Mike Ashley has been honest in saying he regrets buying the club and there is no money left now that Lee Charnley, Bobby Moncur and Graham Carr have spent it all. Yet he insists he won’t sell, I’m not sure which is more disheartening.

This Jonas Gutiérrez case is bizarre too, he was diagnosed, operated on and then loaned to Norwich, returns from loan, goes through a lot more treatment and finally returns at the end of the season and is released from his contract which had expired. Now he is suing as the club didn’t play him enough to automatically extend his contract but this happens all over the world with hundreds of players and clubs.

The club continued to pay his wages throughout the treatment (rightly so) and John Carver didn’t act professionally when telling him via phone call to Ryan Taylor he was to be released but I fail to see how there is cause for unfair or constructive dismissal to the tune of £2 million. I saw today he had his mum say in court she felt suicidal (my mam would probably do the same if I asked her to) but it just feels like he’s trying to get a free pay check for not being selected when we were in the midst of (surprise surprise) a relegation battle after he had played a handful of games over two years.

I like Jonas Gutiérrez  for the effort he put in when he played but I really hope the club wins this case, I fail to see what they have done wrong as an employer apart from a bit of professionalism you’d find in any walk of life.



Hodgson should take a look at Noble, not Wilshere

No bias here but if Jack Wilshere is selected over Mark Noble then Roy Hodgson needs to go ASAP. A player who has been injured all season and would probably be injured for the tournament too (who doesn’t add anything) versus one of the most consistent English midfielders as shown by stats which show he is in the top three, and his performances coincide with West Ham’s league position.

The likes of Danny Drinkwater and Mark Noble have outperformed many of the so called “automatic” selections who, if we are being honest, have had their moments each seasons but have never been consistent. For once can we take players who are in-form, who have have shown quality and not base it on the attractiveness of the badge.

We need a young manager who can grow with the squad or someone who will not be the puppet of the FA. Change is required, hopefully by the 2018 we will have a squad (including manager/coaching personnel) good enough to compete with the top prize.


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