Your Says of the Day: LVG ‘drained the life’ out of Man Utd

Date published: Thursday 3rd December 2015 1:14

Louis van Gaal: Manager losing confidence of United fans

Manchester United fans sick of Louis van Gaal. Plus, concerns about Gary Cahill’s contract and excitement about Liverpool’s strong squad.

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Van Gaal has “no idea”

I’m actually fed up with Gaal as most of you are. Why the board still have not sacked him is something I don’t quite get. Let’s put into perspective, in the last 8 games ( all comps) we have scored 6 goals. Liverpool managed this in 1, Southampton away! A manager who is positive, energetic and shows life. Gaal has literally drained the life completely out of this cub, it’s fans and the players. Yes we sit 1 point from top bit do we deserve it,no. Football is about being entertained, how many of us are? The players need to enjoy there game, I doubt many do. It’s quite clear the players go to work to get paid, run around negatively for 90 mins and get paid. The passion has gone. I had watched 90% of matches ( on tv or stream) in the last 4 years. I made sure I chnaged plans to watxh us play. This season I don’t even bother, I must have seen 3 or 4 games. Why? Not because I’m a glory hunter or I don’t stick with the team. I don’t fancy wasting my time on some guy who clearly has no idea about football. I actually find myself watching the lower teams like everton West ham and Leicester play. That is entertainment. I can’t even describe gaal game plan other than boring and dull. We need to get a strong hash tag going for gaalout!



Cahill’s contract concerns

Very surprised to hear that Garry Cahill has signed a new 4 year contract today he is 30 in a couple of weeks time and I understood the club policy was to offer 30 year old players only a one year extension.

Perhaps a sign of the uncertainty with JT about to hit 35 and Ivanovich having had up to now at least a poor season and with him being able to sign on a free for a major European Club from January 1st.

nine nine nine


Liverpool’s squad strength

Stupendous result last night, from a Liverpool team comprised mainly of squad players. Special mention to Smith for his first assist, and Randall for playing well for a full game.

No doubt we now have a squad that can comfortably compete in more than one competition, for example look at our attackers Coutinho, Firmino, Lallana and Ibe, while our strikers are Benteke, Origi, Ings and Sturridge, basically 2 quality players for every position.

Despite the euphoria, I am still not getting carried away, we have to focus fully on beating Newcastle on Sunday, otherwise yesterday’s result will count for nothing. Premiership will always be the priority, and Newcastle game will be tough.

As an aside, who do you think is the most improved player under Klopp? I personally would say Ibe, he already has 2 goals and 2 assists and is displaying soaring confidence, while last season he had only 1 assist (in 5 months)



Against modern football

Do you prefer your club to pursue the concept of a global brand and seek to have affiliate clubs in every continent. To generate so much revenue in order to buy super le galactico teams.

Or to remain a bit more traditional, by building teams using young players and modest fees. Just have the one club. No affiliate teams wearing the same color in America, China, Japan and the like. In other words, an original and singular club with no franchisees.

Certain football clubs are becoming less like football clubs, and turning into a hybrid of a football club and global enterprise.

I prefer the idea of a club being true to itself, not pimping its brand aournd the world, and attracting fans by being true to itself, rather than installing franchise clubs and buttering up the locals by having that club wear the same color as the mother club.

I feel the goal of becoming a super club that has affiliate teams all around the world is a real break from tradition. Some clubs have no sense or history or commitment to real values.



Advice for Newcastle

Palace fan here…. I won’t lie, knocking you for six made me happy … no more than of it was the other way round… anyway from my perspective as an outsider looking in, here are my two main points:

1. You have the right man in McLaren, only as a head coach not as manager.. you don’t need to change manager you need to add one and put Steve where he fits best.

2. REPLACE YOUR BACK 4 … If we were more clinical that could have been 8-10 goals against… anything … youth team, squad players .. whatever it takes … worst back 4 I have seen for a long long time



Aston Villa improving

In my opinion the last 3 games have been much better than all the previous matches this season, including the cup games. Yes we lost heavily to Everton and yes we lost to Watford but these results were down to individual mistakes not tactics and motivation of the players.

Southampton are not in the best of form and last night they had their best team out and had a shocker.. was this just down to Liverpool being good?

It might be a good time to play them.. I remember a couple years ago they were all over us and right ta the end Delph scored a worldy! Id take that good fortune again!


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