Your Says of the Day: LVG has ‘sucked life’ out of ‘rotten’ United

Date published: Tuesday 26th January 2016 11:51

Also, why Liverpool could end up paying over the odds for Alex Teixeira, why Chelsea are right to sell Ramires, and why Arsenal don’t cope well with the ‘favourites’ tag.

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Manchester United: rotten from top to bottom

There is something fundamentally wrong with the club and it has nothing to do with LVG or any other manager. Firstly I believe its time for LVG to go. There is nothing extra he can offer to the club. We have seen all he has to offer and he did not even scratch the surface of what fans expect from a club this size. I think he himself understands this.

However i still remember so many of us including me getting excited when Moyes was sacked and a man with golden balls appointed. Yes Moyes was the wrong candidate, however we appointed a supposed safe hands and 18 months after, 250m spent, we are in a worse position and in a mutinous mood. The academy is lagging behind other top clubs, it has been since 2009. There is no coherent transfer strategy apart from ED looking for Galaticos. There is no planning and for the first time since the Glazer take over, fans are disconnected from the club. The problem runs far deeper than changing managers. We can appoint Pep, Jose all we can. who says we wont be up in arms again in 18 months like we are today? Are we doomed after SAF? Is long wilderness stay beckoning?

The rot at the top in the club is staggering and its sad. There is no cohesion, long term strategy on the playing side is nearly zero. The only strategy i see is making money at the expense of trophies. LVG will surely go because he has been an unmitigated disaster in every ramification, but what happens next? What is the recruitment policy? Who is the football man among those taking football decisions for the club? The behind the scenes planning is what will determine if the next manager succeeds or otherwise.

The league is competitive now, every club has money, can buy good players and pay good wages. The manager of any top club has to earn his pay now and meticulous planning and right strategy in terms of recruitment with the right manager is the way to success. Do we have the tools and personnel at the top?



LVG has ‘sucked the life’ out of United

The football strategy needs to be set by the manager. Unfortunately both Moyes and LvG have been a disaster.

Moyes couldn’t recruit players and LvG seems to have sucked all belief and spirit out of the playing squad.

Why appoint a 63 yr old on a 3 year deal? The players know he is only a short term solution and how can anyone expect the players to fully buy in to his autocratic and robotic approach to the game?

The Di Maria affair was a disaster. The one truly world class player we bought was antagonised and allowed to walk away from the club.

I doubt we will make top 4 this year and with Pep arriving at City in the summer we are looking at the real prospect of being left behind scrapping for top 4 every year. The idea that Giggs or G Nev can take over a club like Utd with zero experience is not only a joke but potentially suicidal in terms of winning trophies.

Utd need a manager of status who will be at the club for at least 5 years and who is capable of building a proper team and squad. The standard of play may be crap at the moment but i am more worried about where we are going as a club. If the next managerial appointment is not the right one then we could realistically be in the wilderness for a long time.



Woodward a problem, not just LVG

Surely by standing by his man, Ed Woodward has proven himself to be the biggest problem at OT. Van Gaal is useless but Woodward is just as bad, if not worse. He has proven me right by not accepting the resignation, because he won’t admit they made a big boo boo hiring Van Gaal and he’d rather bring Man Utd down before admitting his failure. Woodward AND Van Gaal out now!



Teixeira fee way too high

I want Liverpool to sign Alex Teixeira as much as the next fan but it would be crazy to pay £38 million (if reports are true) for him. Yes he’s scoring for him but remember the Ukraine league isn’t exactly the strongest and he hasn’t been capped by his country.



£25m too good for Chelsea to turn down for Ramires

Must admit to be slightly disappointed that Ramires looks as though he will be sold

Under Jose, Ramires featured a lot even if not always a starter and recently was given a 5 year contract extension. I assume that indicates the importance of him to the squad for Jose

Mikel hardly ever features under any manager apart from Hiddink who is by all accounts only a short term solution

So should we really retain Mikel at the expense of Ramires when you try to consider the longer term picture..? Possibly neither will feature when the new man comes in but I have some concerns

However, from a purely economic point of view we paid 18m 6 years ago and now look as though we will recoup 25m so obviously a good deal that has to be considered…? KTBFFH



Transfer window being run by Sky

It will be interesting to see how many transfers are completed on Deadline Day!
Sky make a massive deal out of the final day with reporters at all the grounds and pundits in the studio and when you think of the money involved from TV rights etc I wouldn’t be surprised if clubs are instructed to wait?

Aston Villa are one of eight clubs yet to sign a player and the remaining 12 clubs have signed a combined 20 players with Bournemouth being the most productive with 4 players joining. Charlie Austin going to Southampton is by far the best deal so far – 4m a bargain!!!!

Obviously there are other factors involved behind the scenes but it does seem strange that the same players get linked every day as the deadline draws closer. It builds anticipation for the fans while Sky Sports ramps up the tension but ultimately we need deals done NOW.

Central Midfield and a Srriker are a priority. Not sure Debuchy is required?



Benteke deserves another chance

Probably just a rumour,but I personally think it would be crazy to loan Christian Benteke out. He’s the only striker in the squad that is fit at the moment (Firmino is not an out and out striker,as we know). I do think however, despite what Klopp says, that unless the lad drastically improves in the coming months and starts getting in the box more, that Klopp will sell him if he can get the striker(s) that he wants.

I think Benteke is basically playing for his future at the club, along with quite a few others I would say.



‘Favourites’ tag wears heavy on Arsenal

I just don’t think Arsenal cope very well when they’re expected to win the title and are leading from the front, history has shown that.

You could argue city are used to winning the title, but that doesn’t explain why they’re making such a meal out of it this season.

It’s not a case of relying on the pressure to get to Man City, more a case of relieving some of it off us. Obviously i’d love to have the league wrapped up with games to spare but if we take it to the last game and we’ve still got a chance then so be it.

I think if you ask any realistic Arsenal fan then they’d be happy with a title challenge, and that’s what we’ve got.

Even though Chelsea won on Sunday I know you’d swap positions with us in a heart beat.

This is not a dig so don’t take it personally but I’d dare to suggest that a lot of focus is on us this season as it helps people distract themselves from their own predicaments. My theory stacks up too, we’ve taken a lot of negative comments from Utd, City, Chelsea and Liverpool – you can argue all of them have underperformed this year.

I don’t seem to have read many negative comments from Leicester and spurs fans, mainly because they are happy with how they are performing and don’t feel the need to provoke others to make themselves feel better.

And before you say don’t be paranoid, hatters has admitted to doing so earlier in the thread, and something tells me he’s not alone.



Jesus Navas: what’s the point?

Other than pace ? What’s the point of that if……
He never takes on his full-back

He can’t cross a ball

He doesn’t score any goals (or create enough chances)

Am I being harsh ? I don’t think I am.



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