Your Says of the Day: LVG has United playing like robots

Date published: Friday 23rd October 2015 2:15

Ander Herrera: Vying for a Manchester United recall

Also criticism of Divock Origi’s end product, why Cesc Fabregas will never return to top form at Chelsea and thoughts on the Manchester derby and Wear-Tyne derby.

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LVG has United playing like robots

Van Gaal has the Manchester United players playing like robots.

You look at our counter attacking approach, if Mata is running with the ball in the middle, then he has to wait for Herrera to accommodate the right wing before doing anything. If Herrera is running down left wing, he has to wait for Depay to move in the middle and accommodate the number 10 position before making a pass.

That is why teams get players back in numbers easily, rather than the United players using common sense and run in to space, they have to fill a position which has been left void. Even if there are 3 opposition players in that area, a player has to accommodate that position. It slows things down and has little impact in our attack.

It worked for a bit last season, but there was not a proper plan b with the exception of hoofing it to Fellaini. Van Gaal says players need to adapt to his philosophy, I reckon he needs to adapt to English football.



Origi badly lacking in end product

Liverpool are lacking movement in the final third, there were not enough runs into the box against Rubin Kazan. The only one doing that was Lallana who had a decent game.

Origi works hard but his end product is worse than Sterling. Sakho was good, so was Lallana and I was impressed with Lucas as well, he managed to widen the play unlike Allen who kept it too tight.


De Bruyne a worry for United

With the Manchester derby coming up this weekend I think I can speak on behalf of all Manchester United fans that our greatest concerns come from the frightening form of De Bruyne.

He is so elusive, so natural in his movement in attack while his application and tactical positioning in defence is very good – it goes unnoticed because of his unerring accuracy and weighting when striking the ball – be it a shot, cross, or a pass.

This fella is really, really good. He has stepped up brilliantly with Silva out. His performance level is the same regardless of where Pellegrini places him. 55 million? – what a steal.

Is De Bruyne stoppable?



Iheanacho to start for City?

My worry for City in the derby, is who we play up front. Bony tries hard but hasn’t quite made it yet. Would be tempted to start with Kelechi Iheanacho up front and Yaya behind him. With de Bruyne and one of Navas / Sterling ahead of the defensive midfield of Fernando / Feranadihio, I think we may just nick it.

Need Kopmpany at the back though. When we lost at OT last season we were in poor form. At the moment whilst not as good as at the start of the season, if De Bruyne and the rest of the midfield click then we’re good enough to win.



Wear-Tyne derby excitement


I can see Newcastle either losing easily or winning easily against Sunderland – flip of a coin!

Big Sam will get them organized, but we must surely be buzzing after last week.

We just need Mitro, Perez, Will and Sissoko on fire and we will have in handsomely. Chances of it happening two games in a row…? I’m also interested to see how Tiote progresses over the next month, what sort of forum has he got left in him?

Hopefully we can go 2-0 up, and then have the luxury of bringing Thauvin in to get some experience, confidence and fitness. Incredible that people are writing him off already. Players like him play the beat when the team is ‘clicking’ and we haven’t been so I’d lay off him.

It’s also vital we don’t lose our heads in the first 15 mins. We need pressure, maintain possession when we get it and get our touch in. No rash tackles (Tiote, Mitro, Janmaat). BTW, Dummett or Haidara?


Fabregas won’t rediscover form under Jose

Fabregas wont regain his pizzaz whilst Jose is manager of Chelsea. Foxinthebox is right, Cesc still had the Arsenal/Barcelona potion on him when he went to Chelsea, but over time it has gone and Cesc’s game is suffering as a result.

I fully expect Cesc to continue playing like a ball and chain is tied to his ankle. His touches are very heavy and his passing range is limited.

The only way he can get out of it, is if Chelsea play a free flowing brand of football and enables Cesc more touches on the ball, to build his confidence. I actually predicted that in the long term, Cesc would suffer at Chelsea.

Just like I prediction that this season, Chelsea’s defence would be found out as teams discover that if you attack them, the dads army of slow defenders wone be able to cope. Oh, and I absolutely made those two predictions some time ago.

My foresight to pick Chelsea’s defence as average, when everyone else and the pundits were reveling in its ‘strength’, was genius on my behalf. Chelsea will need to score 3 goals to win this week at West Ham. Because West Ham will be scoring at least 2.



Arsenal tactics v Everton

What are peoples thoughts on the game and how Arsenal should approach it?

Hopefully we can take the same form in to this game, I hope we treat it the same as the united game and come out of the blocks flying, no need to play as we did against Bayern

Never an easy team to play but for the first time this season I am actually confident we will win.

Gutted we will be missing Ramsey though.

I am going for a cheeky 4-1 win to the Arsenal!



Get behind Chelsea, not on Jose’s back

I’m getting bored of listening to people complain about Mourinho. Think what you’re told to think by the media. React the way you’re programmed to react by the bias media.

Leave the boring, negative comments to rival fans. Let them enjoy it while it lasts. Just shut up and get behind the team!



Liverpool v Southampton

Tough match this Sunday. Southampton are playing well.
I’ve a feeling Sturridge is gonna be on the bench for this one with Benteke starting instead. We might see Sturridge for last 20/30mins.
Can’t see the back 5 changing. Lucas will very likely start. Coutinho and Milner haven’t been playing well so may see Firmino start ahead of one of them. Apart from that I don’t envisage many changes

We need to start this game strong and get at them from the off. Hard to call how this match will go.



Good Evans for Leeds

Good old Steve Evans might just do a job for us at Leeds.

Scots know how to motivate players and this is such a great opportunity for him I am sure he will give it everything he has got and make sure those around him and the players do the same.



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