Your Says of the Day: Man Utd should get Verratti, not Pogba

Date published: Tuesday 12th July 2016 2:13

Our readers discuss the coaching row between Arsene Wenger and Thierry Henry at Arsenal, why Man United should forget about Paul Pogba and the reasons why Chelsea are struggling in the transfer market.

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Wenger and Henry argue over Sky role

Interesting to read developments at Arsenal with regards Wenger apparently refusing to allow Henry to continue coaching unless he gave up his Sky Sports role.

If the TEAMtalk piece is to be believed, it seems to me that Wenger is making a mistake in driving out one of Arsenal’s best ever players.

Apparently Henry offered to coach the club’s strikers when told he couldn’t coach the U18s. I’d have thought that Henry would have quite a lot to give with regards a striker coaching role, and especially so given he apparently offered to coach for free!

Weird decision by Wenger in my honest opinion.



Not really sure of the particulars of this story, but it sounds as though Henry was willing to coach our u-18s for free or, at least, be our striking coach for free to earn his badges. But Wenger has turned him down because he wants him to give up his Sky role and he refused?

Someone has to do something about Wenger, it’s getting beyond a joke now! The club seems satisfied to leave all footballing decisions to Wenger – well, how’s that working out for us? Are we having our fill of success and trophies?

If for nothing else, it was a teeny weeny source of joy and pride for the fans to see a club legend like Henry be part of the club in one way or the other. Especially amid all the disappointment that we get as fans on what seems to be a regular basis, and a club whose identity we recognise and identify with less and less.

Anyway, why should I be surprised? They don’t care about the fans. The club has basically become nothing more than an autocratic bellow for fanning the flames of Wenger’s ego and the ever-fading embers of his managerial reputation. Anything and anyone that poses a threat to his rule will acquiesce to his terms or be banished. Regardless of whether it is in the best interests of the club or not.



Chelsea struggling to attract big names

Radja Nainggolan: Midfielder in action at Euro 2016

The transfer market looks very bleak IMO. Players are overpriced. Look at Bonucci, 51m for a defender of 29 years old? Nainggolan I think we should forget him.

Pelle signed with Chinese club Shandong, and he is 30 anyway. Read some news about Axel Witsel.



It was always going to be a slow transfer window due to the Euros and Copa America. I expect things to accelerate a tad now especially with Conte in tow from today.

But this transfer window was always going to be difficult with no Champions League football and so much money flowing through Premier League clubs ie Everton outbidding us for Koulibaly.

Let’s see where we are in a couple of weeks time.

nine nine nine


‘Sign players who want to play for United’

Mino Raiola: ”Juventus Do Not Want To Sell Pogba”

That being the case United should give Juventus/ Pogba some time to think about it – say until this weekend – and make it quite clear that United will never make another attempt to sign this player.

Woodward and Jose Mourinho should move on and attempt to sign players who really want to play for United.



Egg on the faces of those fans who again believed the papers that a deal was done or close – how many players is that now that United “signed” only to have a totally opposite comment from the actual representatives? Thiago, Fabregas and Pedro just in two years.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – until you see a player’s picture on holding a United kit, do not believe the media.

On point – think United should go for Verratti.

Sympathy for the Devils


I personally would rather just add another £50m, on top of what Juventus want for Pogba, and go for Messi instead. Now remind me again, how much did Chelsea and Leicester City spend last season, and where did they end the season! Everybody is spending money, but yes i agree, £100m bar for MESSI, is insane.



Liverpool to benefit if Wenger retires?

United slipped down the table the season after the retirement of SAF, they have appointed three managers since and are still trying to regain the hold of top four. Apparently Wenger’s contract is up till May 2017 and there has been no indication it will be extended.

How will the Arsenal team perform next season knowing that their manager won’t be around after that? Can we take advantage?



Allardyce a good choice for England?

Sam Allardyce: Fears for the lack of English managers

Big Sam is my only choice. I doubt under him we’d see Englands leading goal scorer reduced to a midfield road with strikers playing on the wing. He’ll bring organisation and improve a defence. We might even see wingers playing in position. I’d go with a big Sam Redknapp ticket. At least we’d have a team nucleus and spirit that has been missing since Sven, who was also a failure despite being foreign.


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