Your Says of the Day: Man Utd ‘too big’ for Schneiderlin

Date published: Thursday 26th November 2015 1:13

Morgan Schneiderlin: Fans unimpressed with midfielder

Also, is it time for City to say goodbye to Yaya Toure, is Jack Grealish worthy of the hype, and reader’s favourite XI of all time.

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Manchester United’s midfield misery

According to Paul Scholes, United are boring. I agree. Scholes also said after the PSV match that they lack quality up front. That may also be correct. But what struck me watching the match last night wasn’t poor performances from Martial and Rooney. Yes they were poor but the midfield was incredibly slow, yet again. We were playing against PSV at Old Trafford and LVG had 2 holding midfielders on the pitch.
Schneiderlin had his worst performance in a United shirt and looked awfully off the pace. He was slow and his passing was terrible, I lost count of how often he gave away the ball in his own half. His defending wasn’t that better either; the PSV midfielders walked past time and again. I’ve not been that impressed by him this season and you wonder if United are just too big for him.
I would like to see Blind have a run in midfield as his passing is such an asset and he has that ability to unlock a defense with a killer pass.
Of course we need to buy a striker in January and you just wonder why LVG let Chicarito go as he wasn’t going to sign Falcao. Martial is just 19 after all and can’t be relied upon yet to provide the goals on a regular basis. Wilson I don’t think is just good enough and Rooney is in decline I’m afraid.


Taxi for Toure

Don’t know what you guys think but I honestly think that the team is lazy and lacks any kind of work effort (KDB & Delph aside and Kun coming back from injury) When we don’t have the ball we just stand off the ball and let them play. Barca are a fantastic footballing team but when they aint got the ball they run their nuts off to get it back and make it difficult for you to play, Liverpool did this Saturday and stopped us playing. As for Yaya … its time we said thanks for all you have done and the taxis outside now do one ! This guy is that lazy it beggers belief, his contribution to this team this season is ZERO and this is the guy who is picking up £200k + per week and has the cheek to keep rattling on about how he aint loved and appreciated. Rant over , we really need a win on Saturday !


Spurs’ stars

The players I feel are important and close to irreplaceable are:

Loris, Toby, Dier and Kane

Harsh on the others and some who almost made that list, for example Jan, (which speaks volumes for the overall quality these days), but all the others can be replaced quite easily for an almost like for like replacement to little affect. I include Dele and Erikson for now as we have Son who can do a job for either of those positions and be equally as good in a different kind of way.

Good times!!!


Pogba or De Bruyne?

Here’s a hypothetical question for all of you. If you had to pick one, who would it be? Pretty close, eh?! Now just for a moment of fantasy, how about both, and throw in Pep just to sweeten the pie.
Now back to reality. If City’s owners are seriously serious about competing with the big boys, those are the types of targets they have to hit, otherwise we’re all just pretending.


Grealish overhyped

I’m really struggling to see why Jack Grealish is getting so much hype. We’ve seen a glimmer of quality but it’s few and far between and 1 goal in 27 appearances is not a great return. Yes he’s a young lad with plenty of time to learn but as usual in football he’s been put on a big wage too soon and the lifestyle has become more important/interesting than the football. I feel Garde has done the correct thing dropping him back to U21’s, too be honest another loan spell to the Championship wouldn’t do him any harm as he needs game time without the pressure of the media glare never mind fan expectation . We need a bit of grit and steel on the pitch especially in midfield and sadly Jack goes missing far to regularly. I really want him to be a success but has he become something we’re all clinging to in a desperate hope he will be our saviour?


All time XI

People always do their ‘best’ all time XI, so just for fun I figured I’ll do my own ‘personal’ all time XI instead. This is a team of players that I don’t necessarily think are the best, but I enjoyed watching them the most, was in awe of their ability and always looked forward to their games.
Obviously some choices are biased and influenced by my support of Arsenal.
It wasn’t easy because I left out a lot of players I admired, but after considerable thought this is what I came up with:

DAVID SEAMAN (Safe hands. Immaculate positioning sense meant he often never even had to make a save. Rarely beaten 1-on-1. Usually only beaten by unbelievable strikes)

TONY ADAMS (Just completely dominant. Best CB of all time as far as I’m concerned)

ALAN HANSEN (As a youngster, I thought it wasn’t fair Liverpool had this guy because he seemed impossible to pass)

LILIAN THURAM (Always admired Thuram right throughout his career. Wished Arsenal would sign him)

ROBERTO CARLOS (Has there ever been a more flambouyant, exciting defender to watch?)

PATRICK VIEIRA (Like Adams, completely dominant. Probably the single biggest reason for most of Arsenal’s success in the Wenger era)

ANDRES INIESTA (This guy plays football like an absolute dream. Oozes skill, intelligence and class)

CESC FABREGAS (I was always thrilled to watch Cesc play for us. Knocking it around, pulling defenders out of position and playing killer balls. I think he is as much to thank for Arsenals current style of play as Wenger himself)

DIEGO MARADONA (I pretty much missed the Pele era, but I caught Maradona in his heyday! Ridiculous. Unplayable)

LIONEL MESSI (I doubt there has ever been a finer football player in the history of the game)

THIERRY HENRY (So much fun to watch. Skillful, fast, unselfish, clinical. Va va voom!)

I have to give a special mention to a few players who almost made my XI:

Hugo Sanchez
Ian Wright
Denis Bergkamp
David Rocastle
Zinedine Zidane
Lothar Mathaus
Paulo Maldini
Franco Baresi
Sol Campbell
Bruce Grobelaar

Thanks for reading if you got this far. I’m sure you’re probably outraged by my choices lol.

What XI would you choose?


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